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Real-time TV ratings, Episode 1: The King 2Hearts [MBC], Rooftop Prince [SBS], Equator Man [KBS]

I don’t remember the last time there was so much competition talk and anticipation, with all 3 major channels broadcasting a new drama at the same time.  It’s bringing out those always lame, K-netizen trolls with miserable lives who have nothing better to do then to write hateful and trashy comments about other actors.  We still have like 20 eps left people, so let’s all chill out (including the instigating K-press)!

March 21, 2012 (Ep 1)
Dramas broadcast at the 9:55pm time slot on all 3 major channels are listed below. Number in front indicates top 20 ranking for all programs for the day.

4- The King 2Hearts [MBC] = 16.2% (Seoul = 18.8%)
15- Rooftop Prince [SBS] = 9.8% (Seoul = 11.3%)
* Equator Man [KBS] = 7.7% (not in top 20)

(sources: AGB Nielsen, Osen)

Will be posting ratings regularly at Tab at the top:  The King 2Hearts: TV Ratings

This was probably my fave cut from Ep 1.  The awesome brotherhoood between Jaeha and his older brother, seeing how it has remained so close over all the years, was so touching.  I’m going to cry when Jaeha has to face tragedy later on…

(video: Tryp96)

The King 2Hearts ep 1~ Totally loved it!  It had a little bit of everything…

Mystery (that window “I am King” scene with the young Jaeha was friggin scary!)

Political context (giving the drama a high quality, serious and regal feel)

Heartwarming brotherhood (scenes withJaeha and his awesome hyung were gold!)

Comedy (provided by the ditzy voluptuous girl loving, reckless Prince Jaeha!)

Sexual tension! (Still can’t believe Hangah beat down Jaeha like that! No more!)

Congrats to The King 2Hearts for averaging 16.2% ratings.  Per the real-time ratings graph above, TK2H peaked at 19.0% which was at the very end.  This line trajectory (green) is all the more promising because of the upward pattern over time, indicating that more viewers tuned in as the episode progressed.  So we may start out at a higher viewer percentage at the start of ep 2.  (i can’t help being a stats junkie!)  Conventional wisdom says when you have the likes of Ha Jiwon and Lee Seunggi in a drama, footage with child version actors are not the main draw, so move on quickly!

This is ratings for the first episode and we still have a long ways to go, so I don’t think the TK2H team is relaxing just yet.  They’re happy and relieved with the ratings (as quoted by Director Lee), but it means they’ll have to work that much harder.  The K-press reaction to the premiere ep – the strong acting of Jiwon and Seunggi and the cast, the chemistry between the 2 leads, production quality, story pacing, anticipation for the next broadcast – has been pretty awesome so that’s a very good sign.

So just a few thoughts about the ratings…

Who are these stupid people that expected once-in-a-year like 30-40% ratings (Moon that Embraces the Sun) would automatically shift to the follow-up drama on MBC?!  Moon started in the teens when it first premiered.  Also, having 40% ratings dramas back to back is pretty rare.  It’s not like viewers of Moon are stupid and don’t realize the drama ended last week!  Further, I haven’t watched Moon yet, but the premise seems very different from The King so it’s not like viewers would automatically tune in.

Rooftop Prince had a good start, even though the ratings were lower.  While Yoochun is a big draw, Han Ji Min, though very well liked, doesn’t necessarily command viewerships.  But they have Lee Minho and other flowerboys who’ve recently been really popular.  I think most people expected The King 2Hearts to come out on top, so for Rooftop Prince to come out in front of Equator Man is great for them.

As for Equator Man, KBS is not happy to be in third place.  Everyone was billing all this as a battle of the 3 men (which none of the guys asked for!), and Uhm Taewoong (38) compared to the younger Yoochun (26) and Seunggi (25) sorta puts a lot of pride on the line.  But I heard the younger actors appear through like the 3rd ep, so things may look different when Taewoong and the adult actors are on regularly.

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11 Responses


  2. *Bookmarking this*

    Hoping TK2H will success until the end!! *clap hands*praying*
    Thanks for your live report last night Ann, I’ve got failed streaming,hoping It’s because many international fans tune in to see Seunggi :D

    Btw, dramabeans already recapping this (and I hope they’ll continue recapping it,since..sth must dropped to let our beloved recapper sleep): http://www.dramabeans.com/2012/03/the-king-2-hearts-episode-1/

    The King 2hearts!! Fighting!!

  3. Hooray! Love love love the first episode.
    It’s really amazing SG and his hyung have this bond so early in their collaboration! I really believe Hyung loves him (as in REAL)!
    The royal guard and the prince all got a big surprise – what an intelligent way to introduce characters!
    Ji won beats down the prince in the bathroom! I love it! (He really asks for it you know.) The best last line (and situation) in a drama in a long long time. And look at the upward rating trend!
    I saw comments about the drama is different from what the trailers hint at. Well, sorry, I have to wonder how those conclusions could be reached. To me, the drama delivers what the trailer oh so brilliantly promised, and more!
    Long live THE KING!

    • those desperately want to watch the king 2 hearts with subtitle can download it and watch it on d addicts. if you want only srt(subtitle) file you can go to darksmurf site it’s free

  4. i hope it continues the winning streak in ratings.the ratings of the “the sun embraces the moon” and “the king2hearts” ist episode are almost same. hope in the coming episodes it braks rating jinx of “the sun embraces the moon” and maybe “baker king” and become one of the best dramas ever. i know i am being too greedy.but this is not to put pressure on our seunggi or the “the king2hearts” but i fell all are allowed to dream and who knows one the dream can turn to reality. all i can do now wish and pray for it’s sucess.seunggi fighting!TK2H FIGHTING!

  5. its so interesting hope subs will be out soon!!

  6. read the recap over at dramabeans thanks heavens they’re doing it! I thought they were only doing rooftop, but whew, and they love it!!! whats not to love??? Hope the episodes just would keep getting better. Already. from the snippets i saw SG is showing better depth and wide range of emotions. Hope he does not get casted into a stereotype. But the premise holds a lot of promises. Wohoo!

    The only problem is, when and how do i get to watch the subbed vid? VIKI does not work for me. argh….i don’t think I’ll function well till i get to see the firs ep. huhuh.

    Amazing ratings!! Thanks Anne!

  7. Thx for d update of ep 1 ratings. I m so delighted with everything about d drama….d shooting techniques, d lavish sets of the King, d modest living conditon of d North, d casts…and most importantly d chemistry of our HJW-LSG! Just daebak. I hope it’ll continue to have even better ratings. Btw, ep 2 has even more sexual tension btw HA and JH. Just luv luv luvvvvvv it! Cant wait for d eng subs and nxt wk’s episodes.

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