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2011 KBS Entertainment Awards: Daesang nominees + 1N2D

Like usual, KBS will open up awards season (among the 3 broadcast channels) with the 2011 KBS Entertainment Awards on December 24 at 9:05 pm.  It will be MC’d again by Shin Dong Yup, announcer Lee Jee Ae, and Yoona.  And like usual (as with almost all Korean awards shows!), people will make issue with the winners, just like they do with the nominees announced in advance!  And people, including show fans, will rant and make a stink emotionally versus rationally, as many have already done.  So whether Seunggi wins or not, I think it’s safe to say that 1N2D will get recognized…

1N2D is going to end soon, has been the top rated variety program in Korea for a LONG time! and um, made tons of money for KBS in advertising!  But also has directly influenced and heightened tourism within and to the country among Koreans AND foreigners!  And more than that, 1N2D is loved all over Korea across people of all ages and all backgrounds, bringing much laughter and joy.  The show definitely got me through some personal difficult times!   So. 1N2D better win big… or else!

And a few more wishes… since it’s the holiday season~!

As for the Daesang nominees – It’s awesome Seunggi was included with such veteran, older, beloved MCs, especially considering that the 5 nominee selections were based on input from more than 80 PDs!  The press has described them as Gagmen Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Byung Man, Lee Kyung Kyu, Shing Dong Yup, and Singer-Actor Lee Seung Gi.  Hehe, youngest and the only non-gagman!  Love it!

Seems a lot of people are projecting it’ll come down to Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Byung Man, and Seunggi.  And I’d be fine if Seunggi doesn’t win the Daesang… but if not, then I wish he will get the next top prize, the Best Excellence Award, again this year!

I wish these 3 guys ALL made the Daesang nominee list…

I wish Seunggi will arrive looking more like his 2009 KBS Entertainment Awards self!  Despite being nominated, he didn’t even win an award that year (and that was the year of Brilliant Legacy + 1N2D!  KBS even did away with the popularity award, but whatever!)… and he looked AMAZING!  Will we ever get to see this Seunggi again?

2010 Best Excellence Award = Yay!  But sorta disappointed with look/style…

2008 Popularity Award.  Liked ribbon bow-tie and disheveled hair…

And lastly, I wish that KBS (and Cody+Hook!) will make me a very happy fangirl.   That would so make up for my hectic past few weeks finishing up the term, shopping for all the Christmas gifts, and over-indulging at all the unending holiday parties!   Come on KBS, let me enjoy my Christmas holidays happily with my family and friends!

via MT, Images: As labeled, previously posted/credited

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7 Responses

  1. I hope 1N2D wins best teamwork award this year. Last year they lose out to Happy Together.

  2. Even our Seung Gi not win any…he is always the BEST in our heart & mind…
    Even 1N2D not win any…it always & recognized by all of us, the BEST ever among all variety program~!!!!!
    Seung Gi & 1N2D forever~!! Fighting~!!!!!!

  3. The KBS Grand Award went to the entire 1n2d team though it was LSG who was nominated.

  4. First off, I’m SO happy the 1n2d guys were recognized as a group. After all they’ve been through the past 4+ years! just loved seeing all the love and support between the guys. .

    okay now, but come on KBS… WTF??!!!!~~~~ everyone’s already questioning how any legit awards show can put out a list of 5 nominees for the highest prize, the Daesang, and yet award it to someone or group that wasn’t even included as nominees. Especially for the nominees, and the viewers who always are anticipating this prize the most, how are they supposed to feel?!

    rumbling from all corners already. and we wonder why korean awards shows in general can’t be taken seriously.! but LOL at Lee Kyung Kyu saying no one remembers who really won a few months after the fact, and especially when the next year comes.

    what people (at least me!) remember most is the show and the people and for that 1n2d, seunggi and the members will be forever loved and remembered!

  5. I will hate to say goodbye to 1N2D when it comes to an end :(

  6. nothing speciall just say…..seunggi always figthing!!!!!! u so lucky guy many people love you muchh..

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