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2011 SBS Entertainment Awards recap-Strong Heart Seunggi

Happy New Year!  Happy 2012!  Congrats to Seunggi for another amazing successful year!  How does he do it?!  I seriously admire him even more now!  I was sad he didn’t get to a new drama like he planned to, and that we didn’t get to see him at any of the drama awards, but I’m more glad that the things he DID focus on (MCing and Singing) turned out DAEBAK!  And that the year ended on a super high and happy note with the celebratory 2011 SBS Entertainment AwardsStrong Heart (and Running Man) ruled the night!  Seunggi won the Top Netizen Popularity Award for the 3rd consecutive year, and won the Best Excellence Award and was a Daesang Award nominee for the 2nd straight year!  Boom, Teuk, Juri, Shindong, and the program itself won awards!

Okay last 2011 Recap~~!  It’s sorta long!  SBS Entertainment Awards.  A fan compiled 2 videos of ALL Seunggi moments from this awards show (video montages, name mentions, speeches, presenting awards, just laughing and enjoying)!  It’s awesome.  He looked stunning too!  I’ve translated or summarized both parts.  Thank you to tiam062 for compiling the video cuts! YT has since deleted the videos :(

Part 1 [LSG cut]

Part 2 [LSG cut]

(Videos: tiam062)

2011 SBS Entertainment Awards – ALL Seunggi cuts, Pt 1
English translation & commentary: LSGfan

Daesang nominees. Seunggi, Lee Kyungkyu, Yoo Jaesuk, Kim Byungman

Video montage excerpt. Strong Heart cut-Seunggi, Yoona, Seo Inyoung

Strong Heart’s Juri & Shindong win awards. Juri read Shindong’s prepared speech, in case he won something! Shindong ~ “Just in case, I’m writing this down. If this gets opened and you’re listening, although I don’t know which award this is for, it means I won something. By any chance, is it the Daesang award? I’ll write this thinking it’s the Daesang. Firstly, Seunggi-ya, I’m sorry. I ended up winning this award.” OMG! Shindong is SO hilarious! He even said in his speech that he got his recent double-eyelid surgery so he could look more pretty for these skits!

Running Man’s Song Jihyo and Kim Jongkook win awards. Aw, Seunggi brings flowers over to their table to congratulate, hug his sunbaes.

Strong Heart/Star King’s Boom, Teuk, Jo Hyeryun win awards. Big hugs from Seunggi! Shoutouts from Boom – “Seunggi, thank you so much” and Teuk – “I’m really thankful to our Seunggi and thanks so much to Boom-Teuk Academy.” Kudos to Hyeryun, thanking Hodong first, making it ok for others to remember and thank him during the show, asking him to come back in 2012. (Boom, Teuk, Seunggi, Jaesuk). There was a lot of love for Hodong!

Video montage excerpt – K-entertainment Star. Loved this! Boom said the 2011 IT thing was the audition concept. Video compilation of hilarious cuts from various programs, mixed in with judging cuts from other shows. Omg, the judging edit mix was so LOL! And internal camera on Seunggi reacting to cuts of opera singer Shindong and Seunggi-Teuk Academy hip-hop stage = Awesome! His expressions = Daebak! And Shindong is just plain love! And Yoo Jaesuk’s sweet smile when Seunggi’s cut came on is Aw!!

Seunggi wins Netizen Top Popularity Award @4:05
Aw, Seunggi looking with contentment at his award and smiling is so sweet! He looked genuinely surprised. I think he thought Yoo Jaesuk would win, especially after the KBS and MBC Awards. Kudos to Airens for voting!

Seunggi and Hong Sooyun present program awards. One to Strong Heart!

Strong Heart wins Excellence Program Award for a talk show.
Park PD: (Seunggi excerpt only): Thank you. I don’t think I will ever forget this past September 22nd. It was the first time our Lee Seunggi MC completed his first solo MC filming. For carrying out the program well during a time of major crisis, I want to say thank you to Seunggi. People always say Lee Seunggi is good at everything, but I think a lot of people don’t really know how hard he works behind the scenes. Because I’ve personally seen that, I want to say thank you again to him. (Oh man, camera cuts of Seunggi’s expressions during Park PD’s speech is priceless!!)

Seunggi-Sooyun present awards to Law of Jungle and Running Man.

2011 SBS Entertainment Awards – ALL Seunggi cuts, Pt 2
English translation & commentary: LSGfan

Running Man’s Haha, Kim Jongkook sing Rosa. Omg, Haha dancing with Kim Jaedong and Jo Hyeryun is hilarious! And Seunggi getting into it! And I love that Jaedong is sitting next to Seunggi. He’s always loved him lots!

Seunggi wins Best Excellence Award for talk show @0:30. Nominees included Lee Kyungkyu, Kim Yongman, Lee Seunggi, Kim Kookjin

Interview of Daesang nominees by Shin Bong Sun. Loved this part! Everyone know at this point Jaesuk was going to get the Daesang since all the other 3 nominees had received awards.  And it was so light and fun. Like everyone wanted Jaesuk to win. And Seunggi just looked stunning!

MCs: People who have good seats to easily come up to the stage always seem to be ready to receive an award. Like Seunggi and Jaesuk are seated up front. Lee Kyungkyu is seated more back. He must sense something.
YJS: Thank you. Kim Byungman received an award. Seunggi got an award. Lee Kyungkyu sunbaenim did too. So what could this mean? (LOL)
SBS: There’s just one award left. How do you feel?
LSG: I feel very relieved. [Why?] Since they won’t give out 2 awards. (Ha) Really, for me, I always say this, but just to be included as a nominee is an honor, so the variety sense sunbaenims carried forward over the years. I feel like I’ve been nominated for something I did for a short time, so I am apologetic. So I hope for any one of them to win this.
SBS: I have no idea what he said. I was just staring at his face. You’re so handsome. So well-mannered.
(OMG,then Lee Kyungkyu threatens to leave, jokingly, since he probably won’t win and Seunggi gets up to stop him. Aw, totally reminded me of the stuff Hodong would always pull on his dongsengs, especially with Seunggi).

Yoo Jae Suk wins the Daesang. Award was presented by SBS rep and Kim Yuna! Jaesuk goes over to hug everyone before taking the stage. Aw. During his speech, shout-out to all his fellow nominees including “my loving dongseng Seunggi.” I love Yoo Jaesuk! He  ended his speech with a shout-out to Hodong, recalling their phonecall and how Hodong encouraged him to keep going strong. After his speech, Seunggi immediately stood up for a standing ovation. Omg, Seunggi is just too much love!

Dance Off to close the show, suggested by Yoo Jaesuk!  All the Daesang nominees are brought up to help celebrate. And they have to dance variety-style! Seunggi’s dance so cute! This is why Yoo Jaesuk (and Hodong) are the Nation’s MCs! Daesang is not just about all the many years you’ve put into variety, but it’s about who that person and the leadership and respect they command from colleagues and the public. And most importantly, being humble and knowing how to bring out the best in other people and letting them shine. And to think Seunggi’s half their age and already commanding so much love and respect, I feel so proud as a fan! Maybe we will we get to see Seunggi on Running Man next year?!

Happy New Year Everyone!  Hope everyone danced into the new year too!

To all the Airens (Korean and International fans) who are so committed and do so much to spread the love as bloggers, commenters, event stalkers, various fanclub members all over the internet on fansites, fan blogs, facebook, twitter~~ wow, you guys are really awesome!  Seriously, I wonder if Hook realizes how much his Korean and International fans have done to promote Seunggi.  Um, since Hook still remains very clueless!  I really hope Hook, Cody, Hairstylist really surprise-shock me in the new year and provide our beloved Seunggi with EVERYTHING he deserves and more!

To a fresh and awesome start! 

Happy New Year!

Images: Naver, DCLSG, View

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18 Responses

  1. Congrats Seunggi!!! Hope 2012 will be even a more successful year for you! DRAMA please!!!…I wanna see you act so bad!!!

    Love Seunggi as always!

  2. Dear Ann,
    Happy new year to you! And every Airen too!
    Love your recap. For Seung Gi, I feel this was a much happier stage. And you are right, he just looks stunning! I mean he practically glows!
    I can sense his relief – it’s like thank goodness Strong Heart did not fold under his care. Such pressure (real one and self-imposed one from a perfectionist)!
    Cannot wait for his new drama! I am sure you will be kept busy speculating, stalking, and blogging all the way through it.

  3. Ann, thank you for the amazing recap! And thank you for all the amazing things you’ve done for SeungGi and Airens! Happy New Year! :D

  4. thank you so much for these clips and translations :) even though i’m a 1n2d fanatic and loyalist.. i do want to see seung gi be a guest in running man.. i think it will be fun to see him work with YJS :)

  5. A great ending to 2011!
    2012 come on! We are ready for you!!!!!

    Everyone, Happy New Year!!!
    FIGHTING!!! :)

  6. Thank you for the recap, Ann. Happy New year! I really want to see SG on other variety show since he’s well trained, haha.

  7. Ann, as usual, thanks for your superb recap.

    Unfortunately I am not able to view the videos (happened to other videos in some of your earlier posts too) – it is displaying this message when I click to play it :

    “This video contains content from SBSi, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

    Is there anywhere else I may be able to view the same videos from ? I’m from Malaysia.

  8. Thanks a million for the recap, Ann. I must say that it’s not long enough, wish it could be much, much longer since I enjoyed reading it so much. I feel exceedingly happy watching Seung Gi receiving the awards and looking so radiant and healthy.

    Hope 2012 will continue to be a great or even greater year for Seung Gi and also, for all Airens !

  9. thank you very much! really! you make me know more about what I missed. thanks a lot! :D

  10. Thank you so much for a very clear and wonderful recap. Really appreciate the videos even more. Seung Gi have done great this 2011 and looking forward for him receiving more awards.

    Thanks Ann, for sharing those small gestures he had done like his reaction with PD Park’s speech plus leading the standing ovation for YJS and many more.

    Happy New Year!!

  11. Thanks so much for these anne!

    I have been away on a holiday and had barely time to open my laptop and check on seunggi. I have just been devouring news since monday and as always, love your translations and summaries! these clips are great, thank you so much!!!

    I have tried going to seunggi’s site but i don’t think it’s international friendly??? or hook’s site? hehehe.

    Happy new year to airens all over the globe, i hope we can get along together as we support and show our love for seunggi albeit in different ways!

    To Seunggi, hope your star shine the brightest this year onwards!

    And to you Anne, may your dreams come true and your all your goals reached this year!!!

  12. sorry that was me above, argh my laptop went on a holiday too it seems

  13. love u seunggi………..i will always follow your step…….

  14. I love this website…thank you so much for sharing!

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