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Seunggi & Minjung trampoline for 2012 S/S Kolon Sport

Love these Making Videos~~  Seunggi jumping on a trampoline, doing sprints!  So much fun!  Explains those cool mid-air 2012 S/S print ads. LSG probably jumps a lot higher now as THE KING’s slimmed-down, military-training Prince Jaeha!  Hehe.

I would SO buy the Kolon Sport stuff Minjung wears! (and buy Seunggi stuffs for the guys in my life too)!  Love their brand concept of eco-friendlness, nature-loving, active lifestyle.  All while looking stylish and cute… in platform sandals with cute socks! Yes!

With Seunggi’s (and Minjung’s) busy schedule, guess they’ll be photoshopped later…

(videos: Kolon Sport)

Love the cargo pants-jacket-boots combo on LSG.  I think this is my fave outfit…

Then this one…

Videos: Kolonsport;  Images: Naver

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