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Real-time TV ratings, Episode 2: The King 2Hearts + romance

If the TK2H production team wants to retain high TV ratings, it means keeping the large percentage of female viewers glued to MBC, as well as better editing, and storytelling.  The scenes with our Jaeha-Hangah couple are obviously magical, so WTF with going into 10 minutes of Bong Gu’s magic show?!  Sure, it was very cool and extravagant, but did it have to be that long and inserted here?  Sure, I’m curious about his creepy insane role, especially with him later trying to take down our Jaeha, but really…  you cut off this super sweet and hot scene of Jaeha-Hangah for that 10-min magic show?!  There were some other great scenes that felt sorta choppy, awkwardly camera-angled, poorly sequenced in ep 2, so hope to see better editing.

The real-time ratings above depict how viewers responded to that 10-min magic show part.  Especially, considering the romantic Jaeha-Hangah scene was right before that.  We probably would’ve seen a higher average single rating if not for this 10-min plunge.  But even still, TK2H came out on top and did go up .3% points!  A total relief, because if there was NO increase at all, the press would be all over it!

Ok, I think we can all think less about ratings now…  I’m so loving Seunggi’s more controlled and mature level of acting as Lee Jaeha (which is getting lots of love and praise).  I know his acting is good when I’m not even thinking about his hair, fashion, appearance when he’s on screen (stuffs I’m usually fixated on, stressed over!)  And of course love Jiwon, the cast, and story.  Seunggi’s very smart, always choosing to work with more veteran, talented people; lots of people shy away from that because you can get totally overshadowed.  Love that he doesn’t have that complex.  This is definitely gearing up to be another amazing drama project choice for Actor Lee Seunggi.

March 22, 2012 (Ep 2)
Dramas broadcast at the 9:55pm time slot on all 3 major channels are listed below. Number in front indicates top 20 ranking for all programs for the day.

4- The King 2Hearts [MBC] = 16.5% (Seoul = 18.3%)
18- Rooftop Prince [SBS] = 10.5% (Seoul = 11.7%)
20- Equator Man [KBS] = 8.1% (Seoul = not in top 20)

(source: AGB Nielsen)

All ratings posted at Tab at the top: The King 2Hearts: TV Ratings

As for our reckless jerk (later to be hero) Lee Jaeha, Director Lee was so on point when he said he felt like Lee Seunggi could play this character (that could easily be super disliked), in such a way that you can’t really hate him.  You get mad at him and are frustrated, but despite his petulant ways, we know Jaeha has a heart and we want to root for him, and can’t wait for him to fall madly in love with Hangah.

Sure, people are sorta hating on Jaeha right now, especially for mal-treating Hangah (remember how we were so worried about Daewoong being hated for mistreating Miho?!)  But this is the way K-drama stories work.  Jerk-to-be-hero mistreats super sweet lovable heroine… He slowly transforms and we can’t help but to completely love him along the way.  Top male lead characters are all like that.

True, Seunggi’s previous “princely” roles are similar to some degree – Taeja, Hwan, Daewoong… but the way he embodies the characters, the storylines, scenarios, and context and awesome chemistry with his partners have been unique.

Woah, if I’m already so romanced by these two every time they look at each other, every time Jaeha grabs Hangah’s hand, and they supposedly hate each other right now!  I’m SO going to be in trouble for the rest of the remaining 18 episodes!

Aghhhhh, do we really have to wait one whole week for the next ep?!!

Videos: Tryp96, Images: MBC, LSGfan/DCLSG

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10 Responses

  1. I agree with the ‘Magic Show’ being so overly done! I actually skipped it LOL! Im loving the drama the more I watch it, can’t wait for next week! ugh! How I wish the kiss scene was for real :/

  2. Yaaaayyyy~ still lead the ratings~
    I hope it can climb up~

    I saw rating on TNmS and Rooftop Prince increased too much ratings~
    hoping TK2H win this battle ranking~

    seung gi hwait~

  3. All the scenes where just our lovely two are talking are magical. But if I have to pick one favorite, it’s when Jae Ha (jokingly) tries to pat Hang Ah to sleep, and gets a reflex refusal from her. And he says, in that soft, melt your heart voice, “you know what your problem is?…sometimes you just have to receive.” Oh my god, the realization and appreciation in Hang Ah’s eyes…I think that’s the moment Jae Ha imprints himself into her heart. This kind of insight buys a lot grace when the jerk (he is) is having fun at her expense later.

    Ann, you are so right about this not being the usual K-drama romance. I have not witnessed such wonderful tete-a-tete between the hero and the heroine in a long long time. It is pure treasure. I do hope the PD sees that as well.

  4. I trully don’t enjoy the scary guy’s scenes…all his scenes are errie and totally weird me out…

    Seung Gi oppa just has a way to get into our hearts… his stare, his voice…
    Oh…that’s why I felt hurt too when Jae Ha said those cruel things to Hang Ah… T.T

    But the chemistry between the two really oozes out even when they are enemies!!!

    Oh… have to wait for wednesday to come again… we are all going to keep having to wait for wednesdays… hai…

    Us FIGHTING!!!
    The King 2Hearts FIGHTING!!!
    Jae Ha (Seung Gi oppa) FIGHTING!!!

  5. Haha. It’s ok tt he mistreats her now. Next ep, we’ll see him play the hero by grabbing her arm and pulling her out of the room w her caseful of underwear so tt she need not embarrass herself in a room of guys. So sweet of jaeha. Can’t wait for next wk to come!

  6. this is awesome drama ever

  7. Okay, since I am going insane over The King 2Hearts anyway, let me do something crazy still.

    Here is the rating of the first 6 ep of Secret Garden (from drama wiki). First is whole nation, second is Seoul.
    2010-11-13 01 16.1 (2nd) 16.5 (2nd)
    2010-11-14 02 15.0 (5th) 15.6 (4th)
    2010-11-20 03 17.9 (2nd) 18.9 (1st)
    2010-11-21 04 20.0 (3rd) 20.8 (3rd)
    2010-11-27 05 25.4 (1st) 26.3 (1st)
    2010-11-28 06 25.2 (3rd) 25.6 (3rd)

    It looks like that show just wobbled a little bit in the first 3 or 4 ep. (Ha, it even dipped a little in the 2nd ep.) So, I am hoping our King (mainly its PD and editors – SG and JW, you just continue with what you are doing now) will step out surefooted very very soon.

    • but secret garden was a weekend drama and weekend drama usally have high ratings .on that account ithe king2hearts is doing pretty well as a daily drama.remeber BL(weekend drama )had 47% ratings..BUT like you i hope it achieves great ratings and crosses 40% barrier. just feels sometimes seunggi is always caught in unfavorable condition like it happend in case of MGIAG where he had to compete with baker king and playful kiss and now with rooftop prince and equator man.three drama in same slots which is very rare.all three drama posseses great star power.sometimes i wonder why it happen with our seunggi.ok, that aside i hope this drama brings good luck and acheive great ratings and become one of the most sucessful dramas of the year.seunggi fighting!the king2hearts fighting!

  8. Yeah, they should’nt let d scary guy hv so much air time…i cant get enough of our JH-HA cp…their chemistry is explosive! Can’t wait for more episodes!! I hope d PD knows what to do especially after he sees d dip in ratings during d bad guy magic show scene.

  9. lets just enjoy the show till the end….. lee jae ha FIGHTING!!!!!
    can’t wait for wednesday….

    thanks ann.

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