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Lee Seunggi 2011 Hope Concert [Fan Account + News Clips]

FANS: He’s good looking. Uhm-chin-ah. He sings well. We love you!
VJ: Prince of Entertainment and forever Nation’s younger brother, Lee Seunggi. (LOL at Seunggi trying to be all gangsta with the VJ! Ha)

[On site prior to the concert]
LSG: I made a promise with fans I’d hold a concert every year. I’m very nervous but because I practiced sufficiently, I feel more nervous excitement.
[Concert – LSG: I’m happy. The opening and song from my 5th album… Was it ok? (YES!) It was supposed to be exciting like a club vibe. Was it ok? (YES)

[DJing and Tonight – LSG: Always making an appearance every year- this guitar. Even though I haven’t gotten better, I wanted to prepare that for you. Was it cool? Does it go with me? Ok, that’s the end of the guitar now.
VJ: Excited on stage, anything you do without even realizing it?
LSG: I tend to scream a lot. I yell out “Scream” a lot.

[Slave and Chopsticks and Anywhere]
LSG: I was worried about the acoustic part, trying to show a vibe with the singer and musicians together.
[Will you Marry Me]
LSG: I’ll do this every year if possible, so please come every year. MNET viewers, it’s really winter now and it’s gotten really cold. Hope you’ll have a fun and lovely Christmas and New Year. Merry Christmas.

Videos: leeseunggiworld, English: LSGfan

@1:20 – LSG: Keeping the promise I made with you all, I’ve held a concert every year. I prepared this concert for that reason as well. While there were various happenings this past year, I feel so content that as a singer, my 5th album was released. And I’m happy because I really feel that the 5th album was notable because of all of you. You waited 2 years to see singer Lee Seunggi and I don’t know if I’ve been able to make up for that.

@2:25 – LSG: Always making an appearance every year- this guitar. It’s a gift from our fans. Even though I haven’t gotten better, I wanted to prepare that for you. Was it cool? Does it go with me? Ok, that’s the end of the guitar now.

Written by AnnMichelle
Images: Twitter, DCLSG, As labeled, Naver blogs (compiled by LSGfan)

Techniques to ‘conquer’ Emperor’s concert, or how to have the utmost concert experience… Since Seunggi has to have the concert in December in Seoul, those of you who want to dress to impress or at least be pretty for dear SG, need to think long and hard, as this is tall order to look beautiful and stylish in -5 C (wind chill maybe -15 C?!).  Boots and tights (or very skinny pants) are your best friends.  Get a stylish coat (don’t consider warmth).  Use lots of cute scarves to survive…

And remember, layering is key, as you need to peel off the outer layers for the coming screaming and jumping and dancing and singing and waving… Try to get seats that are on his right hand side – SG takes care of his girls alright, so he will move around to let everyone see his glorious self.  But, he is only human, and he favors his right.

The green wand looks silly (really).  But they do make a good visual, and it just feels right to have something in your hand when you cheer and wave!  Bring a bottle of water (VIPs will get a free one from considerate SG) to water your soon-to-be-parched throat.  If you have nerves of steel and reaction time of a fighter jet pilot, then bring your visual recording equipment.  I did not even bother.

The concert proper…  The audience was amazing!  Imagine every heart, full of love and adoration, all pointing toward one guy and that guy only – that’s a really clumsy way to describe it but that’s how I behaved and felt.

Opening with Slave was great.  Got everyone on the mood immediately.  Near me were three guys, two young adults and one teen.  They were kind of silently waiting before the concert started.  But once it got going they jump, wave their wands and sing along just like total fangirls (sorry, fanboys!). 

In the second concert, my seatmate was another guy(!) who came with girlfriend.  The guy tried to be cool about it, did not react much even when the girl praised him for being nice and showing up.  But, trust SG’s charm, next thing I knew he was singing along (in a terrible voice I am afraid) just like the rest of us!

After Tonight and Because We’re Friends it’s ballad time (with a lovely seaside slide show – every picture calendar worthy)!  Now I have to confess I don’t particularly dig for certain ballads, too exhibitory?  Too out there?  But hearing Words that are Hard to Say sung by singer Lee LIVE, seeing his heart pouring out, gosh, who won’t melt?!  You will hear me saying this again and again, it beats the CD!

And he sang I Love You from Now On while enveloped by all the great scenes from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!  The kiss, the tear, the dig in the cheek, another kiss!  Fangirls screaming like there’s no tomorrow! (He said he was doing drama Gumiho in 2009.  No, 2010, someone shouted.  Oh, how time flies, quipped SG.  Oh dear boy!)

Time for Love dance was choreographed aka Will You Marry Me style.  But, as it was much more a soliloquy than celebration.  I think a drama dance might fit the mood better, you know, with SG singing, dancing and acting as guy desperate for love… they can really stage a show on that song!

The best acoustic is Anywhere, as it should.  SG’s voice wonderful (I was wondering how he could sing the first verse like that on the CD – but that’s exactly how he sings it LIVE! Amazing!).  Love that hat too.  It’s just right, not too big to be an uncle hat and tilted at the right angle.

He introduced his piano accompanist/teacher and played Chopsticks with her.  He could not hide his mischievous grin when he played, because he knew we were expecting some more ‘accomplished’ from him.  He finished it with a great flourish and could not resist smiling any longer – just precious.

Then we were invited to participate in a special edition of Will You Marry Me.  In fact, everyone starts to sing along from the get go.  Even me!  I did not realize I’d learned so many SG’s songs I could mimic quite decently!  And I can testify that everyone around me ALL memorized ALL his lyrics!

Guests performing at the concert – IU was so tiny!  Omg, she looks like a junior high student!  But very powerful voice.  Love Jiwon and Clover!  He said only Seunggi could have this kind of stage (in fact that’s what almost every guest said).  Because of him, this guest spot feels much more part of the whole concert.

Second day’s guests included Teen Top, who got a warm welcome but the people around me remained seated – I mean we are just not an idols crowd!  Jong Min and Koyote were on Sunday.  Love their energy!  When they greeted the audience, Jong Min said to Shinji~ Ah, I haven’t seen you in a long time!  Shinji just gave him a look, like~ What? Me? Your long suffering partner?  She did not even bother to reply and just turned Baekga.  So funny and so Jong Min!

On the first day, after Magic Girl there was a longish video showing SG drinking, eating and hanging out with friends (two at first, then at the end a bunch of other guys joined).  Again my non-existent Korean helped very little in understanding what’s going on.  But from the audience’s reaction the content was so so.

That was ‘replaced’ by a third guest appearance on the second day – Jung Yup.  He sang two songs and was quite a charmer, in a understated way (that’s the smart way to go, so as not to compete directly with the ever shining SG!).  He said he’s so honored to be here and turned and was shocked by the three huge screens of him behind!  Now is the time for people to visit the toilet he joked, and we did!

The hot dance!  Oh my god, SG is made to dance Latin!  I don’t care if it’s tango or salsa – his beautiful lean frame, soft and sensual moves, gestures so MANLY!  How did we let that talent hidden away from us for so long! (He won’t be bad in a ballet too, I am not kidding!)  When the woman grabbed him for a ‘forced’ kiss everyone in the audience was ready to jump on to the stage to tear her up!  One thing, as great an actor as he is, SG could not help but crack up when he was supposed to stare down his partner!  So cute!  The dance is too short!!!  I told myself to record every frame in my mind the 2nd time but… passion got in the way!

Drama video collage – The drama part was a video collage of his dramas.  So we see Han Hyo Joo, Shin Min Ah, and Moon Chae Won in clips pieced together to explain a mystery – What does W, the letter on his jacket pocket in Time for Love teaser, stand for?  Did you guess it?  Womanizer! 

I don’t know why Choi Ji Woo was featured so prominently (as a patient, who was ditched/forgotten by SG willy-nilly.  Ha!).  Everyone got a good laugh at the clip.

Cute dance with apron and headband was set to Magic Girl by Orange Caramel.  SG was too adorable with ‘What to do, What to do!’  I am not that into cute dances (versus the hot dances, ha!) but love this staging.  The two guy-girls ran with him to the stage front and SG was fussing over them, like taking care of them!  So funny.

For the trot part he wore a brilliant bling bling suit with a feathered boa!  Love it!  Some words on stage fashion – saw the Chanel party suit and it’s just glorious (was it a Chanel suit?).  The bottom, skirted part flows with him and just accentuates his lean(er) frame and fluid movements.  What great material!

On Sunday when SG changed on stage (in fact just putting on a vest), again fans begged him to just take it all off!!!  But he agreed at first to forgo the tie.  So Cody was helping him with the skinny tie.  And SG, being the consummate MC, put the mic before Cody and asked him to say something.  Cody recoiled so quick, it’s too funny!  And I love him for that.  Hate when a staff tries to steal spotlight or gold dust!

Seunggi unbuttons!  Then after the tie was removed he said fine why not, let’s just unbutton a little.  Fans wolfed down the hall!  For one NECK button!!!  And then the calls began~ Take it off, take it off!  SG the devil said okay, so you want two buttons!  We all yelled YES! MORE!  And he said what, THREE buttons, as if that’s something outrageous or scandalous!  And he said that’d be too cold!  Hahaha!  All the shouting for two buttons and we were no where near the chest!

My first time hearing Because You’re my Woman live!  Gosh!  That’s a wonderful song (my first time realizing that – another used-to-be-too-much song for me)!  SO much better when SG sings in front of you!

There are some tiny technical glitches in the 1st day’s concert, probably when they switched on/off for the plugged/unplugged parts.  And SG himself might cause one or two of them from his mic.  This was because when another electronic squeal sounded, SG, who was seating down and preparing to sing, said, what’s that? that wasn’t me!  Those were all gone in the 2nd day’s concert.

At the end (of both concerts) they showed a behind-the-scene film and SG was seated by the end corner of makeup station vocalizing.  Wow, he really belts it out, very high pitched scales, loud, strong, short pulses.  Clip also showed the Latin dance practice session where he raised his arm to make the male salute pose, really really gorgeous. (And with the camera fixed on him for 2-3 seconds, that’s 2-3 seconds more I got to see the wonderful dance!)  People had begun to leave the hall by then.  Of course the goodies on show gave most a pause and I just stood there motionless watching, to get the last bit of the concert.

Other stuff – Okay, have to say a little bit (more) about his singing right?  From the scale of the venue, and the nature of the concert (younger, more hip, more rock), one expects to hear strong, upbeat, and uptempo way of delivery.  But just to show what a skillful singer he is, in the rock section he sings Nobody from the 1st album and the slow(er) and soft(er) parts were just perfect.  It’s much much better than the CD (I told you I will say that again and again!).

SG tries his best to give the concert an intimate feel, a mission almost impossible given the sheer number of audience and the vast, cavern like venue.  He talks, no, chats, and inquires about our liking it or not often.  At one time he commented on how expensive his concert tickets are.  Behind me, a girl shouted ‘my mom paid for it!’ then giggled so proudly!  And when he tries to close the concert, he said, it’s getting late; don’t you have things to do tomorrow?  Of course we shouted NO, NO, NO!

And Seung Gi, to attend your concert, to hear you, to watch you, to feel you, nothing else is worth doing!  I will see you next year!

Concert Fan Account, written by AnnMichelle
Images: Twitter, DCLSG, As labeled, Naver blogs (compiled by LSGfan)

Known for her fierce defense of and loyalty to ALL things Seunggi, thanks again AnnMichelle for writing up and sharing this awesome fan account!  We need photos of the unbuttoning part!  Hehehehe.  We need fancams!

Looking forward to reading the other fan accounts of international Airens who traveled to Korea for the concert!  Seunggi must’ve been SO touched!  Super proud to see this beautiful row of rice wreaths!  Great job Airens!

So in addition to all the guests (IU, Jiwon and Clover, Teen Top, Koyote, Jung Yup), Seunggi’s 1n2d fanboy Na PD of course could not miss out~~!  There were photos of other 1n2d production people too.  And Shin PD was there too, with her mom (an avid Seunggi fan!)  Miss Shin PD on 1N2D!

K-fan accounts also said Park Chan Ho and his wife and their 2 daughters were at the concert.  As well as Teacher Lee Sun Hee (with MBC Star Audition mentees) and soon-to-be-on-1N2D Lee Seo Jin.

Photo tweets of Seunggi chilling with his back-up dancers, drinking and eating out after the concert all over on Day 2!  Is it just me, but Seunggi really sticks out!  (like in his usual uhmchinah way! Cute.)

Omg, love Seunggi’s eyes in the right photo!  I would love to see him buzzed or drunk.  He looks like he would be a happy drunk (the good and fun kind to be around!) versus some of the annoying jerk drunks I’ve seen!  Glad he kicked back and chilled out…

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18 Responses

  1. A fabulous re-cap of the concert. Seung Gi so perfect on both nights!!!!! I have been boasting around to all my Singaporean friends on how good he was in LIVE performances.

    Thanks for posting and my sincere appreciation to Ann Michelle for spending time to re-cap this wonderful memories.

  2. yay! thank you soo much AnnMichelle and LSFan for this wonderful fangirl story..^^ I enjoyed reading it..^^ it is very detailed, fun and memorable..^^ Im hoping that by next year.. I’ll also have the chance to watch his concert.. and now Im re-reading it again..hehe Great photos compilation Ann!! ^^

  3. Thanks very much AM and friends for this remarkable journals of Seunggi’s concert.

  4. Great account. hanks AnnMichelle and Ann for sharing it.

  5. I enjoyed the first day concert too!!! he was really handsome and cute!! awesome time!

  6. Thanks a lot for the great account which is making me even more jealous…haha…hai…
    Oh, and thanks for the translations for the “Entertainment News” videos! Have been trying my best to make out the meanings but my korean is…..not good…

    Regarding the photo tweets of the after-concert party, in my opinions, Seung Gi oppa just do stands out. Sooo super cute~! :)

    Lastly, I have made up my mind that I will go to Seung Gi oppa’s concert next year by hook or by crook!
    Will start saving money and because I am from Singapore, is there anyone that would like to join me or help me get to Korea next year? Please?
    Such as where should I go to spend the free time before and after the concert and where are the better places to stay at for the couple of days?
    Thank you!

    • @Boo Jia Min… there were about 14 Singapore Airens went this time. We even managed to get 150Kg rice donors from Singapore airens (in a short span of time). We had our own hoodie and hand banners. That was awesome feelings and we do feel proud that we work all these together as a team.
      You might want to see the following Singapore sites –
      Lee Seung Gi Singapore Fanclub facebook.

      Cheers :)

      • Wow your Singapore fansite looks great!
        cool hoodie and banners!
        So much love for uri SeungGi!

  7. Thanks so much for that, wow! sounds amazing! Yeah, i would have appreciated a picture of that unbuttoning- that- did- not- happen.

    I would have also very much wanted to hear and see how he performed Anywhere, my favorite. Siiighhhh!!!

    Thanks Ann for the translations, as always. AM for the detailed account.

  8. Thanks LSGfan & AnnMichelle for such detailed recap. I was there, but was in a state of awe that this recap refresh a lot of my memories. Love ya!

  9. Oh another thing, Seung Gi showmanship was so good, superb! He look so handsome too (the TV did not do him justice). Will be going again if money & time permits.

  10. Shin-PD is there..aiks~!!! I miss him out~!!!!

  11. Ann Michelle thanks for sharing your fan accounts adventure at Seunggi’s concert.. Reading it again & again makes me even more jealous of you..

    watching live in his concert is one of my biggest dream i just hope next year it’ll come true.. Congratulations & thank you again for sharing both of you Ann

  12. Did you record his sexy latin dance? :( I wanna see it badly!

    • I didn’t go to the concert. most fans who took videos are not posting videos because Seunggi and his management said not to. i’m sure he’ll do another hot dance next year~~! So make sure to go to concert next year :)

      • Awww Such a shame! I only found his orange caramel dance! I really want to go.. but I’m only 16 HAHAHA!

  13. Awww :( Such a shame! I only found his orange caramel dance! I really want to go.. but I’m only 16 HAHAHA!

  14. I’m seunggi fan from indonesia, and plan to watch his concert this year 2012 in korea. Could you pls help me with information about his concert this year? will there be seunggi concert in des 2012?
    I want to arrange the schedule with travel agency here..:), thx before

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