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Seunggi’s measuring obsession [Zipel CF + BTS photoblog]

LSG: Why would Zipel measure a woman’s arm length in making its fridge? Sauce bottle height? Even a child’s height?
WOMAN: Perfect for a woman’s use, according to her preferences. Zipel’s smart standard.
LSG: As always, this is Zipel. Samsung Zipel.

English: LSGfan, Video: SamsungTomorrow

[BTS photo blog from the Zipel CF filming, by Jo Mee Ye]
Lee Seunggi, obsessed with a woman’s size/measurements?!

English: LSGfan via Samsung Tomorrow

We are not used to thinking about this guy in this way.  That’s because, not lacking any of the many descriptors, such as upstanding and uhm-chin-ah associated with Nation’s younger brother, Lee Seunggi was said to first look at size (measurements) in a woman.  Just the word “size” created a buzz online and because we were talking about Seunggi.

At the Zipel fridge CF filming site, I saw Seunggi carefully taking the female model’s measurements.  Even holding up a measuring tape, he showed us an entirely different side.  Let’s check out the images from the filming site that you won’t see in the CF…

Before the official filming, Seunggi discussed things in a serious manner with the director.  Latching on to the key points presented by the director, Seunggi really came off like a pro by immediately immersing himself into things once filming started.

Asking to be filmed in a cool manner, unrivaled Seunggi flattered the cameraman and later he bowed politely to him.  With good humor and a shining smile, he brightened up the filming site, but that was one portion of things.  As soon as he started filming, he pulled out the measuring tape and expressed a cunning smile.  But even this was so heartwarming.

How in the world that is it, that no matter what the circumstances, it’s hard to find any images that are totally embarrassing with Seunggi.

Measuring this and that with tape in hand, he looks totally immersed in his thoughts.  The “size/measurements” Seunggi was referring to was this.  The Zipel Grandestyle 8600 is based on the measurements of women who tend to use the fridge the most.

Only the highlight scene in the CF remained, where Seunggi holds hands with the female model as if they were doing a waltz.  The directors said they’d pass on some acting tips to Seunggi and demonstrated for him.

After changing clothes, Seunggi received some more tips before going into filming with the female model.  Was the CF director an actor in another lifetime?  His expert expression was the best. Seeing Seunggi monitor and discuss all aspects with the director made me think, as expected, this is just like Zipel model Lee Seunggi.

Finally~ it was time to film the waltz scene.  Upon seeing this scene, Seunggi’s fans may have been a little bothered for a while.  It was both a very lovely and sweet scene.

The female model must have been nervous because she appeared awkward at first, but at the cue sign, they both immediately went into dancing the waltz.  This CF should hit the TV airwaves soon so everyone, please make sure to look out for it.

I think Zipel should’ve used a younger looking female model.  She looks way older than Seunggi!  Maybe she’s supposed to?  And represent a married mom with young kids.  (but she looks older than that).

And I guess Seunggi’s like some magical Zipel CF guy who magically appears (in her day dreams!) to measure her arm length and back-hug and waltz with her?!

I way prefer the previous Zipel CF with Son Eun Seo where they played a couple.  But Seunggi measuring everything in this new CF is cute!  I miss this longer hair…

Hope to see King Jaeha with longer hair as The King 2Hearts progresses.

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