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Lee Seunggi – Ha Jiwon introduce their drama characters: HJW says chemistry with LSG is really great, well-matched!

LSG: Hello everyone, playing the role of Lee Jae-ha in The King, I am Lee Seunggi.  Happy to meet you.  Finally I had my first filming as Lee Jae-ha today.  Among the roles I’ve played in the past, this is by far the character that most says whatever he wants and I believe I’ll be showing you audacity at its peak.  In this modern-day South Korean constitutional monarchy, North-Korean relations take a turn of events and this drama is filled with a love story and meaningful messages, so please show a lot of love for King and we hope you will anticipate the first broadcast episode.  Please tune in to our first broadcast.  Thank you.

English:  LSGfan, Video:  leeseunggiworld/MBC

HJW: Hello, I’m Ha Jiwon.  This is the King 2 Hearts filming site.  We recently began filming and I play the role of the North Korean Special Forces instructor named Kim Hahng-ah.  I’ve been working hard on my North Korean accent and we’re having a fun time filming.  The chemistry with Lee Seunggi is really great, well-matched and fun too.  We’ll share with everyone a very refreshing, strong, exciting, and new drama.  Thank you.

English:  LSGfan, Video:  leeseunggiworld/MBC

Seunggi’s video cut was obviously recorded a while back, and I know this is behind-the-scenes like footage, but can we please get some better cuts of Seunggi (with good hair!)  But I love how cute he looks in military attire and head-gear!  The helmet reminds me of his red water bowl hat he sported so stylishly after getting water-bombed in the face by the hyungs on 1N2D!  But seeing him in military suit reminds me how he’ll really have to go to military for 2 years soon…

Jiwon’s video, recorded more recently, I love how they included cuts of her and Seunggi!  But seriously, can we please not have the return of extra-large suits outfitted for Seunggi?!  Especially in drama!  It’s bad enough we have to deal with that in real-life Seunggi with his annoying Cody!  I mean Jiwon’s military outfit is MORE fitted than his!  Now, what’s up with that?!

And dear MBC and production team~ this is Ha Jiwon and Lee Seunggi we’re talking about.  The actual official poster stills better be way better than what you have up on your official website!  There is no excuse for not having official glamorous images!  (one thing I loved about My Girlfriend is a Gumiho).

Ok, I knew Ha Jiwon was likeable and sweet, but I just love her even more!  We all know how lovable Seunggi is, like you can’t help but to like him… but Jiwon is like the older, female version.  She is too cute!  She is probably showing lots of love (and aegyo!) to our Seunggi!  Which could make me jealous, but just makes me love her more!  Just like how Shin Mina talked about and showed so much love for Seunggi!

Lee Seunggi and Ha Jiwon are both so lovable and well-liked by everyone!  i have a feeling viewers are going to fall in love with this couple!  And they both have such great chemistry with their acting partners…  When I see the two of them together, I don’t think of age or age gap.

Can’t wait to see them light up the screen together!   Mid-March please come soon!

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6 Responses

  1. thank you ann! Ha ji won is really a sweet heart. i can feel their great chemistry already! yay! i am excited to see the sweet heart breaking scenes. and ofcourse the more improved actor seunggi. i cannot wait to see their official poster, and the pressconference. i am excited to hear what will ha ji won say about lee seung gi. will she compliment her and compare her to a ‘robot’? haha. or a walking encyclopedia or what

    • I know, right?! I think I’m going to develop a girl crush on Ha Jiwon, like I did with Shin Mina! Loved that Strong Heart ep when Minah talked about ‘robot’ Seunggi! LOL. Just love it when people show love for Seunggi! Can’t wait to hear more of what Jiwon has to say about him… More importantly, we all want to know how he addresses her… probably Ji-won sshi and not noona?! :)

  2. Hi LSGfan, im a HJW fan…but I really like your blog here. I do follow LSG on SH & 2D1N but really wanna know more of him especially now he’s been partnered with HJW in K2H. Love all your comments so far, we shared the same sentiments especially regarding his oversized jacket/uniform & haircut haha. I’m sure both of them will make a sweet & cute couple. Can’t wait!!! Praying their ratings will beat PYC/HJM couple!!

  3. haha.. ditto on the oversized outifit. please just have a more fitting uniform for SG !

  4. hello, I’m huge fan of HJW &HB..love what they did for SEGA and now HJW & LSG..i’m hooked and have sunk to the bottom of admiration for this couple.damn LSG can kiss….wish my bf could kiss like him..

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