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The King 2Hearts press con photos – Couple Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won

The King 2Hearts press conference.  Imperial Palace Hotel.  March 8, 2012.  Seunggi and Jiwon pose for photo-op.  Like Seunggi’s photo-op, I wasn’t too thrilled with the first few photos of them just standing there.  But after sifting through all the photos, seeing our couple interact, gaze at each other, bust out laughing, being all sweet, and just so comfortable together… made me crush on this couple even more!

There’s a way more mature feel to Seunggi and this project, and it’s like they tried to make him look older.  (I know people like his short cut, that he looks more manly, but I always want a full head of hot messy hair!)  He  looked younger than Jiwon in some instances, but you didn’t sense a 9-year age gap at all!  And well, we know what Jiwon had to say about “oppa” like Seunggi~ love her!  She was looking demure and lovely.

Their individual charms and interaction give off that all-important drama couple requirement: CHEMISTRY!  And their vibe was sweet and lovable, but just as easily hot – maybe more so because of their much buzzed about actress-younger guy pairing?!  I like that the feel, look, and tone of this drama will be fresh and different from Jiwon’s Secret Garden and Seunggi’s My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  Anticipating~~!!

Taking the stage…

Love seeing them walk up to the stage.  I don’t know why, I just do!

Seunggi and Jiwon…

Looking so hot-cute, demure and lovable!  Woah, LSG looking so mature!

Loosening up…

They were standing so far apart before, and were sorta awkward! Now better…

LSG’s well-mannered hand…

On Jiwon’s upper back versus um, somewhere else!  Hehehe.  Jiwon is so giggly.  She’s too cute!  Like Seunggi said, she seems to have LOTS of aegyo!

Public displays of  affection already!

My bad, I guess, they already linked arms prior to Yoon Jaemoon joining them in the three’s a crowd photo-op.  Aw, the way she looks at him…!  And Seunggi trying to be so cool about it!  I loved this couple when the teasers came out, and then the poster shoot, but really love them even more now!  This younger guy thing seems to fit both of them really well! (which is all the rage!)  Jiwon so natural and flirty… I love it!

Jiwon is for sure, the perfect “younger guy killer”

Love her expression here.  It’s a look of~~ yeah, I KNOW I got all the younger guys wrapped around my finger, including Lee Seung Gi!  puahahahaha!  OMG, Seunggi and Jiwon are going to have a blast filming this drama!  And I can’t wait to watch!

Images: As labeled, Naver/Nate

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3 Responses

  1. Me too! I also love seeing them walk up the stage!
    The ‘chemistry’ between them just oozes out without them having to ‘stick’ together… I just feel so… ^^

    “The King 2Hearts” daebak! Can’t wait for it~!

  2. Agree.. ur comments look like pictures story telling, love it..

  3. Luv ur comments!! Could’nt have said it better myself. I’m definitely shipping LSGHJW CP ^^

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