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The King 2hearts teaser is intensely awesome + ratings talk

Rough translation of Teaser
Videos: Tryp96, onlyxtina
English: Tryp96 (based on Chinese translation by baidu tieba 阿月)

LJH: King? Royal family, not from the Chosun Dynasty, but from the 21st century? Do you know what that means? We are just playing the part!
KHA: That’s right, I teach soldiers assassinations.
LJH: There’s a woman?
KHA: Do you like me even when I’m like this?
KBG: The man leaves, the woman dies…
KHA: The moment you see the public enemy Lee Jae Ha, kill!!!!

OMFG~~!!!  I think that is going to become my start of most related to ‘King 2hearts’ from now on!  Wow, this is one INTENSE teaser.  At the end, I momentarily thought I just watched a movie trailer.   This surely is NOT going to be your typical romantic comedy.  Which has me even more super excited!  As a “black comedy” genre, expect ‘King 2hearts’ to be funny, but the romantic love story to be undergirded by a certain grave heaviness.  Wow, really, did not expect such an intensely awesome teaser!

This first teaser for  ‘The King 2hearts’ (더킹 투하츠) was broadcast on February 29 on MBC, following episode 17 of ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun.’  Billed as a black romantic comedy, the drama has been generating a lot of buzz from the onset when the casting of Ha Jiwon, Lee Seunggi, and other reputable supporting actors was finalized.  And the first teaser indicated that the drama is not to be taken lightly…

With historical references and weighty lines, the teaser starts shockingly with Lee Seunggi’s character exclaiming “Not from the Chosun Dynasty, but from a dynasty of the 21st century?  That just simply makes us stand-in mannequins!”  Later, Yoon Jaemoon’s character gravely utters “The man leaves, the woman dies.”  Later, this is followed by Ha Jiwon’s character ordering “The moment you see him, kill!”  The teaser suggests this drama may not be your typical lightweight romantic comedy.

With a range of diverse and colorful backdrops set to an intense music score, as well as momentary appearances of Lee Seunggi and Ha Jiwon interspersed throughout the teaser, ”King 2hearts’ is shaping up to be a perfect follow-up to nation’s drama ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun.’

Netizens responded to the teaser and made such comments as “As expected with Director Lee Jaekyu,” “Was wondering what black romantic comedy would actually mean, and I can sense it after seeing the teaser,” “the teaser is really fresh,” and “each and every line is very strong.”

The first episode of ‘King 2hearts’ is set to air on March 14 at 9:55pm. 

via Newsen

So, the inevitable TV RATINGS talk… 

King 2hearts is in the precarious situation of having to follow-up behind “nation’s drama” The Moon that Embraces the Sun, a surprise breakout hit at 40%+ ratings.  While some may suggest large viewership ratings provide a cushion, that’s not always the case.  Viewers are often deeply involved in all-things THAT drama, so it’s not always easy to take in a new drama, especially one that follows-up right behind it.

Also in the mix, the writers for Moon are the same team behind Equator Man, set to air on KBS at the same time slot.  (one of the main reasons Moon writers did not want the drama extended, despite its super high viewership).  Then there’s Rooftop Prince on SBS, also airing in the same time slot.  Based on the casting and teaser, the drama has a Boys over Flower feel, and looks to be fun and lighthearted; it’s a good match for the younger, Kpop demographic that SBS often strategically targets.

Both SBS and especially KBS are brilliant in marketing their dramas on their other show segments (unfortunately, MBC, not so much).  Having names like Lee Seunggi and Ha Jiwon give the drama a lot of credibility, but big names don’t always translate into tv ratings (Road Number One, with So Jisup and Kim Hanuel)…

So I’m anticipating that King 2hearts, like the MBC drama it follows, will stand on its own drama production and acting merit, despite mammoth ratings or not!

Let’s all be cool come mid-March.  There’s too much hate and negative stuff in K-pop these days and it ain’t a good thing.  There’s enough love to go around for all the dramas and actors/actresses.  All the fans were cool about the Wednesday-Thursday drama competition in 2010, and we were talking about Seunggi, Hyunjoong, Rain!

Maybe it’s because Baker King with it’s surprise 50% ratings ruled at that time!  And taking nothing away from Yoon Shi Yoon, a super nice guy, but just to keep things in perspective… last time I checked, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was still airing in re-runs on SBS, enjoying popularity in Asia, Hoi Couple Seunggi and Minah very much loved.

I’m just sayin’~~~ it’s all about the long-run…

I’m sad LSGfan can’t be as regularly involved with blogging Seunggi’s drama this time around (blame education-obsessed parents!).  But I’m super proud of ALL the fans being so freaking awesome with their regular updates!  BIG THANKS and LOVE to ALL Korean and International fans for regularly updating blogs, facebooks, twitters, fansites!  You guys do SO much, especially considering that Seunggi’s management is SO low-key compared to the proactive press-releasing managements of other actors (yes, I’m still sorta envious of that!)

So with all that said…  I cannot wait to watch King 2hearts~~!!!

And I’m including this article because someone forwarded me a crazy title translation version that included “King 2Hearts” followed by the word-choice “collapsed.”  Nuance and sentence structure is everything, people.  Translations ain’t easy.  Even harder when going from languages in between.  Gotta love the devoted spirit of non-Korean speaking fans, but hope extra steps are taken to check stuff before sharing it with the masses, especially when weighty words like “collapsed” and “ratings” are involved :)

Will not happen (Collapsed) – ‘Rooftop Prince’ going head-to-head with ‘Equator Man’ and ‘King 2 Hearts’

[2012.02.21]  The new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ will broadcast one week behind KBS ‘Equator Man’ and MBC ‘King 2 Hearts.’

Although all 3 Wednesday-Thursday dramas were expected to premiere on March 14, SBS organized a 2-episode special drama ‘Family Photo’ to be broadcast following current drama ‘Take Care of Us Captain.’

According to one broadcast representative who spoke to OSEN by telephone on the 21st, “Regarding the premiere of the new Wednesday-Thursday dramas on all three channels, ‘Rooftop Prince’ will be exempt,” and expressed “I know that a special is planned to be broadcast the following week after ‘Take Care of Us Captain’ finishes on SBS.”

Another representative revealed “After ‘Take Care of Us Captain’ finishes, ‘Family Photo’ is planned to be broadcast in that time slot, next month for 2 days on the 14th and 15th” and continued “however, as there are always other existing variables, the time slot has yet to be finalized.”

Uhm Taewoong and Lee Boyoung of ‘Equator Man’ and Lee Seunggi and Ha Jiwon of ‘King 2 Hearts’ will be each showing their chemistry.  ‘Rooftop Prince’ will have Park Yoochun and Han Jimin.

English: LSGfan via Osen

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  1. Though labeled as black comedy, I have yet to sense the comedy part of the drama based on the trailer but the darkside is definitely intense. The chemistry between SG and JW is superb! Can’t wait for the premiere!

  2. the king 2hearts fighting!
    Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won fighting!!!
    Airens fighting!

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