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The King 2hearts poster shoot: Seunggi – Ha Jiwon in love!

(video: minimhom/leeseunggiworld)

OMFG~~!!!  Is it bad I’m only fixated @1:25 on?!  This was like weeks ago and Seunggi-Jiwon already way too comfortable!  Wahh! I feel both GLEE and HURT~~!!!

@2:10 – She’s already doing the ‘I’m into you’ physical hit/pinch thing with him !  Directed to gaze at each other, LSG has an NG and HJW thinks that is oh so cute!

@2:25 – PD directs LSG to draw HJW into an embrace in spurts and aggressively!  Omg, how can these two together seem so adorable cute AND so hot in love… at the same time!  Let’s have less cute LSG and more manly LSG please!  LOL at the hug caption: Noona, just trust me!

Two of Korea’s most heartwarming stars~  Can’t help but to root for them and really anticipate their drama!  Poster shoot was a month ago, not long after they met.  But, if you count the Savings Day event, they already met before casting was finalized.

Can’t wait to see how our Jaeha and Hangah are doing now…??!!!

Read more about the ‘dreamy official poster’ at Allkpop.

Images: DCLSG

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5 Responses

  1. Seung Gi oppa’s stare is….ohhh….oh god~!
    Love this poster!

    “The King 2Hearts” FIGHTING!!!
    Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!!

    PS. I really can’t stand anymore delay to the airing date…

  2. With that grab, Seung Gi’s alpha male side totally revealed itself! Gee, I just squealed!

    Yeah, Jiwon was totally flirting with him. Can you blame her???

    I give both the highest compliments. To overcome the age thing, the reputation thing, the experience thing, and to be able to act so naturally…wow!

    I think Jiwon is just Seung Gi’s type – softly sexy (like Mina). What a great romance they will present us!

  3. still can’t get over the sudden and aggressive grab…wow! so manly. a very different side of SG and it is totally exicting! JW is very stunning as well in her look and skills. can’t wait!

  4. i only wish they dressed her better… sigh, seunggi ya.

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