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The King 2Hearts press con photos – Lee Seung Gi arrives

The King 2Hearts press conference.  Imperial Palace Hotel.  March 8, 2012.  Actor Lee Seung Gi gets into position for photo-op.  Playing the lead male role of the the prince-to-be-king, our Lee Jae Ha showed up looking clean-cut and sharp in a black suit and white collared shirt with black tie design down the front.  And with VERY shot hair!

I saw the first few photos the other day, and I immediately thought I’m not really feeling this look and style!  But as is typical with all things Seunggi, it takes time to grow on you!  And after going through pages and pages of Naver/Nate photos today, I think he looks super fantastic!  A bit too older?  But definitely very mature and serious!  I like.  This really seems like the next step in his acting career…

Images: As labeled, Naver/Nate

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One Response

  1. Dear Ann,
    Thanks for all the goodies!
    Yes, regarding his get-up I felt the same way at first, and then per usual had a very quick change of heart! Now he looks fabs to me. Only gripe is he forgot the jacket’s second button, which should be fastened so that the shirt would not show through. But that’s minor.

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