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KBS’ first official 1N2D goodbye to Seunggi, Jiwon, Na PD via preview; tells us not to be sad since Season 2 is coming…

WTF?  Really?!  This is supposed to make me less sad?  I’m still in disbelief over KBS using the 1N2D brand and attaching Season 2 instead of going for a new name, but really… KBS thinks devoted fans of 5 years broadcast of 1N2D… we never got to properly say goodbye to Hodong or Mong, and then got treated to the debacle that was the 2011 KBS Entertainment Awards, and since have been subject to relentless leaks to the press trying to slight certain 1N2D members… that this type of lame way of expressing its first official statement on the show ending and the new show is going to make me “anticipate” the new show?!  Yeah, right.  Ok.  Whatever…

Preview: 1N2D episode, Feb. 5, 2012

It’s that time, 1 Night 2 Days season 1 is coming to an end. It’s sad.
With Kim C, MC Mong, and Kang Hodong having left, now even Na Young Suk PD… It’s really sad.
But don’t be sad because Season 2 will be starting. Don’t you feel like some refreshing aspect will captivate us? I’m already anticipating…
Anticipating 1N2D Season 2, KBS2 Sunday program, check it out…

Together with familiar and friendly face, Professor Yoo, we search for Korean treasures in the city.  1 Night 2 Days, Seoul History part 1.

Lee Seunggi, Eun Jiwon~ Goodbye.

English: LSGfan, Video: Tryp96

I get that KBS needs to promote its new show, and because I’m not a hater and don’t want bad karma for me or Seunggi(!), I’m not wishing for the new show to fail.  But I’m sort of speechless by their approach.  This is their strategy to secure viewers to continue watching?!   Seunggi, Jiwon, Na PD, other production staff have been with the beloved show for 5-years of broadcast, and together with Hodong, Mong, Kim C, and the viewer fans…  have made 1N2D what it is today!!

I am sad to see the guys no longer on 1N2D, but am I the only one that remembers this was what Hodong and the guys agreed upon last year… that all the guys and crew would go out on a high note, and close the show with great memories of the past 5 years?  I understand KBS has to do something about the time slot, but why not a new show then?

I think it’s great the 3 other guys (Sugeun, Jongmin, Taewoong) want to continue with this variety show format.  But why not then properly bring beloved 1N2d to an end, giving a proper goodbye to ALL the members, and start a new show.  Fine, even use some similar concepts.  That would make me want to at least give the new show a chance!  Just show some sincere respect and gratitude KBS!  That’s all it takes!

I still have faith KBS, that we’re in for a nice deserving final 4 episodes, which allow us to say goodbye to ALL our beloved guys we followed over 5-years worth of broadcast footage, instead of the ridiculous crappy editing we’ve had to watch recently (and the constant pandering for the new show)!

Thank you 1N2D for all the laughs and tears!  You got me through some difficult times!

Hodong, Kim C, Mong, Jiwon, Seunggi, Sanguen ~~~ you’ll be loved forever!

Images: DCLSG, Tryp96

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18 Responses

  1. Seriously, I hate this approach!! Now I will definitely not watch the new show, cause I won’t be able to accept them!
    I really hope that the ending will be as great as what it should deserve.
    So sad~ I really miss the old days of 1n2d.

  2. Well said, Ann.

  3. good luck 1n2d season 2 !!
    Lee Seung Gi Fighting !!
    King 2 Heart Fighting !!
    Japan Debut Fighting !!

  4. KBS is really making mad and sad…
    Because of all those mistakes (?) that KBS is accidentally (?) having, I feel so fed up that I find myself wishing for 1n2d to end sooner… (I have not watch the last few episodes lol…)

    Can’t KBS realise that we don’t want 1n2d season 2 with different members!!??
    Why is KBS ignoring our viewers’ comments?
    Can’t KBS come up with a new programme or just come up with a new title?

  5. Agree…I would prefer a new name instead of Season 2. Somehow, the viewer will make the comparison for 1st & 2nd season which I don’t want to hear that! I am sure & everyone will agree that 1N2D (The only & the original) couldn’t be compared & it is always the best ever, a meaningful variety show which created by the best production team & all the team members to all faithful viewers! Seung Gi ah, Ho Dong ah, Seun Guen ah, Mong ah, Kim C ah, Zhong Min ah~ all the best to you & I miss Mong & Ho Dong hyung most~!!! Love 1N2D, Love all of U~!!!

  6. Aptly put. Agree with you 100%!! And let me take this opportunity to say thanks. I seldom comment, but have been enjoying your blog. Also, a shoutout to tryp96!

  7. In a way I have to thank KBS, because they’ve made the process of saying goodbye to 1N2D a lot easier for me. Heck, I skimped through the last few episodes almost carelessly as if 1N2D meant little to me and it’s just for passing the time.

    Just yesterday I re-read your entry on the waterfall episode and Seung Gi’s radio letter to his hyungs. That is the memory I treasure. And that station cannot do anything to sully them.

  8. Personally, NONE of the original members should come back. They made an agreement to end it with Hodong as a group and even without Hodong there, it should still stand. By coming back, that agreement is broken and it makes the other people who are leaving (due to agreement so made other plans) look bad.

  9. no seunggi-jiwon is already making me lost interest. and no na pd in the next season is guaranteed them to not count me as their viewers. and this message? makes me hate kbs even more

  10. Aw, I hate the cutesy approach of the two girls though I know it’s not their fault. Seems like KBS is taking the issue as lightly as possible, but that will never be able to make fans of the show less sadder in anyway. *sigh* on to greener pastures, Seung-gi and Ji-won. My number one and two. PD Na, I look forward to your new show!

  11. You’re so right. Couldn’t have said it better.

  12. Thank You for saying what I think most of us felt our loud, you are so right!!

  13. But why not then properly bring beloved 1N2d to an end, giving a proper goodbye to ALL the members, and start a new show. Fine, even use some similar concepts.‘ Ann, I’m 100% agree with you, the one who betrayed me is KBS, and I’m seriously agree, it’s not because the member that the show isn’t fun as before, but because of that crappy editing. *sigh* I miss Shin PD, Lee PD and even Yoo PD. All of them pour their heart and soul while editing the show, they weren’t hesitate to flashback to much previous episode so we understand why the members laugh, and the caption always striking, I must honest that I miss those old days…

    Anyway, the last shoot is coming…soon…**mn! Even I don’t want to imagine that! I just can say, I’ll miss them..very much..(And I already miss them now) :'(

  14. here’s my 2 cents.

    even if people hate KBS for doing a season 2, from a business standpoint it is the best approach. 1N2D is a household name, and it generates $40+ million of revenue every year which is more than their budget for ALL of their variety shows. in a way, the 1N2D brand can support all their variety projects even if other shows can’t make money. with that, who in their right mind would just ignore a possible season 2 with the same name? of course fans like us wouldn’t want a ‘1N2D Season 2′ name, but it’s not like SBS or MBC would do it differently anyways. these three stations, or anyone, wouldn’t be so crazy to give up a brand name just ’cause a minority of viewers don’t want to tarnish the 1st season’s legacy. why risk all that potential money? but that’s from a business standpoint.

    as a fan, i would’ve just wanted them to use another name. for me, the 2008 6 boys + 1 dog are what defines 1N2D.

    and to some people who act like the departure of Seunggi, Jiwon and Na PD and the introduction of new members is the worst thing to ever happen, grow up. Seunggi, Mong, even Kim C are not even original members. i didn’t see anyone not wanting to watch it anymore suddenly when they joined. Na PD didn’t even create the concept of 1N2D, it was Lee PD from Love Letter. fact is, there have been numerous member changes in this show. it’s not like Seunggi joined in after 2 episodes, he joined after 26 episodes, Mong joined after 29-30 episodes. all throughout even the PDs have changed, writers did too. sure, it will be a loss, but i’m willing to give the new show a chance, just as i was willing to watch when Kim C, Seunggi, Mong, and Taewoong suddenly joined as well. who knows, 5 years from now the new cast will still last and they will also have fans like us, so let’s not judge the new show prematurely or treat it like poison.

    i, for one, hated the format change that Na PD did on 2010. the whole show felt more like a documentary, games became more competitive rather than being fun and funny. i’ve always preferred Lee PD’s 1N2D and the old games like dibidibidip and kkanari punishments have always been the best. old 1N2D went to nice places but it was still a variety, for the past 1-1.5 years all the places that they went became more of an educational trip which may be fun but sometimes it gets too boring. and i miss the bokbulbok games the most like bottle-cap-flicking, etc. the strawberry game is not very fun to watch to be honest at least they still do charades.

    honestly, the only reason i’ll be following the new show is because of Sugeun, because he’s in that 6 boys + 1 dog cast that i adore. i like Taewoong and Jongmin, but if it wasn’t for Sugeun even if these 2 were in the new show i won’t be watching it at all. it would be nice if Kim C and Hodong were to re-join the show and it’s not like it’s impossible since Kim C promised to be back (and he’s back in Korea now) and Hodong has been re-emerging recently, but who knows really. i was thinking what if Hodong didn’t decide to leave the show in the first place, could they still be ending this February? oh well. but just like the majority of 1N2D fans, the new season has to grow on me first and prove it’ll be worthy before i consider it a proper “season 2”.

  15. To fans of Seunggi, Jiwon, Na PD who may watch the show foremost because of the member they like the most, but also have come to like the other members as well as the show… I include myself in this group…

    Can I ask you a FAVOR and pre-empt any follow-up comments and ask that you NOT reply to comment excerpts that are not worth replying to…

    such as the above –> “and to some people who act like the departure of Seunggi, Jiwon and Na PD and the introduction of new members is the worst thing to ever happen, grow up.”

    I don’t remember when this site nor other fans thought this situation was “the worst thing to ever happen” and well the “grow up” part… um, really? interesting…

    Thanks in advance!


    Woot Woot! NY Giants just won the Superbowl in the USA!!!! :)

    • i read some comments like that recently, but not here. all i’m saying is that it’s not the end of the world.

      on a side note, Seunggi’s promotion of ‘King’ last ep just puts the years 1N2D has been on in retrospect. it was just like yesterday when the boys are talking about Shining Inheritance. also, is it King or King 2 Hearts? i prefer them to use King instead…it’s simple and not cheesy-sounding.

  16. I’m really going to miss my seopdang brothers :( I wish that KBS would be so nice to give Na PD, Seunggi and Jiwon a proper send off. I guess its up to the producers. But I really want to see a nice send off on the last episode for all the sacrifices and hard work they have given to the show.

    I wish I know how to write in Korean so I can write to KBS about giving them a nice goodbye!

  17. All I want to say is that Hodong,Kim C,Mong,Seunggi and Jiwon and PD na will always be remembered as the first members and pds of 1n2d and I am grateful for all the joys they gave us..Even tho i was hoping they use another name but im glad sugeun,jongmin and taewoong will continue the legacy with the new members..As a fan who has been watching this show for nearly 5 yrs without a miss, this show will always have my support…

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