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Lee Seunggi – Japanese debut single release for 2012.03.06: Natural and stylish concept of random images

So much is going to be happening in March!  Of course King 2 Hearts drama, but also the official release of Seunggi’s Japanese debut album!  Can’t wait to see the entire Japanese music video for “Time for Love” and “Because We’re Friends” with Seunggi and Shinhye in a few weeks!  We’re going to be so spoiled, getting double dosage of Actor Seunggi with his dramatic MV movie AND his new MBC drama!  SO exciting~~!!

Seriously Hook, how come Seunggi’s Japanese album promotions, website look way better than his Korean stuff~~~?!  Just freaking change the Korean official website wallpaper!  that’s all I ask!  Just take a cue from his official Japanese pages…!!


Universal Music Japan – Lee Seunggi

Some of these images…  SO random.  SO Japanese and Korean style.  Loves it!  It’s like spending a day hanging out with Seunggi!  Sorta a CF advertisement feel to them (LOL!), but he looks great and messy hair looks perfectly coiffed!

Tea/coffee drinking

While looking intelligent, serious with glasses!

Drinking orange juice… but with desert cake?  Ew.

Of course, can’t leave out a flower bouquet shot!

Why the romantic rose vase?  Who is he calling?!  Huhu.

Love white orchids! Parody of a fan signing event?  Ha.

Most random… Polaroid camera and flower stem?   Still love it!

Can’t leave out the fedora obsession

So rare to see him just relaxing, listening to music!  I like.

Still can’t forgive that outfit for the official Japanese showcase performance and press conference last month!  Aigoo.  It’s like Cody took the concept of “Prince Seunggi” way too literally!  thankfully he changed for the performance part…

The recent onslaught of Japanese magazine layouts have been awesome…  When did he take all those photos~~~?!  He didn’t even travel to Japan that much.

Older Japanese promotion images… Not sure why these styles and concepts are only saved for Japan, and gets rarely seen in Korea.  Hope PD Lee allows us to see a stylish Prince Jae-ha mid-way through the drama, or even earlier!  Or at least a more mature versus cutelook!  Would be sad to see him in short-cut hair and military attire the entire time!  Especially with his slimmed-down, svelte look!!!

Images: leeseunggi.jp, DCLSG, Nani

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4 Responses

  1. It’s so fun to see you blogging so actively these past few days!!! Seunggi has been all over, and Airens are busy and trying to keep up his gazillions of activities. So many new and exciting things are happening, especially in March, and I’m soooo excited! Can’t wait!

  2. enjoyed reading your blog so much!!!! thanks dear!!

  3. Ya…totally agree..they should change the photos in his Korea official website! It seems like out of date already. Love his Japan photos..all looks wonderful & smart!

  4. really enjoy reading your blog! thanks for sharing!
    yes, can’t agreed more with his outfit for the press conference and showcase performance in Japan last month…. a total disaster but then the photos of him in the green sweater: super sharp and charming! don’t quite understand too with the wide differences in styles and concepts for both Korea and Japan….

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