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Love this AWESOME official 5-min trailer!!~~ The King 2hearts

*** UPDATED with HD/BGM trailer version ***

Ackkk!  I hate that this thing called REAL-LIFE is going to keep me from being ALL 24/7 The King 2Hearts!!  Wah.  Just now catching up on all the super big-time press conference goodies!  Wow, love to all the Seunggi fans for spoiling the rest of us with your regular stalking updates!  Hope there’s a good sub-team in place for the drama since it’s probably not going to be the usual K-drama simple dialogue and plot lines of~ I love you, but I can’t be with you, I’m rich you’re poor stuff!  Looks like a top, glossy production.  Love the mix and balance of intense seriousness, quirky characters, and of course attraction & love~~~!!!  Great cut to show for the press conference!

(video: tryp96)

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8 Responses

  1. aww.. we need eng sub soon.. ><

  2. aaargh, translation plssss!!! sorry to be so demanding, hehehe…

  3. this’s really awesome trailer, can’t wait to see
    thank you ^_^

  4. Dear Ann,
    I was thinking about you when I watched the scene where the Prince dumped a bucket of snow on his intended, for the third time as it was included in two previous promos, and saw a THIRD version of what HA (Miss Ha) said! I know I have absolutely no right to complain because without those angels I wouldn’t be able to enjoy nearly as much as what The King had to offer so far. But, sigh, I really want to know exactly what she says, that brings the Prince to a puzzled halt, and maybe, with his blinking big eyes, finally takes a good look at that ‘North Korean Woman.’ (BTW, about the blinks, SG just has razor sharp comic timing!)

    • If I am not wrong (which I hope not…haha~), Miss Ha asked our Prince if he would still like her if she kicked him!

    • Can’t make out what she’s saying. Like I said, hope there’s a good subbing team involved because the dialogue is going to be fun but not your usual straightforward K-drama lines.

      I think Jia Min’s right in that it obviously has something to do with her wanting to “kick” him! or it’s some N.Korean dialect thing!

      SO excited we’ll get to see Jaeha-Hangah action early on! LOL at Jaeha sitting on her bed, patting her, saying he’ll put her to sleep! Ha! She’s like Forget it! OMG, they are going to be sharing a room! Love it.

      And woah, love the vibe of Club M president crazy Bong Ku, who’s out to destroy Jaha. these scenes alone make it clear this melo-romantic, black-comedy is not your typical family drama…

  5. Hey guys, I was informed that there is a poll (look at the left side of the page) about

    “Another battle of Korea’s Wed & Thurs Dramas that start at the same time in March. Which drama you’re most highly anticipating?”

    at Asian Drama:

    It’s currently a close match with “The King 2hearts” leading so lets vote!
    Oh, refresh the page if you don’t see the poll, it changes!

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