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‘King 2Hearts’ couple theme = Kylie Minogue’s sensual song

Ok, we know the cast had their first script reading a week ago, but no photo!  And not much in plot details.  Maybe production is going for buzz-building route, instead of all out early public promotion?  The drama ‘King 2Hearts’ already got a lot of press when casting was finalized with Seunggi and Ha Jiwon as leads.  Maybe production doesn’t want to heighten any more already hyped-up(!) expectations for the drama.

But this has me super excited!  K-fansites were already buzzing about this, but there’s a press article out today.  Director Lee Jae Kyu uploaded Kylie Mingoue’s very sensual ‘2 Hearts’ on his own fan cafe website, revealing it as the song motif for the drama.  It’s peaked anticipation even more about upcoming Seunggi-Jiwon chemistry…

Both actors are well-known to have great chemistry with their acting partners, and based on the reveal of Kylie’s very sexy song, I think we’re going to see some very intense chemistry between JaeHa and Hyang-Ah!  And probably heartbreak too?  Kylie’s song has that hot beat of being totally in love, as well as a dark tone of whether the love will last.  ‘King 2Hearts’ has been described in different ways (melodrama, black comedy, love story), so it’s hard to tell what the overall tone will be until we see some photo stills and get more details.  I’m SO anticipating…

Check out Kylie’s song ‘2 Hearts’ and lyrics… and fanmade King 2Hearts images…

You make me invisible
Like the sky, you make my day
And I feel so wonderful
Oh, oh, oh, don’t let go

I’m seeing the dark of you
It feels like I never saw the sun
Should I shout for a rescue?
Oh, oh, oh, don’t let go
Oh, oh, oh, don’t let go

2 hearts are beating, together.
I’m in love, I’m in love
Is this forever, and ever?
I’m in love, I’m in love

Looks good in sunshine
Well hold on, ‘cause I’m coming up for air
And I cant even see up here
Oh, oh, oh, don’t let go
Oh, oh, oh, don’t let go

2 hearts are beating, together.
I’m in love, I’m in love
Is this forever, and ever?
I’m in love, I’m in love

2 hearts
I’m in love, I’m in love
Is this forever, and ever?
I’m in love, I’m in love
2 hearts

Source: Metrolyrics;  Video: NicholeMillar12345

I already like PD Lee and his high concept styles (which has assuaged my earlier fears about post-traumatic stress related to Seunggi’s hair, fashion in the drama!)  I think we’ll see another side of Actor Seunggi.  I’m sensing a way bigger jerk than Brilliant Legacy’s Hwan, and a way more deeper in love than My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’s Daewoong!  Cannot wait to meet Prince-to-King Lee Jae Ha!

Until then, some fan-made photoshopped images of Jae-Ha and Hyang-Ah…

Via Newsen; Images: DCLSG/As labeled

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6 Responses

  1. I really need pics and news of “King 2 Hearts” soon!!!!!!
    Totally not confident of my patience…haha~ but I mean it! :)

    “King 2 Hearts” FIGHTING!!!
    Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!!

    • I know, right?! Seriously!
      Patience is not a virtue right now!
      I’ll try to be patient too. :)
      King 2Hearts~ Fighting!
      Lee Seunggi~ Fighting!

  2. that song wasn’t romantic.. T_T

  3. i can’t help laughing at the ” post traumatic stress over seunggi’s hair and clothes” , ahahahahah!!! I knooowww!!!!

    Yay for the photoshopped images. I truly hope that all these secrecy would result in a great storyline and production. i”m tingling with anticipation and anne…haven’t read so many posts in a week from you like now, love it!!!

  4. King 2hearts Fighting !!! Seunggi Fighting !!!
    Can’t wait to March !
    Ah, I remember in Seunggi’s ideal World Cup, he chose Han Ye Seul over Shin Min Ah, then he ended up with SMA in MGIG. He also chose Son Ye Jin over Ha Ji Won and now end up with HJW in K2H, funny, right? :)
    Maybe the next partner is the one losing in his ideal WC, just kidding keke…

  5. im from Jiwon Unnie fans…we all here as u feel is soooo exciting to wait till the king 2heart airing…cozz its really believe they will make the pairing is great decision…..

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