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Narrated by SeungGi: Dong Heng documentary [2012.01.05]

I was SO not expecting that surprise video footage ending!  The connection between Seunggi and the families!  Aww~!  So this is the second straight year Seunggi did this special following his 2010 year-end Dong Heng narration.  Another touching episode that will make you want to do more for others!  Especially with Seunggi’s smooth and sincere voice and cut-aways of  him from the recording room asking you to~~!!

Dong Heng year-end special (Seunggi cut)


Narrator LSG- The 2012 new year has begun. What is your wish for this year? To achieve our dreams, we have returned to our busy daily lives.

Hello this is Lee Seunggi. This past year, whether happy or struggling, who was by our side? And when others were happy or struggling, were we by their side? Today we will share the stories of these people…

Story 1 – New home for Kyunbaek, his 2 siblings, and parents. The family home burned down due to an accident and for 4 months, they had been living in an empty shack in the area. And, Kyunbaek, the eldest son (20) was permanently disabled after a bike accident with a car many years ago.

Feeling sad and guilty, the mom says~ “It’s too hard. This shouldn’t be. I am so sorry to my son. That he is living, I am both thankful and sorry. But we’ve made it up to this point.”  Well, after their story was broadcast, a company sponsored the payment for a new home and an architecture volunteer corps built it.  Nice.

And the mom was so incredibly thankful, and she also thanked Seunggi…

MOM- I think our home is the best, minus that of the president! Thank you to our nation’s people. Thank your for allowing us to be on the Dong Heng program. Thank you to each and every single person. And thank you so much to singer Lee Seunggi too. I was going to contact him, but with everything going on, I didn’t get a chance to.

Narrator LSG- Aigoo, please, I didn’t do much. The people in these photos are the ones that deserve the greetings…

Narrator LSG- Are you sharing warmly with those who are together around you? I don’t know if this is the case for you, but after watching Dong Heng, I am more reflective about the people and places I may have passed by quickly without thinking in the past. A playground is but just one example…

Story 2 – Homeless mom with 5-month old daughter and 3 sons find a home.  The husband ended up getting into some bad stuff, and the mom had to just finally take her kids and leave him. They were homeless for several months, living outdoors in the playground area during the warmer months, and taking refuge in a sauna with the little money she earned during the colder months.  The responsible oldest son vowed to raise the baby girl as his own daughter and dropped out of high school to take care of her while his mom worked.  Fast-forward 10 months…

Narrator LSG- 10 months after their story aired, how big is Ye-dam now? No longer sleeping in a sauna or playground, now now living in a proper home with the love of all her oppas. Wow, she’s so pretty. Her Jae-yung oppa is a given, but Ye-dam even has this Seunggi oppa hooked too!

Narrator LSG- A lot of viewers send in messages offering help. Here’s one~

Hello, I am a mother of two in my 40s. Your story of how your husband’s business choices affected your family made me think of my past. Rather than work at a restaurant, perhaps you may want to run things? I would like to teach you my skills. If interested in learning, please contact me whenever.

Do you see her warm heart captured fully on this page?

Narrator LSG- Have you ever thought… Why, at at time when it’s most cold, does one year and a new one begin? Maybe, so we can make it more fulfilling? Because the warmest thing in the world is… people.

You often here these voices on the loud speakers (selling things) in your area, don’t you? How do you feel when you hear them? That it’s noisy? Honestly, I used to feel that way, but these days I feel differently. Because of the story of these people…

Story 3 – Family of 6 gets brand new truck so father can resume business.  Family of 6 living in a basement home suffer flooding.  The father had lost all his right-hand fingers while working during his 20s, but had been able to provide for his family through business from his truck.  But his truck breaks down, and is way too expensive to fix.  Hearing his story, a company buys the family a brand new top-of-the-line work truck so he can resume business.  The mom is crying because she’s so happy, and the kids are excited, and the proud beaming little boy asks his dad to drive him to school everyday!  Aw.

On top of that, the father is introduced to another dad who was helped through the Dong Heng show, to learn the know-hows of the selling on trucks business.

Narrator LSG: Next time you hear this type of loud speaker voice, even though it may be a little noisy, please think that someone is working hard today, and supporting them would be even better.

Story 4 – Soyun and Dayun and Paju Mom volunteers.  These moms helped Soyun, Dayun, and their dad move to a new home, after living in a dilapidated shack.  Their mom passed away and Dayun has a learning disability.  Now, the family is in their new home and the Paju Mom volunteer group has grown.  Once a month, they get together to provide for now 5 families.  They collect donated items from local area moms and deliver them regularly to these 5 families.  Wow, great!

Narrator LSG- For the viewers who have carried forth the heart of Dong Heng program, thank you so much. It means that we can be there together for people around us as well everyday…

Does walking together with others seem hard? If your hope for 2012 is “Happiness” then please include “Together” in front of that too…
Let’s all be happy together this year!

And I don’t think ANYONE was expecting this at the end – video footage from Seunggi’s 2011 Hope Concert because…  several families from the Dong Heng program were invited to his concert and met him backstage.  Awwwwww~~~!

LSG- Hi there. Do you remember Oppa? The video phone call?

Soyun and Dayun video call with Seunggi oppa from a few months ago

Reporter- A completely unplanned surprise event. KBS DongHeng contributor and sponsor, singer Lee Seunggi video phonecall.

LSG- Hi Soyun.  SY- Hi!
LSG- And where’s Dayun?  SY- She’s right here!
LSG- Even though Oppa is a lot older than Soyun, I feel like I’ve learned a lot while watching Soyun. Always, just like right now, I hope as siblings, you will be able to understand each other and get along well.  So that Soyun and Dayun will always feel strengthened, remember to always help each other and get along well, okay?

LSG- Fighting! Oppa will always be rooting for you by your side.
SY- You too Oppa!  Sing well and be well!

SY- I’m so touched and so happy!

Reporter-  And the continuing story of Seunggi’s surprise present. (Aw~!)

Dong Heng – full episode [2012.01.05]

Videos: Tryp96, English: LSGfan
Images: Naver blog, DCLSG/As labeled

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5 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for this, dear Ann! I know sometimes we are frustrated by Seung Gi’s outdated image/packaging (thanks to the hated cody and Hook!) that possibly hinders his reaching out to a much wider (younger?) audience. But I’ve come to think of his charm as a slowly but surely burning fire well stoked by his kindness and intelligence, unlike those flash floods kind of huge but unsustainable popularity. The Dong Heng work is a perfect example. Who else can be this dedicated, sincere, and believable? For those who just want to be dazzled by flash floods I can only say this: you don’t know what you are missing!
    (Sorry about all those random metaphors but you get my meaning.)

  2. Hi anne michelle and ann

    that is So true ,it is so frustrating that a gem
    Shining this bright could be overlooked by so many people overseas. I was just thinking how much more could I love this guy.. and ann you stepped it up further for me. Reading the above really brought tears to my eyes.. Thank you for translating the Dong Heng narration!

  3. Lee Seung Gi shines!

  4. Hi Ann, Ann Michelle and Eevies,

    This is so true!! I totally agreed with you Eevies. Thanks Ann for your your effort translating the Dong Heng narration. I am so grateful that it helps me understand Seung Gi and his work so much better. And Ann Michelle, very well said about Seung Gi being this “slowy but surely burning fire well” where his charm just flows and sips into your heart…..

  5. Ann, check your email. If possible, I want to post it right on Seung Gi’s birthday! Love you.

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