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Ha Jiwon, Lee Seunggi: King 2Hearts script reading account

Script Reading for King 2Hearts. 2012 January 26.

English: LSGfan
MBC official blogger Cupitter4

Director Lee Jae Kyu (Damo, Beethoven’s Virus)
Writer Hong Jin Ah (Beethoven’s Virus)

Teachers Lee SoonJae and Yoon YeoJung, Ha Jiwon, Lee Seunggi, Yoon Jaemoon, Lee Sungmin, Joo Jinmo

Not just any team, but one you could call a dream team!

Cupitter4 arrived on site 30 minutes prior to the reading.  Soon, I saw Teacher Lee Soonjae.  With each actor entering the room and immediately addressing Lee Soonjae and Yoon Yeojung with “Hello teacher~ I will work hard~” this dream team was heartwarming from the start. With teachers Lee Soonjae and Yoon Yeojung providing their depth, it felt great!

Our cute leading lady Ha Jiwon arrives!!!
Why is the charismatic North Korean female officer Hyang Ah cute?  Wrapped up in a coat in this cold weather, she seemed like top star Ha Jiwon, but after taking off her coat and revealing a sporty short sleeve t-shirt… an opposite charm!

She was really well-suited with the Hyangah character.  (When you watch, you can’t help but to love Hyangah?)

As soon as she was seated, she asked whether there were any changes in the script.  She was asking because she had post-its throughout her script since she will be speaking in a North Korean accent. It was obvious how much she had prepared for this new beginning.

And our handsome over-indulgent Prince Seunggi arrives!!!
Why do we  call him Prince~ Prince~?  Everyone  refers to him as Prince!!!!!!

As Seunggi humbly sat down to the side area of the actor sunbaenims, the King 2Hearts team insisted, “Aigoo~ Prince’s seat is right here in the center~!!”  Seunggi embarrassingly chuckled, and the actors chuckled at his cuteness, but he soon played the role of vibe-maker so well from the start!

Seunggi was reading/playing the role of Prince Jae Ha so on the mark!!! that every time Jae Ha spoke, the entire room couldn’t help but to react. Great vocalization/articulation from Seunggi.

Not only that, as this is an acting transformation compared to the characters and image that Seunggi has carried thus far, it will be great for you to anticipate this.  (Jae Ha is so awesome… So fun….)

From the start, the chemistry and vibe are great!

The MBC King 2Hearts official website is live on the internet now.  But it looks like they’re still adding to the site.  And I hope the few images up on the site  thus fare are only placeholders, because top stars Seunggi and Jiwon deserve better poster stills!  I’ll be waiting until then.  22 days until the premiere!  Can’t wait!

Casting of top-notch veteran actors Lee Soonjae and Yoon Yeojung are no joke!  They are like THE veteran elderly male and female actors.  And well, nothing needs to be said about Ha Jiwon as an actress.  The supporting cast are also reputable actors.  The absence of any idol-actor cast members says a lot too.  Based on that, it’s pretty clear Seunggi (and his management) chose to prioritize wanting to grow and be taken even more seriously as an actor with this 3rd lead actor role drama project.

Seriously anticipating…

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2 Responses

  1. daebaak ! his drama is gonna be epic.seunggi fighting!king2hearts fighting!


    I can totally imagine Seung Gi oppa’s chuckling and being brought over to his royal seat! Haha~!

    King 2 Hearts FIGHTING!!!
    Your highness FIGHTING!!!

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