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2011 Shining Drama Stars Best 10 – Gallup Korea

Unlike most random K-celeb polls, this one comes from Gallup Korea (wow, an actual polling organization!), which has conducted the annual poll since 2005.  For the 2011 Shining Stars Gallup surveyed 1,728 persons of all ages 13 and older across Korea, between Nov 18 and Dec 7.  (Reporting a confidence level of 95%, sampling error of ±2.4%, which basically means its a good representation of how Koreans feel!)  But most important — Seunggi is the only star on the list despite not doing a drama in 2011.  Wow!  And congrats to Hyun Bin, who continues to set the standard for best-case scenario on ideal timing to enlist for 2-year military service!  Last year, Seunggi, Hyun Bin, veterans Go Doo Shim and Lee Soon Jae also made the list…

I was disappointed Seunggi wasn’t able to do a drama this year (a lot of that due to Strong Heart and 1N2D responsibilities following Kang Hodong‘s sudden departure from entertainment).  But with 2011 not being very exciting in dramaland (compared to all the big hit popular dramas in 2010), I’m super looking forward to his 2012 drama!

Glad he’s being recognized for all the 100% hard work he put into variety this year…  like major congrats for his KBS Entertainment Award Daesang nomination (in which the 5 nominees were determined by 80+ PDs!)  Daesang nominee for SBS too~~?

But partial to ACTOR Seunggi, I’m happy Koreans still remember him as an actor too!

Gallup Korea – 2011 Shining Stars

1- Hyun Bin
2- Han Suk Kyu

3- Kim Tae Hee
4- Su Ae

5- Jang Hyuk
6- Go Doo Shim

7- Song Joong Ki
8- Lee Soon Jae

9- Lee Seung Gi
10- Kang Boo Ja

via Newsen, Hankyung
Images: Naver/As labeled, DCLSG, LSGfan

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3 Responses

  1. I feel his performance in 1N2D is drama-worthy anyway. No matter alone or in groups, SG’s ability to introduce intrigue (or, well, drama) and grab attention cannot be more obvious. Like when he walked thoughtfully into the WC and ran out in an euphoria upon solving the puzzle, or suspecting who did him in by stealing the little note (that observation using “Memories of Murder” is just brilliant). One can easily forget it’s a variety show one’s watching.

  2. Ann, thanks for sharing the great (and hopefully non-controversial) news! It’s so good to see his name on the list despite not doing a new drama this year! Seems that he has really left a lasting impression as an actor. Can’t wait for the new drama in 2012! :D

  3. Controversy during end of the year awards season is a given. just hate to see Seunggi’s name being dragged in and associated with stuff that’s really about other individuals and issues/politics!

    But this is only the beginning… they’ve only announced the KBS ent award nominees… SBS ent awards is still yet to come… aigoo.

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