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2011 KBS Entertainment Awards recap: 1N2D and Seunggi

December 24, 2011.  KBS Entertainment Awards.  1N2D-Seunggi photo recap…

The look:  Traditional classic tuxedo and bowtie.  Simple with no fluff.  I would’ve liked the jacket lapels to be just a little more narrow to give it a more modern and stylish look.  As for the hair, I’m convinced the press photos didn’t do it any justice and it probably looked way better in person.  But overall, thank you Cody for no oversize ill-fitted x-large suit.  And thank you Hairstylist for avoiding lame old-man ajusshi hair!  (Just please don’t screw things up for SBS Gayo Daejun MC Seunggi!!!!)

Pre-Show Red Carpet – Seunggi and the 1N2D guys

Greeting veteran sunbaesYoo Jae Suk, Kim Byung Man, Lee Young Ja, others

Enjoying the awards show

Presenting with SNSD Yuri

Aw, Seunggi and Yuri looked so elegant walking in together to present!  Watch Yuri fancam (it’s mostly Yuri, but with awesome snippets of Seunggi!) at YT fancam link.

Presenting award to Sugeun with a big hug!

KBS president announces – Daesang Award goes to 1N2D Team!

Um, the photo says it all.  EVERYONE was shocked by the award announcement.  When’s the last time you saw an award (in any awards show in any country?!) going to a person/group/project that was not one of the previously announced nominees?

I’m happy the 1n2d team won the Daesang.  Seunggi looked MOST happy!  He probably was like, thank you so much for not giving it to me!  I’m just pissed KBS announced nominees beforehand… Whatever!  It just made KBS look stupid.

Celebrating the Daesang win together!

Seunggi’s sincere consideration for others is one of the main reasons I admire him so much!  Can you believe he is the maknae of the group?  The way he always reaches out to the hyungs (and other people!) is just awesome~~~!

Seunggi and Yoona

LOL.  Omg, Seunggi is too cute!  Yoona totally loves it!  I love that they can be cool around each other without it being all scandalous!  How can anyone not like either one of them??!!  (omg, I have no idea what to anticipate at the SBS Gayo Daejun with the two of them MCing with Song Ji Hyo, who will be like the 3rd wheel!)

Controversy – Win Win Kim Seung Woo on the Daesang nominations

A lot of 1N2D and Seunggi fans were pissed off at Kim Seung Woo (MC for KBS Win Win, rival to SBS Strong Heart) for supposedly going off script during his and Sugeun’s presentation of an award.  He asked Sugeun how come he was not included as a Daesang nominee, and then posing to the audience that this made no sense.  Some saw this as highly inappropriate for a live awards show.  Some said it was disrespectful to Sugeun by rubbing it in more.

Many fans also saw it as an indirect underhanded diss to Seunggi, who was one of the Daesang nominees.  The Win Win message board was flooded with comments from 1n2d and Seunggi fans saying they were disappointed in Kim Seung Woo’s behavior, considering it was a live show, and with Sugeun doing this way longer than him.  And especially that it reflected poorly on him, seeing a 40-something veteran actor be petty and diss a 20-something Seunggi like that.

Whether Kim Seung Woo was really indirectly dissing Seunggi or not, who knows.  But as a firm believer in that “actions speak louder than words” – the few times the 2 guys have met at awards show, I have yet to see him reach out warmly to Seunggi, despite laughing it up with other 1N2D members.  And the whole tone of Win Win’s constant bringing up of Strong Heart is just becoming super lame.  The Win Win PD won an award and during her speech, she too went on and on about Strong Heart.  I really hope they just focus on their own show and improving their own tv ratings!

Now compare that to 40-something MC Yoo Jae Suk – there’s a reason why ALL of Korea loves him and why everyone (including celebs) talk about his consideration and talent for bringing out the best in others.  And there’s a reason why people, for a long time, have been saying Seunggi is like the next Yoo Jae Suk!

Daesang nominee Yoo Jae Suk congratulates fellow nominee for the 1N2D win!

Not the exact ending to the beloved 1N2D I was anticipating, but nevertheless, congrats to the 1N2D Team and to Seunggi (and to Mong, Kim C, and Hodong)!

And frankly, I consider it an insult that KBS would call the new show 1N2D Season 2.  They should just give the new show a new name!  KBS, please don’t taint the reputation of 1N2D like that.

It is IMPOSSIBLE not to like this guy~~~~~~~!!!! Congrats Seunggi!

(Images: As labeled; Video: SGenieful)

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10 Responses

  1. thanks Ann for the recap.. KBS should stop clingly– ing to Seunggi..
    Me too i think ill be disappointing if KBS will do the season2 of 1n2d.. They should think of other names but not 1n2d season 2..

    Congarts to Seunggi.. will be supporting you all the way.!

    and Cody please don’t mess around with Seunggi’s fashion this coming SBS award show..

  2. yoona can get along well with the 1n2d members too…

  3. Seung Gi oppa is just sooo super cute~!!!!!
    Oppa FIGHTING!!! :)

  4. they both just friend… :D yoona ideal type is Takuya Kimura, and she’s likes him so much..

  5. Ok, I’ve tried really hard not to get totally pissed off, but would KBS Variety please STFU!

    I am really going to THROW-UP if I have to read another stupid, bogus, totally no-one-is-buying news article with KBS putting an obvious SPIN on why they gave the KBS Daesang to the 1n2d team, while only including Seunggi among the nominees!

    Hmmmm, I wonder why KBS announced the nominees beforehand then? Or why kBS changed their mind? Hello, people are NOT stupid. (at least those who KNOW and UNDERSTAND that, behind the scenes, this is mostly about money, greed, and politics!)

    Yes, KBS has been good to Seunggi, but equally and probably more so, Seunggi has been VERY GOOD to KBS! What other freaking 20 something would work his ass off for KBS like he has?!

    I suggest KBS variety dept focus on planning their new 1N2D season 2 (which I for one will NOT be watching!) instead of dragging Seunggi’s name here and there as they please. And please, no more using Seunggi’s name and Strong Heart to bring attention to your Tuesday night show at the same time slot!!!!

    Please, it’s already hard enough to see 1n2d ending this way after all that the guys have been through over 5 years… so KBS, I hope you can just let fans enjoy the little we have left!

    • I understand you. :) I’ve been watching 1n2d since its early beginning in 2007. I know how much our boys have grown and worked hard to make the show what it is today. I’m glad that they received the daesang minus the drama, of course.

      I wonder, what do you think of KBS making an 1n2d season 2? Personally, I’d rather that they not name it 1n2d too. They seem to be forgetting that 1n2d is not only the show’s concept but also all of the guys (Hodong, Suguen, Jiwon, Jongmin, Kim C, Seunggi, MC Mong, Taewoong and the production team.)

  6. I will miss 1n2d. Will KHD, MCM, kim C come back for the final?

  7. KBS official statement today — We felt it was more appropriate to give the award to the team rather than solely to Lee Seunggi.

    WTF! The MAIN ISSUE is not that the “!N2D TEAM” got the Daesang. Lots of people are happy with that. the MAIN POINT is that you, KBS, put together a list of nominees that DID NOT include “!N2D TEAM!”

    I think this is the one time, I really LOVE the netizens! They’re already pointing this out!

    I only ask one thing – that KBS NOT DRAG Seunggi’s name through the mud like they around this same exact time last year! Seriously, this is deja-vu! Unbeliveable!

  8. Oh, and today just happens to be TUESDAY!
    The day of Seunggi’s Strong Heart and that other KBS show!
    wow, what a coincidence!

  9. A lot of people are commenting that KBS was going to give the Daesang to Seunggi, but then afraid of backlash (not to Seunggi, mind you!) but to KBS itself, they changed their mind and gave it to the team.

    I for one am GLAD that they DID NOT give the award to Seunggi! Seunggi has worked his ass off, but so have the other 1n2d guys! But why does Seunggi have to deal with the aftermath of netizens because of KBS stupidity of NOT thinking to announce the nominees beforehand in the first place!

    KBS probably thought if they gave Daesang to Seunggi, who always feels a sense of responsibility and gratitude, he would decide to stay with KBS! but when they realized he was staying with SBS, and they were like we can’t give him the award.

    This is SO UNFAIR to Seunggi…. huhuhu.

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