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BTS video [ENG] The King 2 Hearts, Ep 2: Neck Kiss NG!

The cast’s first script reading was Jan. 26.   A month later, they filmed this neck kiss scene…  this Ep 2 BTS is from Feb. 29.   This couple~~~  Ack, their CHEMISTRY is just too much, both on and off screen!  Can’t even imagine how Jaeha-Hangah will capture our hearts even more as the drama progresses!  This should satiate TK2H fans and spazzing until what seems like an eternity until next Wednesday~??!! Wah…

(video: Beedance07)  Thx as usual to the coolest Bee!

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The King 2 Hearts: Real-time vs Official average rating??!!

I really tried not to care about ratings after Ep 2, but when I first saw the official rating listed as 14.5% on AGB Nielsen, that it dropped 2% points, my heart sank.  Was super busy and hadn’t even watched TK2H Ep 3 at that point.  I didn’t get it because the response after Ep 3 from fans, netizens and the press afterward almost unanimously was major DAEBAK, especially the acting and chemistry.  So WTF?!  Well, then I saw the real-time ratings…

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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 2: Jaeha kisses a sleeping Hangah

The King 2Hearts Ep 2, part 3: Jaeha kisses a sleeping Hangah

Jaeha listens and comforts Hangah through her embarrassing run-in with that loser guy, and it’s bedtime and Jaeha pats Hangah to sleep.  It’s so sweet and lovely.  Hangah tries to shoo him away but he tells her she doesn’t have to be so strong sometimes, that she should just learn to receive too.  Aw. Hangah soon falls asleep. And then we get the much buzzed about kiss on the neck…

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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 2: Jaeha listens and comforts Hangah

The King 2Hearts Ep 2, part 2: Jaeha listens and comforts Hangah

So after attention needy Jaeha and Hangah get to know each other more, Hangah later leaves to meet her childhood friend (anticipating it’s more of a date) and Jaeha is left to workout on his own.  Which means settling into the gym and starting with energy food like a big jelly-filled Dunkin Donut!  (omg, Seunggi needs to just go ahead and sign the a CF contract with them!)

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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 2: Jaeha plays for Hangah’s attention

OMG, I’m SO addicted to this drama, LOLing like crazy even more when re-watching the eps!  No doubt, our Prince Jaeha is a royal jerk.  And our poor Hangah… Hope player Jaeha will come to his senses soon.  Until then, looks like Hangah is in for a major emotional roller coaster, which includes our Prince vying for her attention, even if he’d rather be smothered by a bunch of ditzy glamorous sexy women instead!

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BTS video [ENG] The King 2 Hearts, Ep 1: First Encounter

This was like 2 months ago!  Couple and team chemistry are everything in K-dramas!  Can’t stop LOLing at Jaeha’s obnoxious chair.pull.out.move kick!

(video: Beedance07)

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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 1: Bromance Jaeha-Jaekang-Shikyung

OMG, I so love Dramabeans’ Girlfriday’s recaps! Spazz Spazz Spazz!  I was so sad I couldn’t do Jaeha-focused recaps, like during the maniacal My Girlfriend is a Gumiho days of Daewoong-Hoi Couple, MGIAG recaps.  But didn’t realize I’d be so into The King 2Hearts and this reckless snotty jerk prince (later to become hero and king) Lee Jaeha!  Wah~!  So, I’m going to channel my addiction responsibly(!)…  fave highlight spazz recaps?  Involves less pressure and commitment!  And of course, from the viewpoint of our reckless jerk but lovable will-mature Prince-to-be-King Lee Jaeha…

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