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Boyfriend Seunggi vs Son Seunggi for Zipel fridge CFs

OMG, I freaked out when this BTS photo of Seunggi’s new Zipel CF surfaced earlier this week!  The one on the left with his arm (so comfortably!) around that girl’s waist!  OMG.  We’ve seen him play boyfriend and kiss and all in dramas, so I’m not sure why I freaked out, but I did!  But I love Boyfriend Seunggi so much more than someone’s desired son or son-in-law (like with Ding-Dong in right photo)!  New CF must be for Grandstyle fridges, since  Zipel likes to use Boyfriend Seunggi for that line, and bring out Son Seunggi for the kimchi fridges.  But still, OMG… his arm around that lady, and from the back… looks just way too cozy~~~!!!  Looks like a “measurement” concept…

I can’t wait to see this new CF, but… OMG, I still can’t get over this photo~~~~!!!!

Loved these heartwarming BTS photos of Seunggi and Ding Dong (Best Love) for Zipel kimchi fridge CFs back in October 2011, but I cannot wait to see Zipel Boyfriend Seunggi CF concepts again!  What little boy wouldn’t love Seunggi as his hyung?!

Zipel CFs, 40 sec [2011 October] – version 1

Zipel CFs, 40 sec [2011 October] – version 2

(videos: leeseunggi01)

Images: DCLSG, Naver

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4 Responses

  1. I am even jealous at ding dong now!!! :P

    • puahahahahaha! never thought of it that way! but now that you mention it… seeing him hug ding dong like that makes me OMG freak out too. :) but still, that photo with the girl is still OMG to me!

  2. Oh, you should have heard all the blood curdling screams coming from the LSG China Cafe. Apparently this girl twitted and boasted that the scene took a WHOLE day to shoot and how she was NOT tired at all! “What kind of scene took a whole day to shoot?!” “Get this picture off pleeeeease!” “Why Seung Gi held her THAT tightly?!”

    Me? I smiled benevolently at the commotion like a buddha. (Sorry, just got back from glorious Angkor Wat.)

  3. Ya….true, kissing, hugging in the movies i still can bare it, but this…i was staring the photo with big eyes while it posted~!!! So envy la~!! The feeling of this photo just…just too much~ ..it is too naturally & and the environment is too comfortably make me feel it like a True instead of CF shooting…P/S: I envy ding dong too…he also got change to hug Seung Gi wow…

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