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Lee Seung Gi – Ha Ji Won are so cute, playful, close! [BTS]

Too cute!  As expected, our Jaeha and Hangah are having a blast!  Seunggi being his usual mature, reserved self, while Jiwon’s going all-out aegyo!  I can totally see why she (and Shin Minah) said he seems more like an oppa!  I am SO going to be one of  Jiwon’s biggest fans for loving our Seunggi so much!  But we all know, it’s hard not to completely fall for him once you get to know him!  I am already so in love with these two together!  Their obvious immediate, closeness is just freaking awesome!

Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi Play Around on ‘The King 2Hearts’ Set

Source: enewsWorld; 2012-03-18 11:51
CJ E&M enewsWorld Choi, EunHwa
; Translation Credit : Nancy Lee

Behind-the-scenes still cuts of actors Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi on the set of MBC’s upcoming drama The King 2Hearts have been released.

The King 2Hearts will take over the The Sun and the Moon’s timeslot when it premieres on March 21, and Ha’s character, the first female drill instructor of North Korea’s Special Forces Unit, and Lee’s character, a crown prince, will meet for the first time on the first episode. Anticipation for the drama, centered on a constitutional monarchy and the premise of a South Korean man meeting a North Korean woman, continues to grow.

The photos featuring Ha and Lee smiling, as well as costars Cho Jung Seok and Jeong Man Sik, reveal the friendly atmosphere on set.

More than anything else, the photos of the Ha and Lee joking around and acting silly for the camera between takes, reveal how close the two actors have become. According to a production crew member, from the two actors laughing unabashedly through their bad takes to monitoring their scenes together, Ha and Lee are contributing to the friendly atmosphere on set.

Ha is also said to be charming those on set with her cute demeanor, smiling behind Jeong Man Sik’s back and flashing the V-sign for the cameras between filming. Actor Lee Soon Jae, who was all business during filming, is also seen grinning, while producer Lee Jae Gyu and Lee Seung Gi are captured striking comical poses.

Since filming for the drama began, the actors have been maintaining the warm atmosphere on set through their mutual understanding of one another and close friendships. While filming may be tough, as the actors and production crew have been crisscrossing the country for the shoots, their passion and expectations for the drama have enabled them to be engaged in filming.

A representative from Kim Jong Hak Production said, “The actors have become close since they have been filming together every day for two months. They converse about acting and take cute pictures together between takes, boasting a jovial atmosphere.” The rep continued, “The actors’ chemistry is enhancing the quality of the drama. Expect a high-quality drama to come from the cheerful atmosphere.”

Meanwhile, producer Lee Jae Gyu, who garnered high praise for his work on Beethoven Virus, and writer Hong Jin Ah have joined forces for The King 2Hearts. In addition to Ha and Lee, the drama boasts an impressive cast that includes Yoon Je Moon, Lee Yoon Ji, Cho Jung Seok, Lee Soon Jae and Yoon Yeo Jeong.

Images: Donga

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2 Responses

  1. uniie so cute…

  2. how can you not like ha ji won?:)) as what i’ve been saying all over and over again,. she’s a sweet heart.literally. hahahaahhaha. thank you so much for sharing ann!

    lucky seunggi! he found another reliable noona-leading lady.
    MBC is the best when it comes to BTS. really.

    i cannot wait to see the pilot episode. it will be a blast! wohoo!

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