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Former 1N2D’s Shin PD’s tweet: “final group photo” dream

I had a dream. Everyone had gathered together dressed in formal wear, and were taking a final group photo together…  Keeping watch from afar, crying endlessly, I woke up.  So beautiful… heartfelt… lovely… I guess it is what I was wishing for… [Jan. 12, 2012]

twitter@Shinhjpd, English: LSGfan

Shin PD must be referring to 1N2D?!~~  I hope Na PD plans (or is permitted by KBS!) to wrap up the past 4+ years of precious memories on 1N2D’s own terms…  with a tribute to ALL the beloved 1N2D members and staff who spent every-other-weekend traveling overnight and giving their 100% effort to foremost bring laughter and tears to viewers and fans.  They cultivated a sense of family and brotherhood in the realest Korean sense of ups and downs, spats, genuine affection…  making 1N2D what it has become today, and sealing 1N2D’s place as the “nation’s show” in Korea…

We knew Kim C was fine, I felt so relieved to see recent photos showing that Mong and Hodong are indeed okay and haven’t lost hope~~ and perhaps, hopefully also found peace along the way too…

Mong in the USA.

Thanks to singer Kim Jang Hoon, one of  K-entertainment’s most charitable and caring stars, who sent Mong on the trip, fearing that Mong might otherwise die.

And Hodong meeting up with sunbaenim Lee Kyung Kyu in Seoul!

The return of Hodong to entertainment sometime seems much more real now.  To be out in public like that is a big step, so I’m just glad he seems okay mentally.  I’m sure he was encouraged by the recent major show of support from fans through the paid bus advertisement.  And touched by all the love and shoutouts at the SBS Entertainment Awards, from Yoo Jaesuk, to Seunggi and Boom-Teuk Academy.

Since Jejudo was recently designated one of the world wonders… It would be so awesome to see ALL the 1N2D guys back in Jejudo together again for one last “final group photo”~~~~  Just for 1N2D old times sakes…

Via Naver;  Images: Naver/As labeled

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10 Responses

  1. thanks for the great memory, 1 night 2 days! :)

    I don’t know about everyone else but to me it would always be number 1..thank you… :~)

  2. 1n2d
    Seung Gi and Hyungs
    Always Fighting!

  3. I really hope they have a 1N2D full members gathering. Please!
    There is actually no need for any additional guests.
    I love the members (esp. Seung Gi oppa) wholeheartedly.

  4. I’m crying.. I love this show so much I don’t think I can handle the last episode. :'(

  5. Ya, me too. I’m crying reading Shin PD’s tweet & the message on this page. Hope to see all 1n2d guys to get back together for the final episode.

  6. Just thinking about the last episode of 1N2D makes me cry…soooo surreal….

  7. hiks TT_TT.. whether Seunggi and Jiwon have forgotten about their life time contract in 1N2D? i really hope that contract was for real not just for entertainment.. TT_TT .. also i really hope to see all the members together MC Mong, Hodong, and Kim C for the final episode..

    Does anyone know where we can ask to kbs formally to gather all the members for the last time? maybe in the form of petition or something like that.. thank u very much.. :) ~VARIETY SPIRIT, 1N2D FIGHTING!!~

  8. Eun Ji Won tweet this :
    “[1n2d] DangDing Bromance – Lee Seung Gi and Eun Jiwon http://t.co/Hz0oLiHQ

    Its just so sweet … should they parted after 1N2D over? :(

  9. i hope 1n2d will have reunion. i really miss them.

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