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‘The Romantic’ – Seunggi and former 1N2D production team reunite, narrate new show about finding love set in Croatia

THE ROMANTIC, season 1, episode 1 cut – Narrator: Seunggi

[clip of the very sweet and romantic ‘Before Sunrise’ starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy] Do you remember the movie, ‘Before Sunrise?’  A romantic experience in a new place. What would happen if that story became a reality?

You too, can become the main person in a romantic movie…

A 10-day romantic getaway, in search of love’s destiny. It may be that once in a lifetime magical time that never comes again.

The excitement from traveling… a very special encounter found within.  Hello, I am the romanticist, Lee Seunggi.

The neighborhood mischievous kid. The pretty-faced little girl. The kid who dreamed to be a pianist. Living different lives in different places, this is a trip like no other. We present you with the 10 days of their romantic getaway trip.

English: LSGfan, Video: 87leeseunggi

Yay, more of Seunggi’s sweet narrating voice!  He’s going to be SO jealous with envy, seeing these people traveling in gorgeous Croatia, dating,  finding love, while um… he watches film footage and narrates THEIR love stories!  Ha.  ‘The Romantic’ is sorta similar to popular SBS reality show ‘Jjak’ (or Match), BUT has a travel abroad component, which makes it so more romantic!!!  And looks like a more high-brow, polished production.   Plus, it comes from former 1N2D’s PD Lee Myung Han (who’s loved LSG lots from the start), female PD Yoo, writers Daeju and others…

Aw, love these former 1N2Ders.  So happy Seunggi will always have that special connection forever, even post 1N2d!  With this team behind the show, The Romantic should be gorgeously edited and have dramatic and funny story lines.

But I feel so bad for narrator Seunggi, who just simply wants to date~~~~!!!!!

The Romantic, Season 1 set in Croatia, will have 12 episodes.  First episode aired last weekend, and will broadcast on Saturday nights at 11pm on cable channel, tvN (home to Saturday Night Live, Korea).  Season 1 already wrapped filming, and production team is planing 4 more additional gorgeous locations for follow-up seasons.  Seunggi is officially listed and credited as the narrator for The Romantic.  Not sure if he’ll be narrating beyond season 1.

Based on the previews and premiere episode, The Romantic is like MTV’s The Real World, but…  a way more mature, glamorous, cleaned-up version.  I don’t think the participants are really interested in trying to hook-up(!), but more in search of true love, or something like that!  (which makes this SO Korean!)

PREVIEW (OST song, Jung Yup).  So aside from being a young professional in your 20s or 30s, I think participants had to be photogenic, camera-ready!  Loves it!

(video: TheChtvn)

More info about THE ROMANTIC:

The Romantic – tvN Youtube channel – nice preview cuts and show clips

The Romantic – tvN website – I want to pack my bags NOW.  Time for another trip!

Writer Kim Daeju’s blog – he’s going to blog about his own recent love story too!

Seunggi’s connection to the show…

Lee Seung Gi narrates for Lee Myung Han’s new program ‘The Romantic’… Why?

The entertainment industry’s representative multi-entertainer Lee Seung Gi has taken on the narration of ‘The Romantic’, an original nonfiction real love story presented on tvN.

Lee Seung Gi took on the narration because of his ties with the KBS 1N2D production crew. tvN ‘The Romantic’ is a program produced by former 1N2D production crew including Lee Myung Han PD, Yoo Hak Chan PD, writer Lee Woo Jung, writer Kim Dae Joo and etc. They asked Lee Seung Gi because they thought his soft and romantic voice would be perfect for the narration.

It’s rumored that despite his busy schedule traveling back and forth between Korea and Japan, Lee Seung Gi personally rearranged his schedule and showed off his friendship.

Lee Seung Gi has been confirmed to star as the male lead in the MBC drama ‘The King’ that’s scheduled to start broadcasting in March, and he has signed a contract with Universal Music in Japan to release his Japanese single debut album ‘Time for Love’. Despite his busy schedule ahead of him, he readily agreed to Lee Myung Han PD’s request and showed his affection.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi has topped numerous surveys like ‘male singer who seems to be romantic’, ‘celebrity’s voice most wanted to hear on navigation system’, and ‘star most wanted to go on an ocean voyage with’. ‘The Romantic’ with Lee Seung Gi’s sweet narration starts broadcasting at 11pm KST on February 11.

Source:  Tryp96

More about the show’s former 1N2D production/writing team

Former ‘1 Night 2 Days’ Producer to Come Back with ‘The Romantic’

Producer Lee Myung Han, the former 1 Night, 2 Days producer that made issues for transferring from KBS to tvN, will be coming out with his first new piece for tvN.  PD Lee will be showcasing a variety program which features real love, titled The Romantic. The show will air 12 episodes starting on February 11.

The Romantic will send 10 ordinary men and women together on a trip to an unfamiliar venue, and concentrate on the true love that arises between the members during the trip.

The producers of the show stated, “We plan to capture the methods, psyche and conflicts contained in the love relationships of hard working youth in their 20s and 30s, and we’ll be delving into their honest views on love in the process. Unlike the other programs that just concentrate on matching people into pairs, we’ll be delivering a new type of entertainment by outlining the lifestyles of our youth.”

PD Lee will be working again with the team he previously worked with for 1 Night, 2 Days. Producer Yoo Hak Chan, writer Lee Woo Jung and writer Kim Tae Joo, who became famous as the youngest writer on 1 Night, 2 Days, will be joining PD Lee.

The show has already wrapped up filming in Croatia’s Dubrovnik, from late December to early January for 10 days. Dubrovnik is relatively unknown among Koreans, but the location is a popular venue for honeymooners among Europeans, and is called the Pearl of the Adriatic for its lovely scenery. The site previously appeared in a coffee commercial starring actress Go Hyun Jung.

PD Lee said about the shoot, “I’ve seen many sights as a PD, but it was the first time I had seen such a beautiful place as Croatia. No matter where I pointed the camera, I got a beautiful setting. It was a great filming site for The Romantic, which will be showing a love trip even more romantic than those in movies. You can’t help but fall in love there. I’ll bring to you an experience like a weekend movie with sweet romcom-like relationships between the contestants along with exotic scenery that will make your hearts beat, so please look forward to it.”

Source:  Enewsworld

Aw, PD Lee.  Loved him on 1N2D.  He has great creative spirit!

So, post 1N2D, we know Seunggi’s working with PD Lee on tvN cable show, The Romantic.  And that it’s very possible, he’ll be working with PD Shin on the new SBS show, Table for 100.  Now that just leaves PD Na, one of Seunggi’s biggest fanboys!  Hope they get to meet up and still connect post 1N2D…

(Images: Naver, DCLSG)

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  2. I miss lee seunggi in 2 days and 1 night i hope he will come back..his funny and i like him so much.. Sarang heyo.. Cutify i wish that u come bck..mwahh..

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