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The King 2hearts D-12: Innocent vs Player Seunggi sporting traditional and couture military fashion!

Innocent Jae-ha▲  vs.  ▼Player Jae-ha

OMFG~~!!!  While we all love cute, sweet, sincere Lee Seunggi, I can’t wait to see him play/act a self-absorbed, player Lee Jaeha decked out in Jeremy Scott over-the-top tuxedo-top military fashion!  Will Prince Jaeha show up for army training like this?  We’ve already been warned by Seunggi~ Prince Jaeha will be royally ENTITLED!  But hopefully not for too long… maybe he starts to evolve as he becomes THE KING~~!!!

Lee Seung Gi Soldiers Up for ‘The King 2Hearts’

Source: CJ E&M enewsworld

[2012-03-02] Four still cuts of Lee Seung Gi from the set of upcoming MBC’s The King 2Hearts have been released ahead of the drama’s premiere.

Lee showed up on set for the drama’s filming on February 1 with a new, short hairstyle and suit up in a military uniform to shoot the scenes. He is said to have appeared nervous on set; however, as soon as the cameras began rolling, Lee had no problem getting into character, highlighting his natural acting abilities.

The actor has been cast to play Lee Jae Ha, a crown prince with playboy tendencies, and the tall, lean Lee fills out the soldier’s uniform well, while also proving he’s perfectly fit for the princely role with his handsome looks and charming smile in the photos.

A representative from Kim Jong Hak Production said, “Lee Seung Gi is displaying his enthusiasm for the prince Lee Jae Ha role and is holding nothing back in portraying the sly character.”

The rep continued, “He’s also the one setting the mood on set with his signature sense of humor. Anticipate a transformation that shows a completely different, never-before-seen side to Lee Seung Gi.”

Lee star alongside actress Ha Ji Won, who plays a North Korean princess and the actor’s love interest.

The drama is set to premiere on March 14 and take over the timeslot of MBC drama The Sun and the Moon.

I’m still reeling over the amazingly intense The King 2hearts teaser!

Can’t wait to see how all this unfolds…

Images: MBC, DCLSG, Tryp96/As labeled

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3 Responses

  1. Hi there Ann!! really love all your post ! ♥
    Innocent JaeHa vs Player JaeHa.. cant wait to see that! ^^

  2. Maybe because we don’t get to see that side of him too often (or at all), I just love the come-hither-and-be-my-babe, smirking Seung Gi! And that tuxedo-fatigue top, omg, so fun and so irreverent.

    But when you’re just about to write him off as a royal playboy and pain in the neck, the first line he uttered in the teaser turns things upside down again. He is a rebel WITH a cause, or a rebel waiting for a cause. Don’t we, intelligent and discerning women all, just love to rescue such a guy?

    The King is pure love!

  3. i am officially going crazy with anticipation, seriously!!! I can’t even make a proper comment apparently. Thanks so much for these anne!!!

    by the way will you be posting some thoughts about the last 1n2d episode?

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