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Seunggi performs at Chanel Korea company holiday party

Dec. 5, 2011.  OMG, on this day, when I read Seunggi showed up at Chanel Korea‘s year end company holiday party, I was SO excited!  CHANEL is my mom’s and mine ALL-TIME fave classic handbag and fragrance brand!  The classic quilted Chanel bag is timeless AND the “now and forever fragrance” Chanel No.5 is still the only scent my mom wears till this day!  But as usual… Seunggi + [Cody & Hairstylist] = OMG WTF!!!!

Omg, LOVE Chanel’s dazzling holiday campaign- christmas2011.chanel.com

So, I’m in GLEE because it’s CHANEL + SEUNGGI!  But then, it’s like DEPRESSION because of his despicable HAIRSTYLIST!!  Why the poofy, feathered, ajusshi hair for him… for a Chanel event?!  OMG.  So disappointing.  So annoying.  (but I’m used to this now, which is why I can only post a whiles after the fact- to avoid the expletives!!)

Seriously~~ What is the deal with Seunggi’s HAIR???~~~  Why does it always have to be an issue?!  I’m actually cool with the outfit.  Like usual, I wish it was more slim-fit.  But this kind of strong, very mod all-black suit look ONLY works with GOOD mod hair!  Omg, why must Captain Hook continue to fashion/style torture me?!

I don’t know, does Seunggi want to keep being known as “cute”~~?  Even he himself said he wondered whether he had any charisma.  Well, maybe if Hook would stop with the mushroom, middle part, feathered back, ajusshi hair, cute, cuddly thing…!!!

Well, there were vast fashion/style changes (thank God!) for the 2011 Hope Concert, so no more ranting.  Sorry.  But how come Hook markets and styles Seunggi SO differently for his Japan activities?!  Maybe it has something to do with Amuse (Japan management he signed with?)  So happy to see the return of hot messy Hwan hair!

Okay back to the Chanel Korea year-end company holiday party…

A very brief  account of who showed up and what went down according to a Chanel employee’s photoblog (see more photos at blog.naver.com/hoobbang80)

Wang Bi Ho’s Yoon Hyung Bin was the MC.
It was my first time seeing him in person and he was good looking.

First up was ZE:A.  As expected, they were like idols.  They were cute.

Next was IT star Lee Seunggi.
Handsome and an air of elegance and well-mannered,
cute and good voice too.

People went nuts.
A bunch of heartwarming photos^^

And third was Kim Tae Woo.
Of all things, he had to perform after Lee Seunggi…

More photos from twitter.com/shashagang (and other twitterati)…

She’s a JYJ fan but posted photos and said Seunggi was way more handsome in person and sang well too.  That he was totally popular.  Very cute.  Even did photo time, shook hands with people, and was very nice.  (There’s got to be more photos?!)

She said that the President of Chanel Korea and his wife are both big Seunggi fans, so they personally invited him.  (Very cool!)

And that during his ment, Seunggi said~ I usually don’t perform at private events, but I made a special point to come here since this is Chanel.

FANCAMS- Loves it!  So much fun!

Because you’re my Woman

(video: 87leeseunggi)

Because We’re Friends

(video: 87leeseunggi)

Will you marry me

(video: leeseunggi01)

(Images: Twitter, DCLSG/As labeled, Naver;  English: LSGfan)

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3 Responses

  1. I was curious about the CEO couple so I googled and found a nice (but older) picture of them here: http://www.inescho.com/articlepdf/042309034113.pdf

    She looked totally the Seung Gi fan type (perhaps the mature camp?). More recent pictures of him (Robert Stavrides) can be seen here: http://yourboyhood.blogspot.com/2011/01/robert-stavrides.html
    looking at ease & charming.

    So happy for Seung Gi that he has those two as fans.

  2. I know, anne! as i said before in an earlier post, i was so excited to read he was performing at Chanel and then Oh my.. I saw the pics, and I think I died a little. I had to fight the urge to run from the room screaming whilst pulling my hair.

    At first glance i thought he was wearing a skirt and leggings. and the hair oh my. Your exact same sentiments…

    I’m glad he really looked good in the concert.

  3. S~ To repeat what I wrote – “Omg, why must Captain Hook continue to fashion/style torture me?!” AGHHHHHHH!

    AM~ you know i just assumed CEO and wife were not korean. They probably live in Korea and know the culture and ent world there well… so they know how much Seunggi is loved! :)

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