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Seunggi volunteers + narrates for Dong Heng [2010.12.30]

I love Seunggi’s relationship with KBS human documentary program, Dong Heng!  Going back 2 years, with his $100,000 donation.  Since then, he’s volunteered by visiting and writing letters to the families, taping support messages, and narrating special episodes!  Aww.  He’s like Dong Heng’s unofficial ambassador!  I’m really anticipating his narration for the first 2012 broadcast today.  I loved the year-end special he narrated a year ago.  Seunggi cut recapDec. 30, 2010 Dong Heng…

(video: lsgijaew)

After each Dong Heng broadcast, many viewers contact the KBS Welfare Center, saying they were moved by the show, often to tears.  They call to donate money, or essential needs, or show their support through comments left for the families on the homepage message board.  Accounts are set up for the families and money sent to them regularly until they can get back on their feet.  Lee Seunggi and his fans have also been involved as supporters.  In addition to financial support, Seunggi has also directly volunteered and visited families.

Narrator LSG: All of a sudden, I feel a bit shy…  Entertainers are doing a lot of good work.  And I too thought a lot about how I could return the great love I’ve received.  So, I am supporting Dong heng.  Recently, I met the family from Episode 133: Father’s right arm family.  A father, a former taxi driver, who lost his right arm and the story of his wife and 8 children.   I met everyone from the parents to the youngest maknae, Hyebin.

Her older sister says, Hyebin knows Seunggi’s face because she’s seen him on TV a lot.  Aw, Seunggi pinches her cheek and tells her she’s much bigger than when he first saw her in the photo.  (Hyebin being so coy!)

Seunggi gives each of the kids a bag of gifts filled with essentials, with his fave line – “You have to study hard.”  And also gives out some hugs to the girls!  Oh man, maknae Hyebin is getting mad attention and love from Seunggi!

Narrator LSG: What makes people most happy?  When there is love even when things are hard.  Knowing you’re not alone.  Dong Heng = Together.

Seunggi and the volunteers deliver 700 bricks of coal, and get started fixing up the dilapidated home which sadly, is not in good living condition.

Narrator LSG: For the sake of the children’s health, the home was fixed and cleaned up. And for the little girls, a pretty room with bright wallpaper.

Seunggi is in charge of wallpapering the little girls’ room.  Woah, can’t imagine how those girls feel, going to bed every night, looking at the pretty wallpaper put up by Lee Seunggi himself!!!  The PD asked if Seunggi had done this type of thing before…

Narrator LSG: If I knew about this earlier, I would’ve brought our Nation’s Worker Lee Sugeun to help me out!

Narrator LSG: Being an entertainer, I tend to get more attention.  However, on this day, the volunteers did a lot of the work.

One of the volunteers said that in the past, she typically helped out by donating money, and that volunteering her time and physically working this time was really rewarding.  So true!  After working hard, everyone takes a break and the children perform some songs and dances while Seunggi cheers and DJs for them with his mobile device!

So after they clean up and renovate the home, some new appliances are brought in.

And with Seunggi involved, we know this means… a Samsung Zipel fridge!  Hehe.

MOM: The fridge is so big!
LSG: So you can make a lot of delicious kimchi and other foods.

Oh man, that mom was so happy!  Moms really seem to love their nice fridges!

Narrator LSG: People see me as supporting Dong Heng, but I learn a lot about love through Dong Heng.  I’m sure other sponsors feel the same way.

Aw, Hyebin~~~!  Getting so much love from Seunggi oppa!!!

Aside from Seunggi’s cut, there were 3 stories prior to that.  He narrated all of them, so definitely check it out!  Plus, just seeing the condition the families are living in and how they find hope, with some very generous help, will move you to tears!

Brief summary below.  Watch entire episode at Dong Heng tudou video link.

Story 1 – Elementary school students are watching an episode of Dong Heng.  Kimoon (18) delivers newspapers and takes care of his 2 younger siblings on his own.  He has a scarred face and hands due to a fire in his home when he was younger. His parents divorced, and his dad was raising the kids on his own.  Then he got into financial trouble and left the kids.  The teacher uses the show as part of a class lesson, and the kids write letters to Kimoon.  (Man, this 40-year old teacher is awesome!  Wish there were more like them!)  Kimoon had said he wanted to become a car technician, and after his story aired on Dong Heng, someone contacted the program to give Kimoon an opportunity to learn and work at their car shop.  And a lot of people sent him and his siblings food, vitamins, school stuff, and letters.  Kimoon said he was most touched by the letters.  (such a sweet guy).

Story 2 – Sick father and his 2 sons.  Chanhee (14) and his younger brother and dad live in a “container” shack home.  It’s a freezing 10 degrees and they’re running low on coal.  His parents divorced, and the dad has been raising the 2 sons.  But due to his illness, he is unable to work, and is often sick.  Chanhee wishes there was another adult to help take care of his dad.  Following the broadcast, people called to sponsor money for his dad’s surgery and medicines.  Also, a website was created to support the family, and has 300 members.  These volunteers took care of the boys while their dad recovered from his surgery.  Later, the dad and his 2 boys moved into a regular home, and after 2 years, the volunteers still regularly visit their home to clean up, cook, tutor, and also nag the kids about their school work!

Story 3 – Jinsook and her older brother Daesung and her dad live in a dilapidated rooftop space.  Their mom abandoned the family 7 years ago.  And the father works late hours.  Her brother works part time at an art store, and still talks fondly of his mother despite her leaving them.  Cut to Ms. Lee (39), a mom of 2 boys.  She makes crafts and the money she earns from selling her stuff, she gives to Jinsook’s family.  Seeing that the kids do not have a mother, she tries to meet them regularly, to provide some maternal support.  Today she buys them a puppy.  Daesung once said he wished there was someone waiting at home when he got there.

Story 4 – Father with missing arm, his wife and their 8 children.  (Seunggi’s cut).

Finale – Several kids who previously appeared on Dong Heng and their sponsors take a cruise trip to Jejudo.  And the production team tracks down a small shop-owner grandpa who’s been donating $20 every week for the past year.  Growing up in an orphanage, he felt bad seeing so many of the Dong Heng stories about kids without parents or living in single-parent homes.  He and his wife are such lovely people!

Kids on the cruise, including fireworks! (just like the 1N2D trip with Seunggi, Mong, Sugeun from long time ago!).  LSG’s song, Happy Ending, playing in the background!

Images: Smilecat83, English: LSGfan

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely post. You did a good job!!
    I felt warm when I watching that video and your translation.

  2. I suddenly remembered a saying that goes ” Give a man a fish and he eats for a day but teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for life”

    I know that a lot of artist out there have been donating money to the needy and involved in charity, but not many of them can influence the public and inspire them to do good like seung gi did… ;) im touched in so many ways and glad that he chose to do this project.. :)

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