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1N2D Team wins Daesang + presenters Seunggi & SNSD Yuri at 2011 KBS Entertainment Awards

(Video: Tryp96, English: LSGfan)

First off, I’m SO happy the 1n2d guys were recognized as a group.  After all they’ve been through the past 4+ years!  Just loved seeing all the love and support between the guys!  4-5 years traveling together and suffering every other weekend is really something~~!!!  Much Congrats to the guys and the production team!!!!

Okay now, but come on KBS… WTF??!!!!~~~~ everyone’s already questioning how any legit awards show can put out a list of 5 nominees for the highest prize, the Daesang, and yet award it to someone or group that wasn’t even included as nominees.  Especially for ALL the nominees, and the viewers who always are anticipating this prize the most, how are they supposed to feel?!  (considering that KBS press-released the nominees way in advance prior to the show!)

Rumbling from all corners already.  And we wonder why Korean awards shows in general can’t be taken seriously!  But LOL at Lee Kyung Kyu saying no one remembers who really won a few months after the fact, and especially when the next year comes.  So true!

While awards are always great and it’s nice for the 1N2D team to be recognized for their hard work, especially considering how many of the members really played integral roles in building team variety spirit and helping to bring out the best in other members for the greater good of the program (just like how Hodong did)…

What gets remembered most is the show in itself and the people in it and how they made us feel… and for that 1N2D, Seunggi, and the members will be forever loved and remembered!

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9 Responses

  1. Yeah…I agree with you.
    Since 1N2D is coming to an end, it’s great that they are able to receive the Daesang together, the greatest award and recognition available…

    But seriously, KBS should be more responsible and have more planning. They should not have announced the “untrue” nominees and turn this happy event sour…hai…

    Also, I feel that it is better that 1N2D received the award instead of Seung Gi oppa only (Of course, Seung Gi oppa totally deserves to win it!) because he had just started to lead the 1N2D group and is leading greatly which we and I believe his hyungnims are very proud of but the other nominees are really very “senior”, so receiving the award as a team would lessen a little burden on Seung Gi oppa, and he would not then feel as pressurized to have to stay on 1N2D…

    And there are more awards to come~! :)

    Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!! :)
    We are always behind you!!!!!

  2. Hi ann,

    hope you enjoyed the holidays! I have just now the time to read all the updates on the daesang and all the rumors/ controversies that came with it.

    out of all those i am wondering if the rumor about sugeun being bitter about seunggi’s nomination is true? at another website a fan said in the comments section that he did not answer when asked who he wants to win the daesang- this was obviously before the ceremony but answered instead that he hopes taewong wins the new comer award.

    i hope it isn’t true as no clips were embedded nor any link as reference. I truly hope it isn’t true. what do you think ann? i felt like i was kicked in the gut. hope it isn’t true…

    • The rumor about suguen being bitter at seunggi’s nomination is not true The person who wrote about that just jumped into an out-of-no-where conclusion. I’ve watched the said video on which seunggi, taewong, suguen, jiwon and jongmin entered the building and being interviewed by the press before the kbs awards began. Someone from the press asked something about daesang and jongmin said ‘Seunggi!’. Jongmin is the only one who answered this and they all clapped except jiwon who’s busy talking something with suguen and then to move on, suguen said something about taewong which I thought wasnt related to the question.
      I just laughed it off…poor suguen, he’s being framed i think because base on that video, jiwon’s action is more questionable.
      I hope these rumors will stop.

      • then if suguen is not bitter why he ignore the question?why cant just say good luck seung gi ya.

      • thanks for that! I don’t know korean obviously but i managed to see some more updated clips and i was under the impression that what you said was more accurate. i wish we would be more precise when reporting these things. Are we getting paranoid these days? 1n2d is near its end, i truly hope it ends with a big unforgettable bang and less rumors and ugly gossips.

  3. I just want to mention one example of Seung Gi’s treatment from the current 1N2D TEAM.

    Recently the whole team made a congratulatory message before UTW’s movie premier.

    But, as far as I know, there is no 1N2D TEAM’s good luck message to Seung Gi this year. None shown in 1N2D program, certainly none in the concerts themselves (in the past years’ concerts, or, under KHD’s reign, they always did that).

    What happened was Jiwon showed up in the concert. Jongmin showed up in the concert. Yes, they might do that out to promote their own bands. No matter. To me, that shows they also pitched in (or Seung Gi felt he COULD ask them to) to help make this important event successful.

    I wanted to believe 1N2D was still a happy family like everybody else. But with so many things happening, I could not fool myself any longer. As a loyal 1N2D fan, I understand some people’s need to keep the illusion alive. But please don’t say others who think differently paranoid.

    By the way, I feel 1N2D production team is firmly, 100% behind Seung Gi. From the PDs’ nominations of him, to the frequent promotions of his songs in the program, to the unstoppable chuckles (from VJs, writers, PDs) to Seung Gi’s witty or funny moments, it shows people in the know (who has no hidden agenda) fully appreciate what Seung Gi has done for the program.

  4. I don’t remember where I read it, but I like this one comment/article where it said that seung gi’s fan are special and like him, they have good manners unlike other obsessive artist fans out there…

    I know that we all care about him, but being too much overprotective of seung gi can make things turn against us, like feud againts fan and so on..and no, I am not turning my back against reality..but I just want to instill positive thinking in fans so that they can have a better piece of mind…

    I’m only expressing my thought on the matter, sorry if they are any offended fan out there…

  5. Been super busy over the Christmas holidays… ok,another one of my long comments since there’s been so much rumbling…

    I didn’t see Sugeun or the other 1n2d guys dissing Seunggi on the red carpet. and personally, it’s just me, I usually don’t believe anything someone writes or says unless it comes from a reliable person I know and trust, or comes attached with some proof of his/her claims.

    but do I think there are things that are felt that don’t necessarily get said? Based on how people act or treat others differently? Sure, but unless, it’s clear and concrete, it’s hard to know for sure. especially, when so much of celeb-life is understood mainly through interaction on tv, analyzed and taken apart by the public.

    Frankly, if I were Suguen. I’d be pissed about not being included in daesang nominee. And I’d be momentarily jealous or annoyed that Seunggi was nominated and not me. Even we’re like that with our friends, no? it’s being human. But do I think he holds this against Seunggi or likes him any less? No.

    And with all the 1n2d guys… can it be uncomfortable that Seunggi gets the most attention. sure. that’s life. but do I think they are hating on him? no way. Do i think it’s like “family” in which you love and support each other, but there’s also competition and jealousy? Definitely.

    also, I like that airens have different opinions about things that go down with all things Seunggi! and it is the job of Airens (or any other fans and friends) to fight for and defend Seunggi (esp since Hook never knows how to do that publicly!)…

    and if ANYONE was super hating or mistreating Seunggi (versus slighting or dissing him once or twice, which happens in life!), i would be the first one to take on that stupid person or fan! but otherwise…

    hating on other people and knee-jerk responding without some substantial concrete evidence of that can never be a happy and healthy path. which is why I really admire Seunggi so much…

    I’m sure he gets pissed off and annoyed at people when he’s in private, like any regular person (he’s not superhuman guys!) but he’s proven again and again that he doesn’t hold grudges and tries to think the best in people and make the best of a situation. which is why he is so loved. and so mentally strong. and will be able to withstand the brutal entertainment industry for a long time!

    when you think more good, and less bad about someone, understand why they’re acting the way they are, it’s easier to show love for them. and when you do, typically they reciprocate back. and I love how Seunggi always does that. when he sense that others may be uncomfortable around him, he initiates first (no matter whether they’re older or younger!) and shows respect and brings out their best. and for most people, they can’t help but to like him back! :)

    • thanks ann, and amen! and here i was totally kicking myself for having brought the topic up.

      hope you had a very nice christmas!

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