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Kolon Sport transitions from 2011 F/W to 2012 S/S print ads: fashionable Seunggi – Minjung on the move

Kolon Sport is out with new 2012 Spring/Summer prints ads, and again with the concept of seamless transition between nature and city life.  Love it!  The first print uses a wave motif signaling nature as the backdrop with Seunggi and Minjung in trekking fashion jumping through, practically flying…

The second print mimics the circular backdrop of the other ad, but instead represents city-life shown through a fisheye lens in the background with the 2 models in more casual stylish outfits and on the run.

The ads are garnering a lot of buzz for being innovative, unlike many of the other outdoor fashion ads which can come off like just another fashion shoot.  The Kolon Sport ads were noted for capturing lovely images of a fashionable Seunggi and Minjung active and on the move, which is consistent with the brand identity.

Kolon Sport kicked off the 2012 S/S collection with a mulit-media presentation of fashion and high art called “Encounter” on Feb 2, 2012.  It looks pretty cool.  Check out photos from the event at – dicagallery.com and 272it.com.

Looks like Seunggi was way too busy to attend, but among the stars who came, current IT girl, 14-year old Kim Yu Jung, from MBC drama, Moon that Embraces the Sun, showed up at the event decked out in Kolon Sport.  This girl is so cute…

Can’t wait to see what sort of CF Kolon Sport is going to put together for this spring/summer!  Until then, more 2011 F/W print ads.  Smart branding strategy to move away from the “Kolon Sport” lettered logo to a symbolic pictoral one of the 2 trees, even incorporating that into their overall jacket and clothing designs!

Kolon Sport fashion spreads gets better each season… Really like these shots.

Ok, I’m so glad Kolon Sport seems to finally be using some photo-shop in their big ads and banners!  I’m not trying to be shallow or say go all unnatural, but this IS fashion we’re talking about!  All the magazines and print ads do a little bit of it!  Even if it is active outdoor fashion, which happens to be all the rage in Korea and here in the USA.  Love these posters displayed at the stores…

If only Seunggi’s hair could look like this all the time~~~!!  I’d be SO happy!!!

Via okfashion
Images: DCLSG, Naver, As labeled/credited

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7 Responses

  1. Waaah it’s been so long since I last post in this forum! Totally like the new pics of kolon sport

    Seung Gi looks so handsome! ♥♥♥

    Can’t wait for his new drama The King!

  2. Dear Ann,
    So glad you highlighted the Kolon line. They have totally converted me. Especially love the color block design of MJ’s pants. The picture of Seung Gi flying is just beyond words – (I am still going to try) his expression, so earnest, focused, and confident! Bravo!

  3. Kolon Sport gets better each season – layout, photos, fashion, marketing, concept-wise! Active outdoor wear is even more all the rage in Korea with top stars modeling for the top brands… Lots of competition, so i like them distinguishing themselves as more than just a fashion brand, but a nature-loving lifestyle brand… their concept from the start.

    I’ve always been a NorthFace girl for my winter outdoor jacket and ski wear, but i’d totally buy some of those stylish jackets and outfits Minjung sports for more casual outdoor wear. Love the integration of the stick tree logo/insignia.

    And frankly, after seeing that first-look photo of Seunggi posted on iMBC with the news article about how he’s dieting for the drama, I’m praying VERY HARD that it will definitely NOT be our first look at Prince Jae Ha in the drama! OMG, please I can not take hair and fashion trauma stress this time around again…

    • I hope he will be in uniform for his first scene. Full dress uniform, with the hat very low so you can’t see his eyes very clearly, maybe later on he flashes one of his lopsided grins…

  4. Oh, that’s from me…deleting cookies must have done something…

  5. Please tell me it’ll be okay! Please! That my long-awaited 1.5 years of seeing him back in dramaland, probably in one of the biggest expectations driven comeback, will not open with drama stills that resemble anything remotely close to that iMBC news article image! More than that, I am curious to know if DCLSG fans really think LSG looks amazing in that photo, or they’re all trying their best to support all things LSG since Hook doesn’t know how to put out a decent press release or photo!

    one thing i loved about MGIAG were the gorgeous stylistic poster stills they put out of the Hoi Couple. Please do Seunggi and Jiwon justice!

    • It’ll be okay!

      Don’t forget Ji-won & her people are in this too. (They probably had a hand in the name change. I mean The King or King is nice and strong, but where is the girl? Now King2hearts puts Ji-won firmly in the picture.)

      Worst comes to worst, we have hair extensions!

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