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An early photo peek: Lee Seunggi 2011 Hope Concert, Day1

Finished reading some fun Korean fan accounts and photo tweets!  A real daebak concert!  Kept seeing repeated comments that you could tell Seunggi prepared A LOT, that his musicianship was on full display.  Aw, congrats to Seunggi!  Since there was no drama this year, it’s awesome there was a lot of love for his music comeback!

I don’t think press articles will come out until after Day 2 concert on Sunday.  Probably to avoid spoilers for concert goers.  But there was an article about…

What Seunggi said at the concert…

Keeping the promise I made with you all, I’ve held a concert every year. I prepared this concert for that reason as well. While there were various happenings this past year, I feel so content that as a singer, my 5th album was released. And I’m happy because I really feel that the 5th album was notable because of all of you. You waited 2 years to see singer Lee Seunggi and I don’t know if I’ve been able to make up for that.

Actually, when I had my concert here in the Gymnastics Gymnasium last year, I thought it was it was just because I had become more popular. But this time, I learned that not anyone can just have a concert in the Gymnastics Gymnasium. Thus, I’m really grateful.

Via Osen/Nate; English LSGfan

Awwww~~~!!! Seriously, it’s true.  Not just anyone can hold a concert at the 15,000 seat Olympic Gymnastics Gymnasium.  The largest indoor venue in Korea?  And not easy feat for a solo artist that’s not your typical Kpop-idol!  So I’m glad to hear it was a packed house!  And this is a super busy time with year-end concerts…

After Seunggi’s 2-day concert this weekend, the Olympic Gymastics Gymnasium December weekends will host legendary singer Cho Young Pil, followed by top concert veterans Kim Jang Hoon and Psy the following weekend, and then buzzed about way popular veteran rocker Im Jae Bum.  Not a shabby list if you want to be respected as a MUSICIAN, versus a Kpop celeb that can fill up seats in big venues!

Congrats to Seunggi for a great Day 1 Concert!  And kudos to Hook Ent and Airens!

I’m sure there will be lots of daebak fan photos, press, and VERY awesome fan accounts from ALL the precious international Airens who traveled to Korea~~!!

So until then, some awesome (sorta spoiler?) HQ photos from the Dec 10, Saturday concert~~ (photos by Donghwa Lee from Cyworld post 1 and Cyworld post 2)

IU – special guest

Clover (Jiwon, Mr. Typhoon, Gilme) – special guest

Trot again?!~~~~

OMG, Santa Seunggi?  Woah, what was this?~~~~

“Dating” video montage… I like I like!  Feels like a drama scene!

Hair and clothes are actually looking GREAT!  Thank you Cody~~!!

Aw, read Seunggi got all teary again!  SO much love for him, how could he not?!

Blogger caught Seunggi leaving… a big “HEART” to the fans!  Awww!

Few more fan photos from twitter-verse~~~

Packed Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium!  Awesome!

HERITORY out in full force… yeah!  This will definitely be Seunggi’s Heritory!

And major sponsorship from KB Financial Group too..  Yay!

Additional sponsors – Samsung Zipel, The Saem… and SBS and Nate too?

A-Mi (Min Hyuk), a reporter for MNET Wide Entertainment News tweeted photo with Seunggi.  Taken at the concert hall before it began?  I guess we can expect to see a clip from this interview on MNET soon.  He first tweeted…

I’m going to interview Prince of Entertainment, Lee Seunggi!  I’ll be back^^!!

Then photo-tweeted this great BTS photo together…  Aw, Seunggi looks flawless!

Seunggi Seunggi Lee Seunggi-sshi interview accomplished~!
Choding A-Mi and Seunggi ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Also read that Teacher Lee Sun Hee, was also at the concert with 2 of her mentees from MBC hit show Star Audition 2, along with MBC cameras!  (I’ve been marathon watching the show!  Totally into it!)  There’s a segment where each of the mentors bring a special singer guest for the mentees to meet…

I’m feeling a possible concert clip and Seunggi sighting on Star Audition to come…

Best for Seunggi’s Hope Concert, Sunday Day 2~~~!!!!

(video: seunggitown)

Images:  twitter, Cyworld PINKCD31, DCLSG;  English LSGfan

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13 Responses

  1. thank you Ann for the spoiler & the translation of Seunggi’s msg.
    Actually im hoping & waiting for some fancams too.. How i wished Hook will be posting some on official you tube page.. So envious for all the Airens that went to the concert… yay! congratz Seunggi!!!

  2. Ann,

    Sorry for I am a little clueless regarding how sponsorship works in Korea, does the list of companies named as sponsored for SG concert means they contributed money towards paying for the expenses of the event? Or are they just listed because SG is their CF model? Hope you can help enlighten me on this matter. Thanks.

  3. thanks for putting all together the pics and post it here^^

    it looks like the concert was a big success …wwaaaa wish i could go there also ^^

  4. Just finished the second concert…Some quick comments about the first…

    The audience is amazing! Imagine every heart, full of love and adoration, all pointing toward one guy and that guy only – that’s really clumsy way to describe it but that’s how I behaved and felt.

    Opening with Slave was great. Got everyone on the mood immediately. Near me were three guys, two young adults and one teen. They were kind of silently waiting before the concert start. But once it got going they jump, wave their wands and sing along just like total fangirls (sorry, fanboys!). (BTW, he sang and danced two days and I sang and danced for two days! Every fan got a great work out, no exception! I lost my voice.)

    The best acoustic is Anywhere, as it should. SG’s voice wonderful (I was wondering how he could sing the first verse like that on the CD – but that’s exactly how he sings it live! Amazing!).

    The hot dance! Oh my god, SG is made to dance Latin! I don’t care if it’s tango or salsa – his beautiful lean frame, soft and sensual moves, gestures so MANLY! How did we let that talent hiden away from us for so long! (He won’t be bad in a ballet too, I am not kidding!) One thing, as great an actor as he, SG could not help but crack up when he was supposed to stare down his partner! So cute! The dance is too short!!! I told myself to record every frame in my mind the 2nd time but…passion got in the way!

    Love Jiwon and Clover! He said only LSG to have this kind of stage (in fact that’s what almost every guest said).

    My first time hear You’re my woman live! Gosh! That’s a wonderful song! So so much better when SG sings in front of you!

    for now…

    • wahhhhhhhh thank you AnnMichelle! You’re at the concert for both days? So lucky! Please tell us about the Sunday concert too! Wish I was there.

  5. Waa…Now I wonder, is there any other idols who came to his concert? Hope there are and got article about it everywhere….
    hehehehhe (crazy thinking)

  6. Continued…

    The cute dance with apron and headband is set to “Magic Girl” from Orange Caramel (?). SG is too adorable with ‘what to do, what to do!’ I am not that into cute dances (versus the hot dances, ha!) but love this one’s staging. The two guy-girls run with him to the front and SG is fussing over them like taking care of them! So funny.

    There are some tiny technical glitches in the 1st day’s concert, probably when they switched on/of for the plugged/unplugged parts. And SG himself might cause one or two of them from his mic. This was because when another electronic squeal sounded, SG, who was seating down and preparing to sing, said, what’s that? that wasn’t me! Those were all gone in the 2nd day’s concert.

    IU was so tiny! Omg, she looks like a junior high student! But very powerful voice. Second day’s guest included Teen Top, who got a warm welcome but at least the people around me all remained seated – I mean we are just not an idols crowd! Jongmin and Coyote were on Sunday. Love their energy! When they greeted the audience, Jongmin said to the lead girl (name?) ah, I haven’t seen you in a long time! The girl just looked at him, like what? me? your band partner? She did not even bother to answer and turned to the other guy. So funny and so Jongmin!

    On Sunday when SG changed on stage (in fact just putting on a vest), again fans begged him to just take it all off!!! But he agreed at first to forgo the tie. So cody was helping him with the skinny tie. And SG, being the consummate MC, put the mic before the cody and asked him to say something. Cody recoiled so quick it’s too funny! And I love him for that. Hate when a staff trying to steal spotlight or gold dust!

    Then after the tie was removed he said fine why not, let’s just unbutton a little. Fans wolfed down the hall! For one NECK button!!! And then the calls began, take it off, take it off! SG the devil said okay so you want two buttons! We all yelled YES! MORE! And he said what, THREE buttons, as if that’s something outrageous or scandalous! And he said that’d be too cold! Hahaha! All the shouting for two buttons and we were no where near the chest!

  7. As I was just dying and waiting to hear my fave, “I’m a bad guy”, in the first concert, I think I got distracted. Big mistake. I learned not to expect anything; just soak in what SG has to offer.

    His voice got lower in the second concert. At the end they showed a behind-the-scene film and SG was seating by the end corner of makeup station vocalizing. Wow, he really belts it out, very high pitched scales, loud, strong, short pulses. That clip also showed the Latin dance practice session where he raised his arm to make the male salute pose, really really gorgeous. (And with the camera fixed on him for two, three seconds, that’s two, three seconds more I got to see the wonderful dance!) People had began to leave the hall by then. Of course the goodies on show gave most a pause and I just stood there motionless watching, to get the last bit of the concert.

    He introduced his piano accompanist/teacher and played Chopsticks with her. He could not hide his mischievous grin when he played, because he knew we were expecting some more ‘accomplished’ from him. He finished it with a great flourish and could not resist smiling any longer – just precious.

    The drama part was a collage of his dramas. So we see HHJ, SMA, and MCW in clips piecing together to explain a mystery – what the W, the letter on his jacket pocket in Time for love teaser, stand for. Did you guess it? It’s for Womanizer! I don’t know why Choi Ji Woo was featured so prominently (as a patient, who was ditched/forgotten by SG willy-nilly, ha!). Everyone got a good laugh at the clip. Then again I was mired in the CJW mystery…

    Okay, have to say a little bit (more) about his singing right? From the scale of the venue, and the nature of the concert (younger, more hip, more rock), one expects to hear strong, upbeat, and uptempo way of delivery. But just to show what a skillful singer he is, in the rock section he sings Nobody from the 1st album and the slow(er) and soft(er) parts were just perfect. It’s much much better than the CD.

  8. AM~~~~ You are SUCH a tease!!!! Love it! hahahha.

    omg, Seunggi’s W on jacket = WOMANIZER??!!! Loves it! seriously, I think while he treasures his status as Nation’s Younger Brother (as it is the envy of all the celebs), he SO wants to be seen more as MAN, GUY, not younger brother! I’m liking it. But CJW was in the montage? I’m sure she loved that! hehehe. they were cute on 1n2d. and she’s basically royalty in Japan.

    LSG looked so good. his hair looked great. outfits were great. HOOK should do a DVD of 2009 and 2011 concerts combined. best look and voice then! and he slimmed down a little (sorta requirement to advance into Japan market officially!)

    I get the sense that a lot of the concert was about setting the stage for his official transition into the Japanese market. and i love that he’ll still be doing korean stuff too. i think that’s what might set him apart from all the other K-celebs advancing in japan? most of them just do that and concentrate there. it looks like LSG will still have a foot in korea.

    AM~~~~ I told you, i need to reserve a post on LSGfan just for your fan account b/c it’s obvious I’m not alone in LOVING the way you describe the details of what went down, peppered with AM-style comments! :) esp the buttons! HA!

    I love that all the international Airens have such awesome takes on fan accounts but with their individual style and flavor of expressing it! Come on girl, stop teasing us… email me and tell me you’re down with doing a fan account post like we already discussed! :)

  9. AnnMichelle, u were there too? U didn’t tell us or we would have meet up with u..

    To me, this year concert is better than last year. I enjoyed every moment of it.. He also sang different genre of songs to cater to his wide range of fans..

    I know some fans do not like him wearing the apron & singing/dancing to a girls’ group song, but he was so cute that u can’t help but dance/sing along with him. He was also naughty at times, haha..

    P.S. CNBlue was having concert at the opposite stadium, & u can see the rows of rice wreath on both sides(SGi & CNBlue) it was quite an amazing sight..

    • Hi Yon,
      Yes, I was there for both concerts and, like you, enjoyed every minute of them. That was my first time so I am glad to know you think this year’s is better than last year’s (I do have the 2010 DVD but wanted to save it until I saw the real action). I like that cute dance & song a lot – SG can do anything. But of course, in terms of dance, in my humble opinion, nothing beats that hot Latin number!

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