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King 2Hearts script reading photos + more drama images!

Finally!  First peek at the cast script reading!  OMG, so exciting!  Feels so REAL now!  We will see the return of Actor Seunggi to dramaland come mid-March!  And in a love line with the amazing Ha Jiwon!  And Cody styled Seunggi perfectly and appropriately in a sharp black suit and good hair for the script reading!  I’m so in GLEE!  It’s the first public glimpse at imagining Seunggi in the role of King Jae Ha and his chemistry-vibe with Hyang Ah (Jiwon)… and the candid photos of the top-notch cast are getting great buzz!  Yay!  King 2Hearts~~!! ♥♥  I cannot wait until the drama posters are revealed!  Seunggi’s reactions and Jiwon’s giggling are making me anticipate even more…

Add to that- Gorgeous shoot locations!  Whoever did the scouting of these spots did a great job!  These sites totally look like something straight out of some modern day monarchy.  The scale of the drama is feeling pretty big!

If we see King Jae Ha play some golf (I’m an avid fan!), or even practice hitting some balls at the range, I’ll be so happy!  All this beautiful green shouldn’t go to waste!

Can we at least see King Jae Ha ride a horse?!  (I’m also a horseback riding fan!)  His riding skills shouldn’t go to waste!  Seunggi so cool, looking like a pro equestrian, riding in his converse sneakers in old 1N2D Jejudo ep was one of my faves!

More fan-made photoshopped images of King Jae Ha and Hyang Ah~~!!!

Images:  Naver, DCLSG

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5 Responses

  1. Really love every single picture here. Miss Ha is growing on me fast. I know the reading lasted about 4 hours but surely she did not have her stylist on attendance right? So she fixed her own hair? I am amazed by those two very different hairstyles. She looked good!

    Yeah, I remember SG on horseback. How he casually said yes, I’ve ridden a few times before and then expertly galloped away, leaving poor (and dear) Mong standing in awe!

    Go Seung Gi (and Jeremy Lin)!

  2. Our King looked so charming in his outfit in here :)

  3. LEE sung gi appeared on MBC Section TV Interview yesterday.plz lsgfan if you could or anybody translate it.seunggi fighting!king2hearts fighting!

  4. for awhile there i thought i spotted an earring, how cool would that be?hehe. Love love the all black sharp suit, oh myyy!!!!

  5. top hallyu star…..please help seunggi vote him here…..http://worldtv.main.jp/kstaren0
    please tell to other Airen…

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