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The King 2Hearts royally fashioned Lee Seung Gi – Ha Ji Won

Three more days~~!!!  And we finally get to meet our lovely Jaeha and Hangah couple, and the rest of the awesome cast including insanely crazy Club M president Bong-Gu, princess Jaeshin, strait-laced Shikyung, and the other supporting roles played by the amazing veteran actors.   While I LOVE seeing Seunggi and Jiwon looking very much like a royal couple in their regal outfits, and rugged and cool in their military fatigues, I’d just rather see them in the drama now!  The build-up to the drama and the one week delay seemed like an eternity!  We’re all ready for~~ The King 2Hearts!!

OMG, our later-to-be-hero Jaeha and heroine Hangah are TOO CUTE!  Wah~!  They are definitely going to make the younger guy – older girl thing even all the more rage in Korea, than it already is!  They ARE the 2 people to perfectly represent that!

Our prince-to-be-king-to-be-hero Lee Jaeha looking like a million bucks!

His royal outfits are seriously no joke!  So refined, elegant, and perfect for Seunggi!

(Images: MBC/As labeled)

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One Response

  1. Hey! This series rocks with pretty and glamarous Jiwonie + LSG! I love their hot and sweeter than honey chemistry! Looking forward to see beautiful Duchess/Princess Hang Ah of South Korea. She’s more prettier and talented than Lady Diana of England….Cheers!

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