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Girls, Dating, Relationships: Seunggi’s 5th album MVs [ENG]

So after listening to all the SONGS on the 5th album, Seunggi (at least the SINGER part) is all over the place on girls, dating, and relationships!  (Like A LOT of us!)

He likes naturally cute, and NOT all glammed up, superficial types in Just You.  But then he’s totally drawn to the “uptown, caffe-latte, fragrant girl” and wants her to “play with me, do whatever you want” in Slave!  (Omg, the lyrics are… woah!  Hehe.)

And he can’t risk his friendship with a girl he’s totally crushing on because she’s fallen for some undeserving jerk in Because We’re Friends.  Yet in Time for Love he mans up, gets over trying to be all cool, and finally just asks the girl out!  (Guys I like!)

I love that all the relationship drama (that drives us crazy!) gets tossed out in Tonight!  But then Song to Make you Smile is SO heartbreaking…  “You can be happy again.  Separation and pain is only momentary.”  Breakup from I’m a Bad Guy Seunggi?!~

Aw, and I really hope he gets to chill and go ANYWHERE and do whatever he wants!  Love the vibe of this song… very Seunggi!  After he talked about how much he put into this album, how proud and happy he was with it on the MNET MIC interview, it made me all Aw! and have more affection for the songs.  Hope to see more fanmade and live performances online!  (Album tracklist + song collaborators at end of post).

And yes, I am TOTALLY in new drama anticipation and Actor Lee Seunggi mode~~!!


(video: ThePluiekiss)

Song to make you Smile – 널 웃게 할 노래

(video: ThePluiekiss)

(video: BlueSunpjk)

 Time for Love연애시대

(video: KateksKs)

(video: Beedance07)

Anywhere/Wherever – 어디라도

(video: dayamafutsuu)

Wherever – 어디라도 (Ra.D mix version)

(video: ONTD2)

Just You 그냥 너야

(video: koolbjeongshin)

(video: leyzlie)

 Slave (feat. Pdogg)

(video: koolbjeongshin)

(video: elmiKPOP)

I’m a Bad Guy – 나는 나쁜 남자다

(video: koolbjeongshin)

Because We’re Friends친구잖아

(video: LoveKpopSubs8)

Album Info + Tracklist

Lee Seung Gi
5th album <Tonight>
Title song <Because We’re Friends>
Release date:  October 27, 2011

1. 친구잖아  – Because We’re Friends
Lyrics, Music: “Hitman” Bang / Arrangement: Wonderkid

2. Tonight
Lyrics, Music: “Hitman” Bang / Arrangement: MISS KAY

3. 어디라도 – Anywhere/Wherever
Lyrics: Ra.D / Music: Ra.D, Bank Sang Hyun / Arrangement: Ra.D

4. 연애시대 (feat. Ra.D, narr. Han Hyo Joo) – Time for Love
Lyrics, Music: Lee Seung Gi, Ra.D / Arrangement: Go Hyung Suk, Ra.D

5. 널 웃게할 노래 (feat. 방탄소년단, 하림) – Song to Make you Smile
Lyrics: Pdogg / Music: “Hitman” Bang, Pdogg / Arrangement: Pdogg

6. 그냥 너야 – Just You
Lyrics: Lee Seung Gi, Bae Young Geun / Music: Bae Young Geun / Arrangement: Ecobridge

7. 나는 나쁜 남자다 – I’m a Bad Guy
Lyrics, Music, Arrangement: Honeydew’O

8. Slave (feat. Pdogg)
Lyrics: Pdogg / Music: “Hitman” Bang, Pdogg / Arrangement: Pdogg

9. 친구잖아 (rock ver.) – Because We’re Friends
Lyrics, Music: “Hitman” Bang / Arrangement: Wonderkid

10. 어디라도 (Ra.D mix ver.) – Wherever
Lyrics: Ra.D / Music: Ra.D, Bank Sang Hyun / Arrangement: Ra.D

(via Tryp96, English: LSGfan)

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9 Responses

  1. I am a bad girl. I love “I am a bad guy” the most!

    Never thought a song so mixed up linguistically can be so charming! Yeah, I’ve fallen for sure!

    • Well you and the other Airens will get to hear BAD GUY Seunggi sing and perform for you live in a few days~~~!!!!

      Please Cody and Stupid Hairstylist – Don’t ruin the 2 nights for concert goers! And for other fans who won’t be there and will have to rely solely on photos!!!!

  2. Oh…
    Once again I am drown in my jealousy of concert goers…ARGHHH…
    I want to listen and see Seung Gi oppa’s live performances sooo much…
    Just have to make do with youtube then…

    Definitely going to get my hands on the 2010 concert DVD and hope for earlier (Hook, please?) release of 2011 concert DVD!

    Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!!

    And concert goers, many, many photos please? Thank you very much!

    • Hook should put out a DVD for the 2009 concert!!!! now I would buy that!

      okay, not realistic, maybe they’ll include clips from 2009 in the 2011 DVD! I think there will be a 2011 concert dvd since Seunggi put so much into his 5th album.

      Something tells me that Han Hyo Joo (unless she’s out of town and super busy) may show up unexpectedly for the “Time for Love” stage musical performance thing for both nights…

      • My guess too…Didn’t Capt Hook hint that in the ‘musical drama’ (or something like it) part? My dream is they put all the girls in his life (public, that is) together and let a anguished SG anguish some more in front of them! Wound’t that be fun?

        (Having such great relationships with his co-stars long after working together really says something about SG! Not just his work ethics, but also his being a fun and nice person, well, a friend!)

        And I know which part of the 2009 concert you are most interested in!

  3. thanks for posting these subbed mvs anne! it will make me appreciate his songs more if i know what they mean. I love the songs because though most share the same themes as you’ve said, they are varied in terms of genre.
    my very first fave was Time for Love (by the way, what is the official title really? Dating Generation, Love Time? what is it?). I like it because it’s light, cheerful, optimistic and oh so sweet. Truth to tell, i like it better than his older songs because this fits his age, his actual feelings and maybe closer to his experiences with romance. That’s why I don’t get the criticism of making the song deeper. He’s young, let him sing the songs that fits his sunshine-y personality more.While songs like Love Taught Me To Drink, White lie etc have nice melodies and he certainly more than did justice to them, I am not so into it because I am not so much into sad music, and even sadder MVs.
    Next i like is Slave of course. I wish they would do a really sexy, great dance choreography and do it as an opening. argh i really wanna go to that concert! I love the sketchbook performance. I’m glad he finally did a song like this though I would have preferred that he change the lyrics to “just be my girl” rather than “just be my date”- seems a little awkward but that’s just me.
    Right now Im obssesing over Whatever. I love love love it!! It’s catchy, fun and I really love the beat. Now more than ever, I really want to learn Korean. hahaha. Next i’ll listen more to bad guy.
    I am taking my time appreciating the songs because I get to like them more. And thanks for the subs, maybe i can finally sing a long too, haha. Thanks again anne and so sorry for the lengthy post.

  4. all the GREAT songs…love it all, that I cant choose only one or two… But maybe I love Time 4 Love n Just You the most…. cause I dont know why but that songs were always remind me of my fave actress Han Hyojoo..^^ (or maybe that songs are really wrote 4 her? hehe…. I dont know)

    • He…he.. specially the part about “holding Americano Coffee Latte part” which is HHJ trademark in most of her BTS CFs:)

      • yess…that one and many other parts… Wooww… I thought only me who realize it…hehehe. Seungjoo fighting!!

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