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MNET MIC Interview [ENG] – Happy Birthday Lee Seunggi!

UPDATED with Mediafire download links from Beedance:
MNET MIC interview: Lee Seunggi, Part 1
MNET MIC interview: Lee Seunggi, Part 2

January 13, 2012 – Happy Birthday to Seunggi!  As promised, here it is~~ the FULL, awesome MNET MIC interview with English subs [from Nov 27, 2011].  With a special birthday wish to Seunggi at the beginning~~!  One of the best full-length interviews Seunggi has done talking about music, and also variety and dramas.  You guys will all just love him more… if that’s possible~~!!!  Hope Seunggi has the best year ever!  Happy Birthday to dear Seunggi~~~~!  Enjoy the awesome interview!  Thx Beedance!

UPDATE- OMG, love this so much (and even more with Beedance’s subs!) Ok, it’s LONG, so you may have to watch in parts! Seunggi always has such intricate and lengthy responses! So, see below for Table of Contents (Ha!) + some fun excerpts..

[@0:00~] Happy Birthday Seunggi!

[@2:40~] MNET MIC interview intro

[@5:40~] 2011 – Lee Seunggi’s 5th album < Tonight >
With top musicians involved and various genres included, an album with a higher level of musicianship.

[@7:30~] Story behind “Time for Love”

A song resulting from extreme loneliness… Feeling lonely, wishing I had a girlfriend now. Going out together, eating great food together. That constant feeling of loneliness…

I was in Japan. I was laying down in my room and the hotel plaza area was really nice. I thought, two guys shouldn’t be hanging out here! Before going out for beers, it was written in 20 minutes. I thought, why not write some lyrics before going out? I wrote down what I wanted to say. Then adding some melodies, what I recorded before leaving was “Time for Love.” The song came out that way. It felt good. Since I wrote it, you then get greedy…

First, I suggested we have a narration. A guy and girl talking to one another about that encounter. We were just going to bring in anyone, and I would do the guy’s part. But I thought it’d be nice if a good person did it. Then Hyojoo happily agreed to it. Originally, the lines were very short, after the song. But after Hyojoo got involved, I thought we need to go bigger. Let’s go for a whole bridge. So it became longer, split into 2 parts. When Hyojoo first got the narration,she said “It’s going to be hard to act out this bad dialogue!” But because Hyojoo did such a good job, I think the song turned out well.

[@11:50~] A singer that loves 5 minutes, Lee Seunggi
5 Minutes, Music Broadcast, Music Video, Live, Special Guests

[@18:30~] 2004, Lee Seunggi’s 1st album < Dream of a Moth >
With Psy and Yoo Gun Hyung involved, and a rock-ballad style, the album received a lot of love from everyone.

[@21:00~] 2006, Lee Seunggi’s 2nd album < Crazy For You >
Combining ballad and rock, a much more mature sound than the 1st album

[@23:45~] 2007. Lee Seunggi’s 3rd album < Story of Separation >
Album full of sadness, combining strings and sweet sounds with the lyrics containing the sadness of separation.

[@27:15~] Surprise! MIC – Does Lee Seunggi go to clubs too?

Clubs? I go to clubs. Book clubs! (LOL!) Just joking.
I really haven’t been to a club. I’ve never been, maybe that’s why I’m not as interested. If I have a chance, I want to go, but it’s not something that really pulls at me. I don’t feel like ‘Oh I really need to check it out.”

[@27:45] 2009. Lee Seunggi’s 4th album < Shadow >
Displaying the deep sounds and various colors of Lee Seunggi’s music and songs.

[@29:10~] Drama… And O.S.T.
Will you marry me? surprise and dancing…

[@30:30~] Surprise! MIC – Lee Seunggi talks Kim Yuna CF

The first finance CF filming we did was photo shopped. Using press photos of Kim Yuna. Do we have that set photo? You just match her shoulders and then use a tennis ball. I have my arm around a tennis ball, laughing and pretending her face was there. So I filmed with a tennis ball. After that, I think we met again to film once or twice.

[You must be close with Kim Yuna now]
Now? No. (LOL) It’s still awkward. We’re in different fields so becoming close is not easy. Still now, I see her as wow, Figure Skater Kim Yuna. Not everyone becomes close because you film CFs together.

[@32:10~] From singer to actor… Lee Seunggi’s new beginning
Famous Princesses, Brilliant Legacy

[@36:20~] Singer, Actor… And ‘Variety Person’ Lee Seunggi.
Xman, 1n2d, Strong Heart

It was only one week after my debut. I said 2 things. Hello, I’m rookie singer Lee Seunggi. I remember nonsensel ad-libs with Hae-Ryun noona. Shooting air. 2 scenes went out. X-man was really hard. After each and ever corner… that feeling of your heart dropping? I messed up. I messed up… There wasn’t one time, I left comfortably. It was so so hard.

1 Night 2 Days helped to get rid of that. I’ve said this before, but I wasn’t a regular. I went agreeing to do 2 filmings. That’s why I tried to promote my songs a lot. If it’s only 2 filmings, then my songs have to get out. Plugging in the mic, giving my all. But the response was good after the first broadcast. So Lee Myung Han PD kept saying it wouldn’t be so bad to keep going. Thus, our tie… That’s what happened.

[@40:30~] Surprise! MIC – Actresses he wants to work with?

There’s too many to count on my fingers.
Ha Jiwon sunbaenim
Song Hyegyo sshi
Jun Jihyun sshi
There’s too many. If they agree to it, I’d be so thankful.

[@40:50] Lee Seunggi’s last MIC

[What does a break mean to Lee Seunggi?]

In a company, I’m headed toward gwa-jang (section leader) . Like a good dae-lee (deputy section leader)? Entertainment career wise. It’s a given you have to do more To be gwa-jang, then boo-jang (department head). Imagine how much work to be president. It’s a problem if you think you’re already president. You’ll want to rest. Be served.

I don’t see being an entertainer as a quick, one-time thing. There may be various reasons for that being the case, but I think it’s because we may not see the long-term. So the idea of a break… As long as I have sufficient time for rest. Of course I’ll need that too, but at this point, when I’m like a dae-lee, and I want to rest… Saying “I think I need a break…” That’d be funny.. Until I can at least be boo-jang, I should keep working hard.

The primary focus of the 40-minute ep is his music/singing evolution from debut up to current 5th album, which he’s very happy with since he was personally involved. Great stuff! And random questions about going to clubs and actresses he wants to work with! LOL stuff!  He also talks about how his song Time for Love came about, working with Kim Yuna, etc.  But the latter part includes some talk about acting and variety, since he’s active on all 3 fronts. Some of that – heartbreaking stuffs.

But it all ends on a high note. He has a long-term view on his career in entertainment, versus a quick one-time thing. And like usual, feels he still needs to learn a whole lot more!! Closes by saying that his yearly concert is a promise he made with fans, many who first knew him as a singer. And most exciting to me~~~~ a new DRAMA in 2012!

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25 Responses

  1. To my dear Bee~~~ you are absolutely amazing! We all heart you very very much! Perfect timing! We’ve both been super busy but we’re here for Seunggi’s Birthday! Happy birthday to prince Seunggi!

  2. Really just love him more after watching/subbing the interview~2
    By the way, I really can’t wait for his new drama. Miss him so much as an actor!

  3. thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Airens love Seung Gi oppa!
    Happy Birthday to uri Lee Seung Gi oppa!

  4. Oh my goodness! Thanks so much for posting/sharing/subbing this!! I haven’t even finished watching the vid yet, but just wanted to say that I really like what he said about his 5 minute broadcasts experience! So impressed that it was his own idea, and he’s so human and humble to admit how shy/nervous he was to be singing so close to the fans. :)
    Just suddenly felt like falling for seunggi all over again. kekekeke

  5. Great! Thank you so much Ann for yr hard working on this sub/translation to all Airen. Without your effort we wont clearly know who is he? And how great he does!

    Happy Birthday Seunggi!!!

  6. happy birthday, SeungGi oppa…Wish you always get the best…God Bless you

  7. Happy Birthday Seung Gi ssi….. God Bless You Always……

  8. Happy Birthday Seung Gi ssi…. God Bless You Always…

  9. happy birthday seung gi u r the best

  10. Thank you so much! Ann and Beedance!! You guys are really Angels to all of us Airens all over the world.. and Yes Ann how come everyday knowing SeungGi still we cant help but to LOVE him more! :) I’ve been waiting for this..I’ve watched this interview w/o eng subs but still felt his meaningful words..now I understand more his heart and passion..really Ann and Beedance Thank You!! :)

    Lee SeungiGi All the BEST To you this year! Love everything about you who always inspire me to be a better person just as you are!Please keep sharing happiness and love! :)

  11. :-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SEUNG GI!!! :-)

  12. sangaelchokahamnida, seunggi oppa!!

  13. Wow, so much love for Seung Gi. Like the words on one of the fan- made banners at the 1n2d filming site, the world is really more beautiful because of a man named Lee Seung Gi. Thank you Seung Gi for all the joy and laughter that you have given me. I wish that you will have a wonderful birthday and that a superb year ahead. Thanks also to Ann, Beedance and all the amazing and awesome Airens for the videos. I have certainly enjoyed watching them.

  14. I want to know what’s the gift from Han HYo Joo for him???

  15. OMG…cant believe i just saw this interview…thks a million for translating…u guys sure are angels….its all n more of the questions ive been wanting to know abt him…how he grew as a singer n as a person as a whole…his tghts n his experiences..ive always tght that he shld go into song writing and creation much earlier…he has grown up to be such a mature person…n so hardworking always….n how he must have had such a hard time but he didnt allow that to stop or deter him from reaching his goals…but it will be more meaningful if he has that someone special to share it with….other than his family of course..oh theres a question that ive been meaning to ask if ever i have the chance…he debuted at 17 n he mentioned that it was more like a daze to him but he appears to act well in all his MVs even at that yg age…wonder how he managed that….

    • I know right, this interview is seriously daebak! He talks about a range of things and I super love it. One of my faves thus far! You must be sorta a new fan. I think he still has a long ways to grow in terms of song-writing, but I love that he wants to do it and experienced success the first time doing it!

      Yup, pretty amazing how he balanced everything staring at 18. But lots of kpop stars work super hard; it’s sorta the overall Korean mentality and culture. But I like him even more because he has such a great supportive family. and he’s so grounded b/c of that. and unlike other kpop idols, he was trained by legendary singer Lee Sunhee (who’s like his mom’s age) and his management has like no other artists. So i think he’s had tons of attention, love and support from family, management that really helped.

      Sorta different from the bigger popular JYPs, SMs, YGs, which I think he could benefit and get some tips from sometimes!

      • ive known sg since 2007/2008 from 1n2d n thght to myself how can a person be this shy n humble when hes gd looking, smart n sings well …is he pretending? but as i follow him closely thats the person that he is…he exudes a certain degree of child like innocence n charm that is so endearing, human n charming even now i feel…but of course we know hes not as innocent haha…its also proven after ive attended the spore fan mtg… the fact that he took the trouble to brush up his english…. n he actually learn malay! to say i love u in malay n chinese i was impressed…n he said he was under pressure before he came but went away after seeing the fans’ response awwww makes him more human n u cld see he was nervous … i was also impressed by his MCing skill … its like im liking him all over again … mind u im a ‘ajumma’ fan with 3 daughters hahaha wish i had a son like him n the fact he works so hard inspires me…. one of the reasons why i wan to be a role model for my children n take up studying again at this age!!!!

  16. wonderful interview. thank you so much for posting. He really is worthy of all the praises. No matter how much attention is given to him, it never goes into his head. i’ll be forever be a fan of Seunggi! Wish to see him again…hehe

  17. Hi lsgfan, do you by chance keep a subbed copy for this interview? I really really want to watch it (I became a fan around 2013 and still haven’t watched all his stuff).
    I’ll be really grateful if you could help me by r-uploading it (if I’m not asking for much) *_* please.

    • Didn’t realize the video no longer existedㅠㅠㅠ I don’t have copies of any of the videos because others subbed them. seems there’s a mediafire download link at top, so hopefully that still works.

      yeah that was a really good interview. he’s just amazing. hopefully the video can be found. I’ll let you know if it turns up!

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