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Seunggi talks CFs, King role, Ha Jiwon’s aegyo, IU, Japanese album with MBC Section TV [ENG]

February 19, 2012.  MBC Section TV interview with reporter fangirl Seulgi.

(video: beedance07)

Video clip should clear up some misleading stuff reported in the press…

Press tried to play up that Seunggi disregarded the acting of Joongki and Soohyun in their roles as king.  Come on!  Both are peers, good actors that LSG respects.  When asked if seeing the 2 guys play king helped him, Seunggi said no because the King 2 Hearts king role is entirely DIFFERENT unlike the other very king-like roles.  His King role, Prince Jae-ha, doesn’t care about other people’s feelings.

And about that gift to IU…  He gave IU a present because she was a guest at his concert.  He gives gifts to ALL the guests that perform at his concerts.

I love what he had to say about Ha Jiwon~~~!!!!

LSG: She’s the best. The best.
[Is she different from your first impression?]
LSG: She’s even nicer. She has a lot of aegyo (cuteness).
[Really? Does our Seunggi accept her aegyo?]
LSG: She’s not like that just toward me… to everyone! (LOL)

OMG, Seunggi and Jiwon already complimenting and praising each other~~!!

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8 Responses

  1. Thx Bee for the video!!!!
    Our Seunggi does look great in this interview!
    Loves it!

  2. Thanks so much Ann and Bee! I just love that girl. Usually I don’t care for the OTT noisy, bubbly type but she is just pure fun. She is obviously a big time fangirl but the infatuation did not affect her asking the right (tough) questions at all! (And Seung Gi is so witty and cute.)

    Need to watch it a second time now. I think I missed a lot of gorgeous visual when reading your subtitles.

  3. Haha its hilarious, thank you for the video and subs :) Really appreciate it.
    And Wishing a very Good Luck for King2Hearts !
    Lee Seung Gi Fighting!
    Ha Ji Won Fighting!
    King2Hearts Fighting!

  4. Thanks so much for the video! Seung Gi is the BEST!

  5. OMG! Thank you soo much Ann nd Beednce for this! =) How does he do it..?! being cool, funny and witty all at the same time..^^
    anticipation level for King: 2Hearts, getting higher each day.. :)
    King: 2 Hearts Fighting!!

  6. ana fadak

  7. no hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ana fadak

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