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RECAP: Lee Seunggi feat. Park Shin Hye – ‘Time for Love’ Japanese MV part 1

OMFG~~~ and I thought the initial MV teaser was awesome!!!  This is just like a real drama!  Hilarious, touching, and sad.  Feels like we’re watching a real-life relationship story because Seunggi and Shinhye are good actors, and too sweet for words~~!!

(video: universalmusicjapan)

RECAP – Seunggi (LSG) and Shinhye (PSH) as MV characters in a relationship

MV opens with LSG in his room diligently composing “Time for Love” song.

Later, LSG walks the city streets wearing a worn trench, red scarf, half-finger gloves, with guitar.  It’s a cold day.  He stops at cafe window to check his eyes in the fogged area, and just so happens PSH is right there inside, wiping the window at the same time.  Their eyes meet!  Cute.  Awkward.  LSG walks away, PSH stares out at him…

Later, LSG hails a cab and PSH comes running out of nowhere to grab same cab.  At first, neither realizes the other person is there.  They both get in the cab, I guess because they’re going to the same place?  LSG’s guitar distances them in the cab, but LSG tries to re-position his guitar and ends up slightly hitting PSH’s head!  Awkward again.  OMG, LOL!  I’m loving this MV to bits!

Cab stops and they both get out.  (neither seems to have much money but yet they’re taking cabs instead of the subway!  SO K-drama-ish!)   PSH turns around, bows goodbye and leaves.  Ok, she is definitely into him (even if she can’t admit it yet!)

LSG is playing his guitar and singing out on the sidewalk to make some money, trying out his new song “Time for Love.”  He’s playing the role of deep, reflective, romanticist musician.  PSH just happens to walk by.  Their eyes meet again.  OMG, the way Seunggi stares gives me shivers!  He basically serenades her while she just stands there staring at back into his eyes.  He finishes the song, she turns to leave…

Excuse me…  [Yes?]
We meet again…  [I know…]
You’re very pretty…  [Thank you.]
By any chance, your phone…  [Yes?]
Your phone…  [Please speak louder.]
Can I use your phone?  [Yes.]

LSG annoyed at his annoying self!  PSH chuckles knowing he wanted to ask for her number!  So PSH makes the first move and gives LSG her work card…

PSH: This is where I work. Please come by sometime.

PSH is so forward!  She doesn’t even know him and gives him her contact info?!  She is definitely into him!  She walks away and LSG does the standard guy victory fist/arm pump! Score!  LOL.  OMG, I’m loving him in this MV!

LSG visits her workplace, a bar/cafe called “TONIGHT” (the name of his real-life 5th album).  PSH is a bartender and she can do some fancy bottle-throwing-twisting tricks!  They make eye contact.  Again.  At closing time, PSH allows LSG to sing and play his guitar on the live stage.  He basically serenades her again, and she’s loving it!  Who wouldn’t?!  More cute eye contact! Afterward…

PSH: Your song sounded great.
LSG: Thank you…
PSH: What… is there something you want to say?
LSG: I really have something to say…
PSH: What’s that?
LSG: Should we da…
PSH: You mean, should we date?

So I don’t get it.  Did she actually mean they were going to date.  Or just teasing him?  LSG back in his room playing guitar, composing a new song.  But OMFG, is he really pretending to kiss that cute little stuffed animal?!  And getting all giddy afterward!

That is not cool.  Even though guys do that in real life!  OMG, but the MV keeps at it!  LSG really is lonely for a girlfriend!  Too bad he can’t date since he’s a beloved K-celeb!  But this is Lee Seunggi, which means everything he does is just freaking adorable!  So I’m sure people are going to love this part to bits!  (not me though).

He falls asleep…

Next, we see LSG walking in the light snow.  PSH runs up to him and… gives him a sweet cute peck kiss!  Dude, she is a very initiating girl!  Good for her!  LSG is shocked happy… But then he wakes up… from his dream!  OMG.  LOL.  This MV is awesome! He’s even giddy after the dream!  So cute and hilarious.  We all know what it feels like to be totally into someone and end up acting like high schoolers!

Back to real life. LSG and PSH back at the bar/restaurant.  He’s teaching her to play guitar.  Aw, this is so freaking cute.  Then PSH teaches him to bartend.  MV has me believing this is a real story I’m watching!  The power of having good actors in an MV.

Then they do the romantic must for all couples… NOT THAT!  I mean, they go grocery shopping out and about in the city!  And PSH’s even playfully hitting LSG’s arm!  All of us know playfully hitting a guy is a sure sign that the girl is definitely into the guy (that is, according to date doctor Will Smith in Hitch!)

The fanphoto that was all the buzz with some netizens wondering if they were really dating and the press reporting that Seunggi and Shinhye looked like a real couple…

Back at the cafe. LSG helping PSH to mop the floors. Too cute.

But oh no… WTF! Who is this older uptight intruder guy?!  (Actor Joo Sang Wook who seems to be a really nice guy in real-life, but to me his MV character = INTRUDER)

INTRUDER: [not sure what he says to LSG]
LSG: Hello.
INTRUDER: [to PSH] Let’s go talk.

Oh man, and LSG has to watch them chat it up.  This doesn’t look good.  Poor LSG!

A few days later… LSG singing at the bar. And INTRUDER shows up again, and notices LSG and PSH making eye contact while LSG sings.  Not sure if INTRUDER is pissed off and just controlling himself, or thinks this whole crush thing is silly. LSG finishes singing as he and PSH make eye contact again.

After the bar closes, LSG walks out to find INTRUDER and PSH chatting and giggling as INTRUDER plays with her hair. Ugh. They notice LSG standing there…

INTRUDER: I’ll go get the car, so meet me outside.
PSH: [to LSG] You worked really hard today. The song was totally great. See you tomorrow.

PSH leaves.  LSG looks like he’s been slapped in the face.

End of MV part 1.  To be continued.  And I just want to reach out and hug Seunggi!

MV part 2, to be released in March?  It’s rumored to be Japanese version of “Because We’re Friends.”  If so, this does not bode well for LSG’s character.  Ugh.  Why does LSG’s music videos always have to be so sad, with him getting beat up or the like!  But even still, doesn’t he usually get the girl at the end?  Plus, the teaser showed us different footage of LSG putting the red scarf around PSH, and them dating.  I think LSG’s dream will becomes reality in MV part 2…

I want to see LSG man-up and come back more aggressive in MV part 2 please!  Please, let there be a surprise ending twist to “Because We’re Friends.”  Hope INTRUDER ends up being a manipulative jerk that shows his true mean colors, and that PSH just admits her true feelings for LSG!  Either PSH is totally leading LSG on, or she has no clue that she’s totally into him!  Dear Shinhye, I like you, so don’t make me have a reason to dislike you (I mean, your character!)

I think MBC may promote and broadcast these videos since Seunggi’s drama King 2 Hearts will be on the channel and Shinhye recently signed on to front one of MBC’s new music programs.  Also, Joo Sang Wook has a new drama coming up on MBC too.  (I was wondering why, out of all people, they used him in Seunggi’s video.)

Can’t wait to see the dramatic Japanese MV part 2~~~!!!!

Flashback~~  Seunggi and Shinhye for 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun…  Cute.

English: LSGfan, Images: DCLSG/As labeled, blog.naver.com/mesh1107

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14 Responses

  1. I hope it will be a good ending for the MV part 2. sigh…. but with the song title of We are friends…. this really does not sound good!!!! please please please!!! Please give Seung gi and girlfriend at least in the MV!!!!!

  2. Oh please..let it be happy end! Please let it be happy end!!! *scratch the screen*

    Ann, you really know how to stir out our curiosity, I’m not seeing it yet, but reading your post make me giddy and giggle by my self.

    Ok, let’s come out fast part 2! And please, pretty please, let it be happy ending!!

  3. I REALLY hope it will be a good ending! Please!
    I still can’t bear to see the MV for “When a Man Loves a Woman”… TT

    But love this MV…just not the last bit…

  4. LSGfan,
    did you notice that PSH had got more foam on her lips when she saw Seung Gi oppa through the glass!

  5. Hehe, what pure love…

    This might become a spoiler, but I have a strong gut feeling abt the story in pt 2 later..

    Maybe in the second part, the other guy played as their matchmaker as he sees the attraction between the two (lsg n psh)..ha, hence the title ‘because we’re friend’ cause the guy is psh close friend so..that’s it, but I dunno about the hospital part..haha

  6. This is daebak, btw anyone has the English Lyrics of this Japanese version of “Time for love”, please?

  7. just a question, did they really kiss? i mean PSH’s lips touched our puppy’s?

  8. i know, i dont know if my heart could handle it lol, i mean Ji Won is known to have had passionate kissing scenes from her past series, so will tradition carry on to King2hearts?

  9. ahh, anne,thanks so much for this!!!!! I have been trying to explain the story with a friend im trying to convert into an LSG fan- she found the MV cute too but cant understand it so thanks so much for thiiisss!!!

    Just a thought, while I love the MV to bits, just a small detail im pecking on. I wish they made seunggi at least look like an authentic guitar player. The strumming was great but the hand pressing down on the strings? It looked like he was just sliding his hand up and down. I mean perhaps only those who play guitars will notice it (i do) but hey, this is seunggi, i wish they paid more attention to details like that.

    I also got crushed with his expression before the scene turned to black, ( i like PSH, but oh man, my fists are itching to punch the living daylights out of her. I mean, she’s either a rock or an incredible tease.!!) i thought i did not download the clip fully because i thought it couldn’t have been the ending? The song was so upbeat, cheerful and optimistic, i was a little dismayed at the drama at the end. was that necessary? Cant he have one awesome fun video without drama? Only just because he has a lot of those kinds of MV already, so i was just hoping…Still i would love to see part 2. and soon!!!

    love you anne!! Im showing this post to my friend tomorrow!

  10. With this Lovely MV…Seung GI’s Debut in Japan sure Daebak!!!!!!!!

  11. where is the part 2 summary ? i wanna know what LSG said before leaving…. tnx

  12. Nice drama really loved it since park shinhye was nt bck as seunggi’s former schoolmate

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