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Ha Ji Won talks acting with ‘mature’ and ‘bold’ Lee Seung Gi

March 8, 2012.  The King 2Hearts press conference was said to be one of highest attended press events for an MBC drama.  Of course the press was most interested in the lead actors’ take on one another, kiss scenes, and the Wednesday-Thursday time slot across all 3 broadcasts.  Based on these article excerpts, Jiwon-Seunggi already seem pretty close (obvious from photos and videos up to this point!)~~

Replying to press questions, Seunggi answered “We already filmed a kiss scene and it wasn’t awkward.  It was fun.”  Ha Jiwon revealed “There’s a scene where the two characters kiss each other on the neck, and even though I’m older and have more experience in projects than Seunggi, I was completely surprised by his boldness,” and added, “There’s no awkwardness since in dramas we address each other by our character names.”  She chuckled and said “At times he feels like an oppa to me.”

When asked about Seunggi, Jiwon said, “I was very happy Seunggi and I were going to be partnered together and I wanted to try it.  I didn’t have any preconceived notions.  Actually, as we’ve filmed, things are even better than I had imagined.  We’ve only really just started, but I feel like we’ve become comfortable and close, and our chemistry will get even better as time goes on, and I have a good feeling we’ll make a good project.”

As for working with Seunggi, who’s younger by 9 years, Jiwon said, “I’ve worked with actors younger than me in past projects, but actually the age gap between me and Seunggi is greater than before. But on set, Seunggi didn’t seem… that much younger then I had thought. Yes, so… at times he feels like an oppa. To the point that I can’t feel the age gap, so I’m having a great time filming.”

Jiwon added, “While we’re filming, I feel like I’m getting to know sides of Seunggi I didn’t know before.  He is even more mature than he appears on TV programs, and honestly I was worried [about the age gap] but Seunggi’s really great.”

She continued, “I don’t think I could act properly if I was concerned about the age gap.  Maybe I’ve gotten used to it, but I’ve never worried about working with younger guys, but I did feel a little burdened this time because of the larger age gap.  However, as there is no way around that, I only hope we give off a lovely well-matched feel.”

Asked about marriage, Ha Jiwon said “People around me mention marriage.  Kim Hangah is also a character that talks about and is concerned with marriage, and I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t matured yet, but I haven’t given it much thought.  I sense that I’m at marrying age, but I’m not sure about marriage yet.”

Jiwon also mentioned, “I was totally surprised when, due to this Hangah character, I had a dream that I was told to get married to someone for political reasons.”  She reflected, “As I haven’t given much thought to marriage yet, I’m curious to see whether I might think more about marriage by playing the role of Kim Hangah.”

Seunggi was asked about the upcoming Wednesday-Thursday night competition among the three broadcast channels, and he was said to have been humble in stating, “I am not the end all, be-all in this.  If there is a hole, I am probably the hole.  It would be a great mistake to think of this as a 3-way competition with me as there are sunbaes (senior actors) more prominent than me involved in this drama.”

‘The King 2Hearts’ is set to premiere on March 21 on MBC.

I’m curious if Jiwon’s phone number is already in Seunggi’s phone?  I’m assuming she will be the 4th female celeb to be added to his very short, exclusive contacts list!

via Segye/Nate, Dalian/Nate, Images: DCLSG/MBC

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10 Responses

  1. Thanks ann,

    I’m smiling while reading… it really made my day. hahhaha

    Can’t wait TK2H to premiere… FIGHTING!!!!!!!

  2. thanks for the translations anne! I died when i saw that neck kiss scene though i was weirded out by the pose when i saw the pics initially. and then they say it was a dream sequence of ha jiwon then it made sense…doesn’t lessen the impact though. oh my, i would love love more of this mature sexy seunggi, hehehe.

    by the way how about those articles saying that seunggi said he likes dumb sexy girls? I think he was describing his character Jae Hae, and they purposely edited it out. there must have been a dozen articles about it with similar spins. sigh….

  3. I read somewhere that Jiwon never changes her phone number with drama’s partners, so I’m curious too. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  4. a lot of female celebs have her number like son ye jin have her numberbut i don’t about male celebs .but i hope she exchange number with seunggi.

  5. I hope Lee S G and Ha J W have many endless kissing shots…..Oolala

  6. breaking news- our seunggi have already got han ji won’s number and the often talk before shoots which sherevealed on win win on which she guested today.

  7. ha ji won (its not a name….its a brand)
    iam indian heart beat fan of ha ji won

  8. ha ji won(its not a name…….its a brand)
    iam a indian heart beat fan of ha ji won

  9. I think she does. Hyun Bin keeps in touch with her.

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