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The King 2hearts D-9: BTS photo of sweet smiling LSG-HJW!

OMFG~~!!  The sneak peek photo of Seunggi and Jiwon on the set of The King poster shoot!  ALL smiles, laughs, and looking so sweet together!  If they were already this close, comfy filming a month ago… NOW, they can only be even more…???!!!!

Known for emanating major heartwarming-ness individually, but TOGETHER, smiling and being all sweet together, is just too much love!  A while back, fans rumored that Jaeha and Hangah’s poster filming seemed more like a newlywed photo shoot! I can see what they meant.  Love Seunggi’s regal, royal attire and Jiwon’s white t-shirt paired with floral skirt and pink sash!  Can’t wait to see video of this soon~~!!!

March 8 – The King 2Hearts press conference!

Lee Seunggi and Ha Jiwon~~ everyone’s always rooting for you!!!!


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One Response

  1. Total love!

    I knew Seung Gi could make Jiwon feel at ease just like that but I was very pleasantly surprised that Jiwon appeared utterly comfortable and full of love. Forgive me for not knowing Miss Ha much. Just saw her in Damo and some glimpses of her in equally formidable roles. So her lovey-dovey side is so unexpected and a pure delight!

    Aha couple, go conquer the world!!!

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