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Seunggi (and Jung Yoo Mi) for HERITORY CF [2012.03.06]

(video: AirenVideo/Tryp96)

Loved the BTS feel of the previous Heritory teaser and the awesome BGM. More than the song for this CF. Who can’t not like Justin Beiber (Belieber or not, we were all moved by Never Say Never!) but STILL~~ Mistletoe? Love, how Koreans love to stick random white people into the CFs! Seunggi and Jung Yoo Mi look great together!

LSG at his best in hot messy Hwan hair~~ yay!  Heritory needs to post official photos!  But what is it with always pairing Seunggi with the noonas~~!!  Looking good together with Jung Yoo Mi. But what’s up with that right hand of her around his shoulder!!

Nice shots of one of the new Heritory stores…Very nice~~~!!!

Glad they used H or crest insignia for most things.  Way better than inkblot thing!

Actually impressed by their collection of casual-fancy handbags.

Great daily use in the spring, summer. Great weekend getaway or travel bag too.

Collection photo spam. Heritory, we need high quality images soon please~~~!!!

I have a soft spot for smart, clean-cut, preppy guys! Can’t help but to crush on them.

Especially the REAL-LIFE nice ones!  Looking so handsome, perfect boyfriend-ish…

I really love Seunggi’s naturally pronounced non-surgeried nose! Is that weird~~??!!

Maybe it’s sorta a Korean thing?  We sorta have a love-hate thing with surgery…  Obsessed with it, but then love those with the non-surgery, natural look way more.

Especially Seunggi. It’s part of his charm, matched with his big round eyes.  Probably why he’s at the top of my list, above all the other typical model-looking K-surgery guys.

Love the spread and shots of Seunggi and Jung Yoo Mi!

Images: DCLSG, As labeled

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2 Responses

  1. Me too,,, im not into the super model flower boy looks,, SeungGi’s natural charm has better effects on me^^ heheh.. i super love his natural look,, no need for surgery^^

  2. In the Old Palace Museum in Taipei, I saw Seung Gi’s nose in one of the ink paintings. I am not kidding you. It’s a portrait of a Song Dynasty emperor. That kind of long, pronounced nose even got its own name. It’s called, translated directly, old dragon nose. The old here means going way back to the original or long lineage. Dragon of course means the king. Anyway, it’s supposed to be a symbol of all the trappings & entitlements of a “heaven’s son”. Rather fitting, especially with the new drama, right?

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