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The King 2hearts D-14: Seunggi in royal attire poster shoot, chic black suit in China, gym sweats with Ha Jiwon

The King 2hearts – official title now.  ‘The’ was added since many people, including Seunggi, had referred to it as ‘The King.’  This way the title gets picked up online by all shortened versions – The King, King, King 2hearts.  In the press and online , drama titles get abbreviated, similar to shows in the U.S. (DWTS- Dancing with the Stars)

Not thrilled about the ‘The’ but it makes more sense with the ‘2hearts’ part.  Good move keeping the ‘2’ and ‘hearts’ together (2hearts); conveys the story better, keeps the Kdrama unique from other similar tiles in English.  I like ‘King’ the best, just for impact… but the story IS about Jaeha AND Hangah!

Seunggi suited up in royal attire as Prince Jaeha, looking like his princely real self…

He just can’t help his baby-face!  It’s the baby cheeks, nose, lips and doe eyes…

But a few weeks later, put him in a chic black suit, skinny tie, gelled up hair and a scowl on his face, and woah… the no-good-for-nothing player(!), but manly, charming Jaeha I want to see!  BTS filming photos on location in China just the other day!

We need BTS close-ups!  But who’s this lady in black stockings, killer heels, and couture red bag?!  Can’t be Hangah.  His mother, the queen?  His fashionable sister, Jaeshin?  Or some random girl he met on this luxury ship…?  because you know, our Prince Jaeha is the “greatest playboy/player on earth” you don’t want to mess with~~!!

FANCAM from shoot in China…  China Airens = awesome!  (video: airendrama)

Oppa!  Fighting!  Oppa!  We enjoyed 1N2D the other day!  Oppa, where are you going next?  Oppa!  *runs after LSG! breathless! oohs and aahs!* (LOL)

And omg, I can’t want to see these scenes of Jaeha and Hangah at the gym!  Please don’t let lazy bum Jaeha be completely over athleticized, totally schooled by Hangah!!!

Or at least let us see Jaeha bench-pressing, showing off real-life pumped arms or maybe abs again this time! he only rarely reveals!  (probably not as pronounced now with his slimmed down self!)  Or Jaeha working his ass off in the gym later on, maybe to compete with tough Hangah, whom he despises in the beginning?

We need video!  Cannot wait to see footage of them during down-time too.

Aw, cute and adorable Seunggi in this BTS photo.  He just can’t help it…

Based on the other photos and storyline, we should get a great transformation.  In Brilliant Legacy, he looked older with that hot messy hair and terrible attitude and trademark expression of annoyance!  And we’ve seen manly side in music videos.  So, I’m excited for an even more evolved Actor Seunggi. 

14 days to go on MBC~~  King 2hearts~~    Jaeah and Hangah!

Poster shooting video clip up on official MBC site~~~!!!  (video: Tryp96)

Images: DCLSG/As labeled, MBC

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2 Responses

  1. aaarghh!! stop it, i’m going crazy from the anticipation!!…i mean, keep putting up updates, i’m hungry for more…argh.

    after it’s shown how soon would the english subs of the episodes come out?? how could we watch it, we poor international fans..huhu, the agony!

  2. I think the name change was mainly an effort to smooth some ruffled feathers. But no matter. King is Seung Gi and Seung Gi is King. He will lay claim to that once the show is on as he always does.

    In China Cafe fans described their efforts to stalk Seung Gi filming in Shanghai and complained about the secrecy surrounding it. I had to chuckle to myself: girls, you are the reason for secrecy! Still, adorable SG smiled and waved to the fans…he’s just too cute!

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