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The King 2Hearts – Press Conference fancams

LSGfan/Beedance are going to have a few ENG sub videos coming out soon, so until then, some clips from the March 8, 2012 press conference…

There were literally tons of press there!  A gazillion cameras shooting away from the start!  The official 5-minute trailer followed this photo-op of Seunggi, Jiwon and cast…

(video: airendrama/Tryp96)

The press conference had a noticeably more mature, serious(?) feel than previous ones Seunggi’s been involved in… it almost had more of a movie press conference feel?  He’s usually the mood-setter at events, but in the company of such veteran actors and again being the youngest like usual, Seunggi’s obviously trying his best to make this drama less about him and more about the entire production.  Which is very good of him… but still, sometimes I wish the always humble and self-deprecating Seunggi would just be brazen (and a little cocky?!)… probably never going to happen!

PD Lee says the Lee Jae Ha character has attributes that can be materialistic and reckless and offensive, and they wondered who could play this role sincerely, since otherwise, the character could come off as spiteful and unlikeable.  And they felt Seunggi could portray this type of character with that right balance…

(video: fuchsiaa03 via Tryp96)

Ha Jiwon talking about acting with the 9-years younger Seunggi… her giggles, his shyness, the two meeting eyes, and both of them laughing are too sweet~~!!!

(video: fuchsiaa03 via Tryp96)

Some interesting snippets of what Seunggi and Jiwon had to say…

Snippets of what Seunggi and Jiwon said…
English: LSGfan

HJW: Seunggi didn’t seem… [giggle giggle!] that much younger then I had thought.  Yes, so… [giggle giggle!] at times he feels like an oppa.  To the point that I can’t feel the age gap, so I’m having a great time filming.

HJW: He is already a global star…  and filming together has been very fun and it feels like an honor… Gazing more longingly at my partner, to be hurt and cry more, laugh more…  So I will work hard to solely be in love.

LSG:  You don’t enlist in the military because it’s cool or not.  If you’re a Korean male and there aren’t special circumstances, it’s something you do, but it’s premature for me to say when that would be.  I will enlist at some point, so when I do, I hope this many people will be there.

LSG: I’ve always said, I’m not the final be-all king in this. I’m only one person. Because there are so many people behind me, it would be a great mistake to think of this as 3-way drama competition with me.

PD: This morning, we filmed a bed “side” scene and kiss scene, but there was absolutely no awkwardness. We’re having a lot of fun filming… (LSG-HJW bust out laughing!)

Aw, I just can’t help but to love Seunggi and Jiwon more.  Since the premiere was pushed back  to March 21 due to the MBC strike, I’m assuming the production team is saving more goodies for release later on… Anticipating more goodies!

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