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2011 SBS GaYo DaeJun: SeungGi feat YoonA [Time for Love]

Time for Love – Seunggi feat. Yoona
See original video with lyrics + narration feat. Han Hyo Joo (video: aobee123)

Narration. Parts 1 and 2

Excuse me [Yes]
You’re very beautiful [Thank you]
By any chance, your phone… [Huh?]
Your phone… [Please speak louder]
May I use your phone?

Girl: Do you have something else to say?
LSG: Yes, I really have something to say…
Girl: What’s that?
LSG: We should… We should…
Girl: Should… we date?

English: LSGfan

Fan Video
WARNING – Only watch if you’re cool with Seunggi-Yoona friendship!

(video: Imchodingfmv)

Intro of the 3 MCs

(video: jescc79)

See more cuts at Tryp96 11.12.29 SBS Music Festival Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

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10 Responses

  1. i love when their eyes met and they smiles widely at each other…i’m such a shipper…i’m so sorry…

  2. also not to mentioned yoona teasing seung gi about the girl groups and seung gi laughing at yoona’s mistake during mcing…so cute…

  3. Happy New Year ^^

  4. han hyo ju voice is better than yoona, and poor seung gi cause yoona likes the other man not him ..:D

    • im sone .. and i know yoona like seung gi too. you dont know cause u never watch yoona variety show. she is fan of lee seung gi :). sorry my bad english

  5. I don’t think hyojoo likes seung gi
    But likes him as
    A friend

  6. nothing special….no chemistry!!! sbs just want rating…….poor sbs..

  7. there’s no chemistry between seung gi and yoona, he never should have sang time for love with yoona, hyo joo voice is much better and
    i prefer hyo joo for seung gi

  8. just notice that yoona is so respectful to seung gi that she even bowed to him towards the end…

  9. yoona has good voice!..I love her face..I love her voice…I love her smile.
    good coupl ;)..
    Lee seun gi loves Yoona.

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