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Seunggi – The first thing I look for in a woman is size!… Even carries around a measuring tape! [Samsung Zipel CF teaser]

FEMALE VOICE: Seunggi-sshi?
LSG: Yes?
FEMALE VOICE: What’s the first thing you look for in a woman?
LSG: Hmmm… size.

[Newspaper headline – Lee Seunggi, obsessed with size?! ‘The first thing I look for in a woman is size!… Even carries around a measuring tape!]
(Aw, cute footage of Seunggi size measuring lots of family-friendly stuffs!)

LSG: Hehehe. You’ll understand later on… Samsung Zipel Grandestyle 860.

English: LSGfan, Video: samsungkrmedia

puahahah!  this is hilarious!  So that explains the previous OMG photo of Seunggi!  Samsung is revealing yet another new Grandestyle fridge model, something obviously to do with space and size.  But not THAT kind of SIZE MEASUREMENTS!  Love the crazy newspaper headline parody, poking fun at how the K-press loves to twist what celebs say… well, that’s sorta what this teaser strategically does too!  Ha.

Ok, who are the people in Korea buying pricey, blinged out Samsung Zipel fridges every year?!  I need to be friends with them!  Advertising effect on everyday goods like drinks, snacks, ramen is one thing (stuff Seunggi endorses too), but to be involved in moving sales of top of the line, expensive products like household appliances (stuff Koreans love!)… well, that’s another thing!  Can’t wait to see the upcoming CF~~~!!!

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