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2011 SBS GaYo DaeJun recap: SeungGi + YoonA & JiHyo

Red Carpet – MC Lee Seunggi.  The guy in charge of the red carpet asked most of the idol groups to strike their best pose for the cameras.  But he asked Seunggi to do the heart sign!  Seunggi was introduced as MC and this generation’s uhm-chin-ah.  Aw~!

December 29, 2011.  SBS Korean Gayo Daejun (Music Festival).  Pretty amazing how SBS got pretty much everyone on the Kpop IT list to participate (minus Big Bang and JYJ)!  Despite the hot performances, which the press acknowledged, there was a lot of criticism – way too long and tedious, more presentation-style versus enjoyment, lakc of singing skills on display, the numerous copying of Beyonce stages, too many American song covers, excessive scripting of “hallyu” mentions, too many performers, poor camera work, lots of technical glitches (including Seunggi’s mic at the beginning of his live stage)…

I loved the performances and you could tell everyone practiced a lot, but at some points, I felt really bored and I was like is this just about dancing or are these people supposed to be singers.  Thank God for the Hip-Hop stage which totally got the crowd going!  Yoon MiRae and Leesang’s Gary (with silver hair!) were awesome!

Some of my other fave stages – 2ne1, 2pm feat. Sohee, SNSD

And of course our Seunggi feat. Yoona (sorry Ariens, but it was just too sweet!)

See all performers at SBS Gayo Daejun photo diary (2 and 25 – Seunggi’s photos)

Okay back to Seunggi…  Red Carpet – classic tux jacket, striped pants, bowtie

Press photos – Looking tall, handsome, and healthy! Love heart!

The 3 MCs – Song Jihyo, Seunggi, Yoona.  After they came out, Yoona was like standing arm to arm with Seunggi the whole time!  What’s up with that?!  While Jihyo’s  standing so far apart?!  Kudos to her for agreeing to MC with Seunggi-Yoona.

Actually Jihyo’s heavy makeup was criticized by some, wishing to see her natural pretty face instead (me too).  Her red/orange dress made a strong statement, but loved her white dress during the second half.  Her hair was styled way too matronly and mature, especially alongside the younger Seunggi and Yoona.

But really, I have nothing to say, because Seunggi’s Cody is constantly being stupid and ridiculous…  WTF with Seunggi’s showtune, shiny ajusshi trot style jacket and metal bowtie during the latter part of the show!  OMG, I literally wanted to crawl into a hole and hide!  So unbelieveable.  I can’t believe how many times, over and over again, Cody and Hook do stupid things like this at such big-time public events!

I know Korean codys in general do stupid things and are harassed for actually being antis, but Seunggi’s Cody IS the WORST for always making Seunggi look like an ajusshi!  Why do Airens not complain directly to Hook?!  So many general netizen comments over the years about how they can’t believe a top-star like Seunggi has a management that’s so not providing top-star fashion/style service!  Ugh!

Like Yoona’s black dress – I couldn’t stand that silly black bowtie accessory at the neckline, but because the dress itself was gorgeous and extremely well-trailored and modern, she nevertheless looked great!

Thankfully, they put Seunggi back into the original tux jacket following his live stage for the closing of the show!  Whew!

Seunggi’s live stage, feat. Yoona – Time for Love

Thank God, Seunggi himself looked great, so I could ignore the ridiculous assortment of brooches that Cody pinned on the vest, practically ruining the great outfit look!

Okay Airens, don’t be sad.  It’s not like he wants to marry her!  He thinks she’s cute, like most guys who like sexy hot girls but, really really like the natural, cute sweet girls.  And I’ve said it before, but  can’t help but to like Yoona when she’s always so sweet and giggly around Seunggi!  He is definitely her type – handsome, responsible, non-self-absorbed, humble, smart, successful, respected, uhm-chin-ah type most of us girls want to end up marrying!

MC Seunggi was such a pro and considerate of his fellow MCs by throwing in a comment when they stumbled.  Like when Yoona stumbled while introducing one of the boy bands, Seunggi quickly commented she’s already nervous about seeing their awesome stage.  And she was like yes I am.  Aw.

Congrats to Seunggi, Jihyo, and Yoona for doing a great job MCing!  That was like one of the things the press in general, unanimously agreed was a good aspect!

(Images: As labeled, Naver, Video: SBS)

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8 Responses

  1. Just wonders, are Seung Gi finally get Yoona’s phone number? Hahaha. .

  2. Seung Gi only like Yoona as friend!

  3. I don’t know if you guys had noticed a 2010 GDA fancam from youtube that captured the moment of seunggi and yoona?
    I have a deep feelings about it especially Seunggi’s awkward expression.

    If it’s compared to that time, I think they’re more closer to each other now even there still have some awkward moments between them. But I’m glad that their friendship can get along with natural despite it being full of scandalous.

    PS: I don’t know whether to share this message here. Please remove it if this content doesn’t fit here.

    • i can’t view the vid…could you please help me…i want to see it too…i also saw yoona fans converting to seung gi fans as i saw their tag at seungi’s sbs gayo daejun red carpet photos…

  4. Their personal life is theirs alone. No fandom could dictate that.
    I do believe that they both have mutual respect & admiration towards each other, but its too soon to even consider it as beyond friendship.
    One thing is sure though, that if and when their respective companies, advertisers, PDs decide to test this combination, it is a BIG TICKET only bound for SUCCESS!!!

  5. Such predictive words years later eh?

    • lol Especially the comment above yours…notably this part: “One thing is sure though, that if and when their respective companies, advertisers, PDs decide to test this combination, it is a BIG TICKET only bound for SUCCESS!!” Just look at the publicity their relationship is getting…and positive at that!

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