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Section TV [ENG]: The King’s Lee Seung Gi, Ha Ji Won, cast talk ditzy girl-bad guy ideal types, peculiar neck kiss, NGs!

MBC Section TV. 2012.03.11. The King 2Hearts cast at the press conference [ENG]
Love how the cast gets along!  Lee Yoonji has such a cute and bright personality! And aw, Jiwon says she only has eyes for Seunggi right now!  Hehe.  OMG at the NGs and major LOL at Seunggi laying down behind Jiwon (by mistake!).  And more awesome goodies~ Jiwon’s forced laughter, dancing machine Jo Jungsuk, Seunggi likes ditzy girls, Jiwon-Yoonji think bad guys are appealing… and the buzzed about “temporal lobe” neck kiss scene between Jaeha and Hangah~~ this MBC vj is hilarious!

(video: beedance07)

Exciting peculiar kiss cut:

MC: We check out that exciting and peculiar kiss scene. The peculiar kiss posed to top 2012, a kiss below the ear…
[Hangah: Stop it!]
LSG: Totally surprised!

English: LSGfan, Video: leeseunggiworld

Bed “side” scene NG cut:

MC: This time, he seems tense. Not sitting, but even laying down next to Jiwon… is this the type of scene I always like? A bed-scene?  But Ha Jiwon reacts shockingly. Making a casual scene into a bed-scene, Lee Seunggi.
LSG: [reading from the script] It says “laying down beside Hangah.” Oh, it’s “beside the laying down Hangah!”
MC: No wonder he kept laying down next to her. As a guy, I understand.
LSG: I’m sorry.
MC: Filmed in such a bright, fun environment, the King 2Hearts. We were very curious about the drama.

English: LSGfan, Video: leeseunggiworld

The King 2Hearts, Seunggi, Jiwon, Yoonji, Jungsuk Fans~~ Let’s get excited~~!!!

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8 Responses

  1. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much.

  2. So that’s why when the PD said they all had a GOOD time filming the ‘bed-side’ scene, both Ji-won and Seung Gi burst out laughing (Seung Gi was so embarrassed too)! Well, I can’t stop laughing and re-watching that clip. The two are just too precious.

    I sense Seung Gi and that ‘dancing’ guard have become sort of buddies already (guess military training – even make believe one – will do that to you). Perhaps because the princess’s scenes only come in later, she has yet to establish rapport with the other three. Those three, esp. Jiwon and SG, were very comfortable together. (She even asked him if she should show off some N. Korean speak, LOL.)

    Love love this interview and the guy host. Big thanks to Ann and Beedance!

    • breaking news- our seunggi have already got han ji won’s number and the often talk before shoots which sherevealed on win win on which she guested today.

  3. Thanks to LSGfan for the subs!!!

    Once again, the super charisma of our Heodang!!! Ahahaha…
    With Seung Gi oppa on the set, I bet there is definitely lots of fun and laughter, and great work done!

    “The King 2Hearts” FIGHTING!!!
    Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!!

  4. This is awesome!! Thank You for the subbed..

  5. thank you so much for your subs!

  6. hi LSGfan, i’ve been following you for almost two years now, and as always, i am very thankful for all your posts.. great job! thank you so much for subbing the Section TV cut.. reading your posts has now become a habit for me! looking forward to your future works! LSGfan Fighting!!

  7. THANK YOU Beedance and LSGfan for the video wiht eng sub.!! :) I´ve been stalking ur blog since saturday..haha waiting for the subs.. really you two are awesome!! =)

    so much anticipation for The King 2Hearts, counting days makes me crazy..ahaha :) I love that they are all having fun working together.. ang the dancing guard is soo funny.. and really Ms.HaJiWon as SeungGi said is too charming and fun.. really cant wait.. ^^
    The King 2Hearts Fighting!!!!

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