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Seunggi participates in KB Bank’s financial consulting event

Feb. 16, 2012.  KB Bank headquarters, Seoul.  Financial Consulting on Demand for the Working Class event.  KB Bank finance employees provided free consulting to 200 working class individuals who otherwise would not have access to such services.  KB Bank president Min Byung Duk and KB endorsement model Seunggi also participated in the public service event.  And I couldn’t be happier to see him suited up again in a sharp sleek suit, looking very much like a freaking real finance consultant!  Yes, I am totally business-vibe-suit Seunggi biased!  These press photos made me realize…

  • I always prefer slim, svelte Seunggi!  Still surprised he waited until the drama to slim down, and didn’t do this in prep for his 5th album promotions.
  • Super short haircut is not so bad; better than I expected.  Definitely works well with extension bangs!  Gives off clean-cut uhm-chin-ah Seunggi feel.
  • Finally!  Looks like Seunggi got his eyebrows done!  Looks perfect!
  • Expect to see Seunggi on some finance or venture capital board in the future!

So, Seunggi looking totally put together from head to toe!  Plus with dazzling smile…

KB Bank employee fangirls.  Loves it!  Business girls LOVE the Lee Seunggi type!

Press taking press photos of fan mobile photos.  Really?!  What is K-journalism coming to?!  But gotta love it.  Press can’t help but to love Seunggi!

LSG sitting with the bigwigs again.  And totally fitting in and looking like he belongs, like usual!  Very much like King Jae Ha perhaps?!  (Cannot wait for King 2Hearts!!)

Introduction of Seunggi.  Simply bowing makes people smile and cheer for him.  Ha.

Ok I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen an endorsement model actor or singer participate in so many company events, and be formally included in the line-up of so many public speaking introductions!  No doubt Seunggi is good at it!  Love that his involvement in these public service events brings increased attention to good causes!

Seunggi partners up with KB Bank president Min Byung Duk to provide some financial consulting.  Dude, President Min is beaming!  He is such a Seunggi fan!  Love it!  He probably looks forward to all the events he gets to do with Seunggi too!  Ha.

I am SO curious to know what Seunggi is saying to this woman.  I’m assuming he reviewed some of his finance textbooks the night before?!  Need some audio/video!

And of course, last but not least…  the HAIR!  Seriously, why does Seunggi’s hair (in addition to Cody’s fashion choices) ALWAYS have to be an issue ALL the time?!

Seunggi’s new short hairstyle…  hm, how do I feel about it?  Well, since it’s for the drama, he had no choice.  (It’ll probably be even shorter in the army scenes for the drama?!  Hope that part passes quickly!)  But it’s not as bad as I imagined.  Wish the sides weren’t so short.  But it sorta looks really good in some ways, especially with Seunggi’s newly svelte slimmed-down face and body.  Usually short hair isn’t the best suited with more pronounced facial nose and mouth features (ie, Lee Minki).  But I think Seunggi can pull it off because it has that clean-cut uhm-chin-ah feel to it.

Plus, I think he FINALLY went to an eyebrow specialist!  Yay!!!  Everyone (including guys!) should get their eyebrows nicely and naturally done!  It always makes a world of difference!  Seunggi’s non-groomed eyebrows have been sorta annoying me for a while.  I love the slimmed down, svelte, eyebrow groomed Seunggi!  Even with short hair… with extension bangs, that is.  Nice clean eyebrows really noticeable in recent entertainment news clip images below.  Looking VERY good!

via Financial News, Images: As labeled

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5 Responses

  1. I also feel that Seung Gi oppa is becoming even more handsome!!! :)
    Can’t wait to see “King 2 Hearts”~!

    Your Highness FIGHTING!!!

  2. The way he smiles and bows…you feel that he is REALLY happy to be there. How can one not smile with him?!

    Thanks for pointing out the eyebrows. Before or after, that’s one feature I always love.

    The King rules!

  3. loving brown shoes against black suit. so dashing!

  4. thanks again anne, for this. love the details you provide for us. haha, i know, the hair. If its not the clothes its the hair. i remember dramabeans lamenting the same thing. is his hair really that hard to style?

  5. top hallyu star…..please help seunggi vote him here…..http://worldtv.main.jp/kstaren0
    please tell to other Airen…

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