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Seunggi & SNSD reunite on 1N2D via Music Bank 3yrs later!

(video: peyalicious79)

Woah, major flashback!  3 years since Seunggi-Sugeun worked Music Bank and mopped stage for SNSD for 1N2D travel money!  Ha!  This 1N2d ep where Seunggi and the 4 SNSD girls (Yoona, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung) make a rainbow aired on Dec. 18, but filmed on Dec 2, a week before his bigtime Hope Concert!  OMG, he was totally like I hope I don’t run into anyone else I know at Music Bank!  Ha.  Love how he felt most comfortable bothering the SNSD girls to help him with this 1n2d mission!  And kudos to the girls for being so cool about it despite prepping for a Music Bank filming!  So the REASON why Seunggi + SNSD ended up making a rainbow…

Today’s 1N2d mission required each of the 5 guys to take a photo of a beautiful event in nature that only occurs in a short instant, and is difficult to capture on camera (or something like that!)  And if they win, there are some awesome prizes from Na PD (which is why the SNSD girls say they hope Seunggi gets to sleep in the hotel!)

Seunggi ended up with the migrating birds mission.

And Jiwon chose the rainbow mission.

Jiwon and Seunggi are the 2 remaining guys at KBS offices and so the 2 guys put their heads together and search the internet about how to create a man-made rainbow.  Love Seunggi-Jiwon together being resourceful!  Ha. They decide to re-enact this mission… in the office!

Seunggi opens up the 1n2d cameras (aw, look at the pic of Hodong on the side!).  And he attaches the major zoom lens since he’s like totally into cameras and probably owns like a whole collection of Leicas (like very other Korean guy I know)!

Totally surprised by the bazooka, super long lens, Jiwon’s like~ I surrender!  LOL.

So after playing around, Jiwon and Seunggi are required to sleep at KBS Hall (I really think Na PD should be beyond this by now, but whatever!  Come on, these guys are celebs!)  Jiwon and Seunggi head out on the bus together and decide to increase their probability of winning as many missions as possible by Seunggi helping out with Jiwon’s rainbow mission.  They figure out a good place with lots of light while spraying water, that’s nearby, is Music Bank filming!

So Seunggi goes to Music Bank, looks at the cue sheet, decides he’ll ask SNSD to help out since he knows them best, and basically shows up at the SNSD dressing room… unannounced and looking like a tourist with his huge camera!  Ha.

Omg, I love how he’s talking to the girls SO informally!  He’s like you need to help Oppa!  When do we ever get to hear Seunggi talk like this on broadcast TV!  Loves it!  And I love how the girls and Seunggi were both laid back when he came in, like it was more about familiarity and friendship, than hoobae-sunbae thing!

LOL at him being totally embarrassed by his attire.  He mentioned it several times!  I still wish, he would sort of act like the celeb he is!  Like, he was so totally accommodating to the SNSD girls, which is very SWEET, but a little too much.  I think it was more about him feeling bad about bothering the girls before their Music Bank filming.  He’s a consummate pro about things and doesn’t like to inconvenience people AT ALL, so I think he was probably more just feeling bad about that.

He only needs 4 girls, so Yoona, Yuri, Sooyoung, and Hyoyeon end up helping out.  Love how Seunggi asks them if they watch 1N2D and the girls are like of course and how they just watched it the other day on rerun.  He’s like which one, trying to see if they really watched.  Hyoyeon’s like, the one that Oppa was on!  Ha.  (omg, Hyoyeon is just too awesome!)  And Sooyoung and Yuri are both such sweeties!  And Yoona says, oh the 1n2d ep where you were making Kimchi!  Aw, Yoona.

They get on stage with all the bright lights, and Seunggi’s explaining what to do and I love how the girls at first are sort of looking at him like WTF!  Ha.

But the girls get into it right away.  Love the girls for being so cool and chill about it.

And Yuri directing the whole thing from the side (since there was no water spray bottle for her) was so cute.  She was like~ Oppa take the photo from here!

Mission accomplished!  (well the one for Jiwon, that is!)

Nation’s beloved stars – SNSD (Hyoyeon, Yoona, Sooyoung, Yuri) + SEUNGGI!  Aww~~

Watch entire December 18 1N2D episode over at~

Tryp96 – 11.12.18 1N2D

(Images:  Naver blog, Blog.me, LSGfan)

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15 Responses

  1. Yay, the yoona-seung gi love line came to life again this year, am I the only one being excited about this?..

    n love it when he only calls out yoona’s name (speaking banmal to her?no? He’s like “yoona-yah..) n yoona reacted so unnatural but cute to seung gi (I think she blushed a bit?)..sooyoung was like omg my past crush is in front of me, hyohyeon and her n also yuri interacted more to seunggi than yoona..

    How close are they actually? Yuri said in the beginning like why are u so shy now, she makes it sounds like they know him better than that.. :)

    • i’m super excited too…i love them…i think it’s time for seung gi to date already…kekeke….i hope there are more yoona and seung gi moments at the kbs entertainment awards this saturday…

  2. Oh, i like Seunggi – Yuri moments here in the video, seems like he felt comfortable with Yuri the most. kk

  3. I like how yoona recommended Seungi’s song to her fa ns and concerned about him & asked him to rest well at the hotel.

    • Was that the song recommendation Yoona made through UFO reply? Was song was it again? :)

    • i m sorry, but when did it happen? i watch it again, but i don’t know where part Yoona recommended Seungi’s song to her fans???

      • I don’t think she made the song recommendation in 1n2d.

      • It was an UFO reply from her recently. The fan asked her what song she listen during her bored time. And she replied 2 songs she likes from IU “You and I” and LSG “Anywhere”.

    • Okay. So, now I know why there was a video of Anywhere in Youtube that was flooded by comments saying they were there bec. SNSD’s Yoona.

      • Heodang please post the video link here pls. i also love the fact tht yoona watch 1n2d despite her hactic schedule.

  4. /What song was it again? :)

  5. ok girls, I need proof! If yoona really mentioned publicly seunggi’s song Anywhere, I’ll really love her! ha. what’s this UFO thing and where’s the original fan account or vid?? :)

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