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The King 2Hearts press con photos – Q & A: Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won all laughs and major eye contact!

The King 2Hearts press conference.  Imperial Palace Hotel.  March 8, 2012.  Candid shots are always WAY better than those awkward staged let’s pose for the camera photos!  Seunggi and Jiwon are just too much here!  They are SO the real deal.  So, people can’t help but to like them individually on their own merit, but together, they are seriously “ho-gam!”  (Korean fave word for favorable, beloved people).

Our dear Jaeha-Hangah couple~ Seunggi & Jiwon bust out laughing…

LOL.  Loves it!  Maybe at PD Lee’s comment?!  Omg, can’t wait to see this part!

PD: This morning, we filmed a bed “side” scene and kiss scene, but there was absolutely no awkwardness. We’re having a lot of fun filming… (LSG-HJW bust out laughing!)

Jiwon on age gap with “oppa” like Seunggi…

Hm, that’s exactly what Shin Minah said about LSG during My Girlfriend is a Gumhio!

HJW: Seunggi didn’t seem…  that much younger then I had thought.  Yes, so… at times he feels like an oppa.  To the point that I can’t feel the age gap, so I’m having a great time filming.

Seunggi on drama competition…

LSG: I’ve always said, I’m not the final be-all king in this. I’m only one person. Because there are so many people behind me, it would be a great mistake to think of this as 3-way drama competition with me.

And on inevitable military enlistment question… huhuhu…

LSG:  You don’t enlist in the military because it’s cool or not.  If you’re a Korean male and there aren’t special circumstances, it’s something you do, but it’s premature for me to say when that would be.  I will enlist at some point, so when I do, I hope this many people will be there.

Major eye contact~~!!

All these cute, and intense, expressions/looks between the two are killing me!

Just like their Savings Day encounter last year!  

And this was before the drama casting news!  Like it wasn’t even on the radar of fans!  But everyone was like this is just like a drama press conference!  And it came true!

No matter what happens TV ratings-wise at the competitive Wendesday-Thursday time slot, The King 2Hearts fans can be assured that this will be a top-notch acting production, which matters most in the long-run!  The King 2Hearts~~~ Fighting!!!

Images: As labeled, Naver/Nate;  English: LSGfan

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7 Responses

  1. even in the savings day they were very comfortable with each other. Jiwon has this noona-lady feel and she can blend very well with other people. and seriously , now im wondering about seunggi’s bday. is he really an 87 line? or 77? haha. if jiwon feels sometimes that seunggi is an oppa when she’s 34. how much more me. im even younger than seunggi. seunggi might be an ahjussi. hehe. JK

    again i cannot wait to see the drama, their chemistry and seunggi’s acting. and the.. bed(side) scene! gee, reminds me of Princess Hours scenes. i hope there will be much of that.

    thanks ann! and btw the Donga.com picture below the deillian above the drama competition question is my favorite. hihi.

  2. Thanks for photos:)

    i am worried about the ratings. :( Rooftop Prince is a strong competitor :(

    i wish i know S.Koreans choice:)

    • i don’t worried about rating because i believe acting skill ha ji won and lee seung gi :D not lacking anymore

  3. Ratings sure are important, but in doing The King 2Hearts I think Seung Gi has achieved another milestone in his acting career.

    The story, texture, and overall feel of this drama are very different from the usual romantic comedy expected (though I don’t know why) from SG. I am just so happy that so far all I’ve seen speak for quality. And quality is what’s left when the hypes die down.

    (There were some K-drama sites that totally ignored Brilliant Legacy when it aired and gave it a lukewarm review even after the fact. That’s when I knew for sure that taste is a very individual thing and I don’t have to agree with someone simply because they run a blog.)

    Miss Ha is SO lucky to be the subject of Seung Gi’s gaze for the next few months!

  4. That’s right!because feeling, why this drama is not beautiful, but black. I’m very worried especial king.why all drama hong sister alway want seunggi is bad man .

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