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Goodbye 1N2D! Thanks for 5 years of LOL Seunggi + hyungs!

Seunggi highlight reel. Aw~~~

Seunggi thanks fans. Awwwww~~~~

Thank you so much. I’m so thankful to you. For so long, I got to meet up with the hyungs every other week, and 1N2D… I really don’t think I ever thought of 1N2D as a filming. It was so enjoyable, and there were so many reasons to laugh. 6 months ago, we said we would be ending, but wow, my heart feels so strange… As it doesn’t seem real yet, that this is the last filming, I don’t think I’ll have tears now. I once again sense how much love you’ve shown us.  Thank you again for showing us such sincerity, and I respect you, and it makes me again think about whether we were deserving to that degree. I won’t ever forget that and I will work hard. Since we still have half of our filming to go, we’ll go forth boldly.    (Videos: Tryp96, English: LSGfan)

Seunggi and Na PD lovingly hug it out! LOL.

SG: Na PD, let’s take a really lovable photo together. Come on, lets.
NA: Plead more. (Aw, SG shows love and hangs on Na PD’s arm)
NA: Ok, fine (Ha, Na PD loves it! omg, other PDs shouting ‘backhug’)

Final Seunggi highlight reel + Final goodbyes

I was sad at first, but there’s a time for everything, and it was time.  Glad Seunggi chose to move on, like he said, you don’t have any regrets when you gave it your all. Gotta take some risks, even if it means uncertainty and some ups and downs along the way!  And Choding Jiwon, I’m sure it was a tough decision for him too, so I have mad respect for both guys!  5 years of 1N2D ain’t easy to walk away from… So best to Seunggi, Jiwon, Na PD, staff (also Hodong, Mong, Kim C). And best to the new show and members. And no need to be sad, awesome 1N2D cuts still in cyberspace…

Korean Route Special compilation

(video: leeseunggi01)

Seunggi’s 1st 1N2D broadcast episode (Nov. 11, 2007)

(video: ikkichan100)

Seunggi and Jiwon’s hand-holding mission

(video: ashoka1006)

Members discuss who to bring for Friends Special

(video: 520junsu)

Friends Special part 1 + Seunggi’s junior high school friend guest

(video: 520junsu)

Members watch 1N2D dubbing with audience

(video: 520junsu)

Seunggi imitates imitating Na PD

Seunggi plays hug game with kids

(video: ashoka1006)

Windy Jejudo trip + Seunggi rides horse and talks 1N2D trips

(video: zozory2000)

Seunggi hugs fans – 2nd Viewers trip

(video: shoeboxbeans)

Seunggi returns to hyungs after being left alone on island

(video: ngminh89)

Seunggi’s letter to hyungs and Verandah Project song for Hodong

(video: beedance07)

More awesome unforgettable 1N2D moments over the past 5 years live on~~

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4 Responses

  1. I am getting emotion reading this post!!!
    Missing Seunggi and 1n2d!!!

  2. Love this phrase “awesome 1N2D cuts still in cyberspace”! ^^

  3. I agree with everything you said. But I still teared up when I watched the final goodbyes clip. Sigh, this show is crazy.

  4. I cried so hard, I laughed so hard for all those happy moments, the sad moments, the inspiring moments, the sweet momet, the touching moments…the little moments you picked up along the way by just being together…the one and only 1N2D! Thanks for all the beautiful memories.

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